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   Chapter 132 You Are Leaving J City

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It wasn't long before Angela received a text back from Arvin, and the answer was, "Yes".



At Gu's Family House

Arvin looked at the two women coldly who were having a happy conversation. Suddenly, he stood up and walked away.

"Arvin, where are you going?" Teresa called him to stop at once.

Arvin answered curtly, "The washroom!"

After he left, Nita heard his phone ringing and found the message which came from the Little Girl.

As a lady of reputation, who knew how to achieve her aims in life, Nita clearly knew how to deal with the situation. Nita had some misgivings about touching Arvin's phone, being that it was his own property, and anything on it was concerned with his personal privacy. But when she thought of Angela texting Arvin, her Arvin, those misgivings were replaced by her smoldering jealousy. She couldn't help picking up his phone, and she found that Arvin's phone wallpaper was a photo of Angela.

Nita checked the content of the Little Girl's message.

Teresa was surprised to see what Nita did. She couldn't understand why Nita picked up Arvin's phone. Mobile phones are very personal. This was an invasion of privacy!

Since the screen was locked, Nita could only reply one sentence to Angela.

Therefore, she typed "Yes" and sent it out.

"Nita..." Teresa was unhappy. How dare she do something like this? Teresa thought out of confusion.

Before now, Nita was totally oblivious to what she had done. But now she finally realized its full weight. She texted Angela back through Arvin's phone, pretending to be him, lying for him!

Although she wanted to delete it, she didn't know the password of Arvin's phone.

"Oh, crap!"

"What are you doing?" Suddenly, she heard Arvin's cold voice. Nita was so afraid that she almost dropped his phone.

She managed to calm herself down and tried to smile, "Arvin, I just watched your phone..."

Then, she looked at Teresa for help.

Arvin took big strides and snatched his phone away. He unlocked the phone and checked what she had done.

"It's too late! I'm going to bed! Mum, I'm not going to stay here from tomorrow on!"

Teresa got panicked. "Your grandmother is coming back, you..."

Arvin stopped her, "My grandmother will not be happy if she knows what you have done. You are forcing me to stay with her!"

At the thought of his grandmother, Arvin looked forward to seeing her. He knew she was fond of Angela.

"Arvin, auntie never put any pressure on you, don't get her wrong." Nita acted with a little guilty.

Arvin looked at her face and wondered what on earth she did.

"I don't need your explanation. I totally understand it. It's too late and I want you to leave my home, Miss Nita." Arvin was extremely sick of Nita's demeanor in every facet. So he unceremoniously asked her to leave.

Nita's face turned pale when she heard what Arvin said.

It was getting darker and darker outside. Daisy held Angela in her arms, who was choking with sobs. They didn't go to bed until well past midnight.

Next morning

Arvin received a call from Kent, "Doctor Gu, I've just received words from someone in the research and development department. Angela didn't come for work this morning."

"Why? What's wrong?" Something was wrong. Angela is so crazy about labs that it's impossible for her to quit the job in the research lab.

Kent thought for a moment, and said, "Do you want me to look into it?"


After hanging up the phone, his phone rang again. It was Nancy.

'Why is she calling me?' He thought.

"Doctor Gu, it's Nancy speaking!"

Nancy cried loudly. "Doctor Gu, how could you do that to Angela!" She was so sad that she couldn't finish her sentence completely. "Angela loves you so much! Why don't you stop her... Aren't you sad that you can't see her cute face anymore? Ahahah..."

"Wait..." Arvin stopped her.

"Ahahah..." she kept cryng. "Doctor Gu, I didn't expect you to be so irresponsible! How could you dump Angela and live with another woman right away! You are not my dream guy anymore, Doctor Gu... My poor Angela..."

What's this woman raving about? Arvin got irritated and shouted at her coldly, "Shut up!"

Nancy was scared to stop talking, but still crying. 'Why am I afraid of him? I called to scold him! Not the other way around!' She thought.

"Whom am I living with?"


"Who told you that?" He asked again.

"Angela!" Nancy answered, wiping away her tears.

Arvin stood up, "What's Angela doing? Who told her that I'm living with Nita? Where is she?" He wanted to teach her a lesson right now.

"Don't you know that Angela is leaving today? She's going to leave the city at noon."

"Leave?" Arvin shouted involuntarily. "Where is she going?"

Nancy wiped her tears, "Angela has packed her stuff and is going to C Country with her parents!" It seemed that Arvin was oblivious to this.

"..." Arvin's heart sank at once.

After hanging up the phone, he saw a message coming from Angela a minute ago..

He opened it and got mad. "Arvin, I'm sorry. I won't bring you any trouble anymore. Sorry for what I've done to you."

No! It was not the point! The point was the previous messages.

"Are you living with Nita?"


When did Angela send the message? Who the hell replied to her?

Arvin checked the time and found out who did this! It was Nita!

'Angela, you're leaving J City? No! I won't allow that...'

Arvin took off his coat and got changed immediately. He rushed out the building and tried to call Angela on his way.

However, Angela didn't answer the phone.

When he ran out the building, he met Nita who had a file in her hand, followed by three interns, "Arvin, this file... Ouch!"

Arvin pushed Nita away because she was nothing more than an obstruction now on his way.

Nita would have fallen hard, if her intern didn't catch her.

"Nita, you have learnt nothing from your further education abroad, but despicable manners and thoughts! How dare you?" Everybody was so scared that they dared not to say one word for fear of Arvin's barbs.

Nita understood everything instantly, "I... am not wrong! You and I..."

"Shut up!" Arvin shouted her down.

It would be big news that Nita received public humiliation from Arvin since she was the head of the gynaecology and obstetrics department.

Passersby were greatly shocked by this and they walked away immediately, but surreptitiously kept an ear out to listen.

"My god! I've never seen Doctor Gu get so mad! He is so frightening!"

"Arvin!" Hogan stopped him.

Arvin turned away to look at him.

"What are you doing here? Don't run amok in public!" He had seen everything Arvin did to Nita with displeasure.

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