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   Chapter 131 Her Silly GIrl

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Daisy's thoughts were completely contradictory. On one hand, she hoped Angela could become as mature as Nita. On the other, she didn't think Nita was better than her daughter.

"I didn't expect Arvin and Nita to..."

Teresa smiled, and continued, "Yes. Nowadays, children are very open-minded. Nita and Arvin are living together in fact! Oh it all moves so fast."

Suddenly, Daisy dropped the spoon with which she was stirring the coffee. Living together? It seemed that Angela had lost her chance!

'Ah, what a pity! My poor daughter... She must be very sad then, if she knows about this!' She thought.

Daisy stopped thinking and said, "I'm glad to hear that! Mrs. Gu, congratulations! You may have a grandson in the near future!"

Teresa smiled, "I hope so! If they have a child, I'll definitely be happy for them!"

"Arvin and Nita are excellent! Their children would be too!" Daisy smiled vaguely. In fact, all she thought about at that moment was how to persuade Angela to give up seeking Arvin's favor.

Teresa was initially going to tell Daisy that Arvin and Angela had once lived together. But now, she didn't want to smear the network of lies she was knitting. It would be better not to mention it.

That night, Daisy and Angela visited Nancy at Stanley's apartment. When they arrived, Nancy was enjoying the scenery from the balcony.

"Auntie, so nice to see you! Hello, Angela!" Nancy greeted Daisy politely and then hugged Angela.

Daisy looked at the two girls happily. "Nancy, do you feel better?"

"Yes, auntie. Sooner or later, I will go back to work with Angela!" Nancy led them to the living room and asked the housekeeper to serve drinks.

Before coming here, Angela reminded Nancy not to say that she was living with Stanley in front of her mother.

Although they didn't live in one room, Nancy still felt awkward and shy.

Angela rested her chin in her

l, you will have much more freedom! You like freedom, don't you? Angela? Are you listening to me, eh?" Daisy said in an admonitory tone.

She remembered what Angela once said. She wanted to have a relaxing job which allow her to get up late.

Angela turned over and pretended to play on her phone, "Mum, I studied in this city. All my friends are here. I don't want to leave now."

"Angela, Arvin is getting engaged to Nita!"

"No way!" Suddenly, Angela sat straight up in bed, looking at Daisy in great agitation.

Daisy was wondering how much her daughter liked Arvin.

"It's true. They... have been living together!"

"They have been living together? How can this be possible?" Although she said Arvin was a bad guy, they were just words spoken in anger, they were as effaceable as words written with chalk.

Angela trembled and said, "Mum, I totally understand that you want me to go home with you, but.. but you can't lie to me!"

Suddenly, she felt colder. She wrapped herself up with the quilt.

"Angela, it's true. I talked with Arvin's mother this morning. She told me everything!" Daisy hugged her daughter.

Later, Angela said nothing. After a long while, she took out her phone and sent Arvin a message, "Are you living with Nita?"

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