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   Chapter 130 I Know You are a Bad Guy

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"Hahaha..." Angela laughed when she saw Arvin's livid face.

'You always tease me and make fun of me! It's an eye for eye!' She thought.

"Angela, how dare you! This is totally inappropriate." Arvin held her wrist and took her hand out of his pocket.

However, Angela left the shell there.

Arvin clenched her hand painfully. She pointed at the moving crabs in the sand and said, "Look at the crabs. They're crawling everywhere. If I put them in your pocket, will them crawl over your body..."

Arvin couldn't help laughing when he heard this. He hugged her and touched her hair, "Are you still mad at me?"

"Yes!" She turned her head to avoid his sight.

Of course She's mad at him! She should be mad at him!"

"Okay. Angela, you know the reason why I said that to you." He held her tightly in his arms.

The reason why he refused her was that he didn't want to hurt her.

"I know that." She nodded her head.

Arvin said, relieved, "Great..."

"I know you are a bad guy! You have slept with me, but then you dump me right after! Arvin, you're a bad, bad guy!" Angela almost doubted that the reason why Arvin asked her to live with him was to seduce her and have sex with her!

Otherwise, why would he dump her after they had sex?

Besides, she told Arvin that they had slept together, but he still decided to refuse her. Therefore, he was a bad guy!

Arvin said contritely, "Yes. I'm a bad guy!"

He didn't deny it.

Angela felt better as soon as she heard him admit it. She touched the breastpin on his chest. She found he's wearing it all the time recently.

"Are you still mad at me?"

Angela nodded her head, "Of course! I'm not an easy girl! Your explanation didn't make me feel better."

Arvin asked, "What can I do to comfort you?"

Angela smiled and looked in his eyes, "Kiss me!"

After saying that, her face turned red at once.

'Oh, my god! Why did I say that! My face feels so hot! It must be very red!

How humiliating!' She thought.

Although Arvin was not going to take advantage of her, he couldn't help but kiss her when he saw her cute face.

They kissed by the sea; it had become a beautiful scene.

At Yao Hospital

Sven was discussing something with Hogan when he saw his sister get out of Arvin's car. Angela felt very happy and walked to the research and development department like a songbird. Sven was surprised.

Even speechless. The power of love, he thought, must be a strong panacea.

At night, Daisy and Chuck stayed in Angela's apartment. They slept in her bedroom while she slept in Nancy's room.

When she was playing on her phone, Daisy came in.

"Mum! Why aren't you asleep?" Daisy stooped down beside her bed.

She said, "I can't sleep. I'm a little worried about you!"

"Me? What's up? Everything's fine!" She was singing with joy just now.

Daisy glanced at her daughter, "Angela, what was the matter at lunch? And what did Arvin do to you?"

"Oh... at lunch..." It seemed a long time ago, like a distant, half-forgotten dream. Still, she couldn't say a word to her

mother about it. "Never mind. I just had a headache."

'Don't ask Arvin about it. Don't ask Arvin about it. Don't ask Arvin about it.' She prayed.

"Then, why did Arvin apologize to you?"

"Because he... he wronged me. That's why he said sorry to me, " she lied, cooking up anything that emerged on her mind.

Daisy looked at her with much skepticism. "Angela, tell me. Do you like Arvin?"

Actually, she needn't ask that. The answer was written on her face.

Angela liked Arvin!

"Mum, don't ask that! Go to bed!" Angela covered her face with the quilt.

Daisy snatched it and yanked it down to find Angela's face blushing red. This exactly proved that her daughter liked Arvin!

"Angela, does Arvin like you?"

Angela opened her mouth, "Maybe... he likes me. Or maybe he doesn't. I don't know." After all, Arvin never said so directly. Angela could not make certain about it.

Daisy said nothing. She looked at her daughter, who was like a silly girl! "What would you say if I, for instance, asked Arvin about it tomorrow?"

Horror! "No! Mum, let it go! It's not your problem." 'I can't let my mum ask Arvin! I can't!' If Daisy asked Arvin, he would think that Angela was a nutcase.

Since she knew Angela loved Arvin, Daisy decided to take a new view of him. Arvin was young and promising, mature and steady, while Angela was naughty and unstable. Daisy would feel at ease if these two opposing but complementary characters stayed together.

Daisy made up her mind pleasantly.

"I'm going to visit Nancy. Will you accompany me?" Since Nancy was injured, and had always been a good friend to Angela, Daisy knew she could not refuse.

Angela nodded. "Yes. How about tomorrow night after I finish my work?"

"Okay. Take care of yourself in the research lab, all right?" She had been worrying about her daughter since the first burn she'd received in the lab.

"Got it, mum! I'm under supervision. Don't worry!"



Later, they talked at length about life details, and Daisy felt she had a full understanding of Angela's thought.

Next morning At Les Cafes De La Rive Gauche

While Angela was on duty, Teresa and Daisy met for a coffee and a chat.

At the beginning, they chatted pleasantly enough. Later, Teresa noticed that Daisy always mentioned Arvin with real avidity. So, she pretended to say it in a casual way, "Arvin is going to marry Nita, by the way. She's the director of gynaecology and obstetrics department. It's all arranged."

One month later, it would be the new year. If Rosa didn't show up, Nita's parents would require Arvin to marry her.

Daisy was stunned, when she heard this. Arvin didn't like Angela, it turned out! But she could feel that Arvin liked Angela! Was she wrong?

'Nita?' Daisy remembered the stable and mature woman in Yao Hospital yesterday.

At that time, she was impressed by Nita's good personality. Although Daisy knew Angela was not as mature as Nita, she still believed that Angela was better.

Maybe as a mother, her own child is the best one in the world!

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