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   Chapter 129 I've Wanted to Apologize to Her

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7437

Updated: 2018-09-14 09:46

When she heard "Dr. Gu", Angela believed Daisy was referring to Hogan... So, she wiped her mouth clean, and picked up the glass in order to walk to... Arvin.

She would't follow Daisy's footstep if she knew her mother meant Arvin.

But when she made preparations to return to her seat, Daisy pulled her aside...

Daisy said to Arvin in a commendatory voice, "Mr. Gu, thank you for taking care of Angela after she came to the Yao Hospital."

Arvin snatched up the glass in front of him, and leapt up. "Gracious, of course. You're welcome. It is my pleasure. I treat Angela as if she were my very own little sister."

Little sister... Would you sleep with your little sister?

It was funny. Angela, drowning in anger, subdued the desire to toss her drink in his face at that moment. He was driving her crazy.

Daisy found that she was growing to like Arvin more. Her smile seemed much brighter. "Well, Angela is still so young and naive. If she brought any trouble to you before, I would like to apologize to you on her behalf. Please forgive her improper behaviors."

Sven looked at his mother and stroked his chin contemplatively. What was she thinking? He really wanted to ask her if she was treating Arvin as a potential son-in-law already.

Arvin glanced at Angela and smiled. "Aunt, you misunderstood Angela, " he said to Daisy. "She is well-behaved, she never brought any trouble into my life. But Angela seemed to misunderstand me either. I've wanted to apologize to her, but I couldn't find the right moment before..."

Arvin didn't lie. He called Angela and told her to come out because he wanted to apologize to her.

After hearing this, Angela couldn't help staring at Arvin. Daisy, too, was confused. She turned to Angela, "Angela, did you misunderstand Arvin in some way? How could you do that? Don't be childish. You should talk to Arvin."

Angela was devoid of speech. Was she being childish? She had no way to tell. It was Arvin who had hurt her feelings in the first place!

Seeing that Angela was on the cusp of tossing her drink and leaving, Arvin hurriedly explained, "Oh no no, you've got it backwards, aunt. She didn't. It was me, I made her unhappy. It's me who acted childish. And I

the seashore. Arvin got out of the car and opened the back door, "Get out."

All right.

Feeling the sea breeze and hearing the sound of the waves, Angela walked towards the sea.

She stopped in front of the water, squatted on a rock, and played with the stones on the beach. It seemed that she was trying to find something among them.

Arvin didn't speak. Neither did she. She kept playing with stones.

Until... she found a crab. She laughed, holding the crab between her fingers, watching it carefully.

She never thought that she could find a hermit crab on this beach. It was a real surprise.

A pair of black shoes came into sight, and she turned around to avoid them. She threw the crab back into the sea, picked up a shell, and washed it.

Arvin called her name in a low voice, "Angela."

But she didn't make any response.

"If you smell like a crab, I won't let you get in my car!"

Again, Angela had no inclination to speak. Could anyone understand her suffering now?

Was it madness? A breakdown? Feel like shouting at someone?

Angela took several deep breaths. She stood up with a shell on her hand, and smirked at Arvin.

Seeing Angela approaching him with a shell, Arvin suddenly had a bad feeling. "Angela, I'm warning you..."

He took a step back, but Angela ignored his warning and stepped further.

"Angela, if you dare to... Angela!"

An exasperated shout was heard. An ivory hand entered into Arvin's pocket, along with a shell.

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