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   Chapter 128 Why Did You Act So Excitedly

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7591

Updated: 2018-09-14 09:15

Angela didn't like Daisy's suggestion of returning to C Country. If Arvin wasn't here, she would have definitely returned home. But now she cared about nothing else but Arvin. If she went back home, she wouldn't be able to see Arvin anymore. She didn't want that.

So she put on a big smile and said, "Of course, Mom. I will come back but, when I get bored."

"You only care about playing around, Angela, " Daisy said in an exasperated voice. "I heard that you are working in the Research and Development department. You must watch out, alright?"

I know, Mom. There are other people responsible for handling the dangerous chemicals." Angela wondered if Arvin had asked the staff to keep an eye on her because every time she tried to handle any hazardous chemicals, she would find herself surrounded by multiple people to help her.

"Well then, Angela, Mom wants to ask you something, " said Daisy, stopping and grabbing Angela's hands. She looked at her daughter carefully and was shocked by what she saw. Angela had changed. In fact, she had changed a lot. How could Angela change so much? Daisy had this feeling when she saw Angela for the first time that day. But, she was not sure what had caused the change. She felt confident that Angela seemed... more mature?

Angela was looking good. She had ruddy cheeks and bright eyes. In short, Angela looked more beautiful than before!

Was she overthinking or was it just because she hadn't seen Angela for long?

"Yes, Mom? What's wrong?" Angela asked, breaking into her thoughts.

Daisy held back her own thoughts and looked at Angela, "Do you love Arvin?"

Hearing Arvin's name, Angela immediately blushed again. She released Daisy's hands. "Mom, why did you ask that?" she said turning away, eager to hide her burning face from her mother.

Oh my gosh! How did mom know? Is it so obvious?

"Angela honey, don't run away." Daisy hadn't expected Angela would not answer her question. Seeing her turn away, she immediately asked her to stop.

"No, I don't. And don't ask me again." Angela said turning back to face her mother. But, she could not meet her mother's eyes.

... "Ok, Ok, I won't ask. But tell me, why did you act so excitedly?" Angela's reaction had convinced Daisy that she loved Arvin v


Angela didn't say anything.

"Angela, please." He was calling her name.

Why was he calling her? Didn't he get bored of her? So he tried to drive her away from his house? Then why was he asking her to come out now?

Angela thought about it and said only two words to Arvin, "I won't!" Then she disconnected the call without waiting for his reply.

A piece of lamb chop was placed in Angela's plate. When she raised her head, she noticed Daisy watching her with concern. "Angela, you didn't seem happy. Whose call was it?"

Daisy's question diverted everybody's attention to her.

Angela didn't want others to worry about her, so she quickly put on a smile. "Nothing, Mom, " she tried to assure Daisy.

"Does the food not agree with your stomach, Honey?" Teresa also sensed that Angela didn't look well.

"No, it is fine..." Before she could finish the sentence, her phone rang again.

Angela stole a glance at it. It was Arvin again. She quickly disconnected the call.

"Why didn't you answer that?" Daisy was sure that Angela was behaving strangely.

"It was from the advertisement company. I'm fine. Really. Uncle and Aunt, let's enjoy the lunch!" Having reassured everybody, Angela casually slipped the phone in her pocket.

Several minutes later, Arvin walked in. He looked gloomy.

When he sat down, he secretly looked at Angela. Seeing the pain in her face, he sighed in silence.

"Pick up your glass, Angela and make a toast to Dr. Gu with me, " Daisy said during the lunch.

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