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   Chapter 127 What Did You Just Call Me

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"We are moving towards the inpatient department. We have to see a patient there. You can wait for us there, " said Chuck, still talking to Angela on the phone.

Angela started walking towards the inpatient department. She suddenly realized something. All the people in the inpatient department were familiar with her. If she were to be seen with Chuck over there, then her colleagues would figure out her real identity.

"Is anything wrong?" Chuck asked Angela, when he didn't get a reply from her. "What? Does your daddy need to make an appointment in advance if he wants to see you? Or must he go to see you instead?" Chuck was a little unhappy. He thought that Angela did not want to meet him.

Angela shook her head at once. "No, Daddy! It's not like that, " she said rolling her eyes. "I'll be there."

"Okay, my sweet girl! Hurry up and don't be late. Daddy can't wait to see you." Chuck said happily and disconnected the call.

Her father was accompanied by a group of people.

Outside the inpatient department...

Angela was waiting outside the inpatient department. After a few minutes, she saw a group of people walking towards her.

Hogan and Chuck lead the whole group with their wives besides them. They were followed by Sven and Arvin.

Behind them were the directors and professors from different departments. All of them came here together to visit a special patient at the hospital. They were to discuss the patient's treatment together. If they managed to cure the patient, it would be big news in the medical field.

As the group approached the inpatient department, Chuck at once noticed Angela waiting for them. Angela felt embarrassed when she saw such a huge group of people coming. All of them would now come to know her real identity. And to top it all, her mother would also see this! Restraining her emotions, Angela cleared her throat and reverently greeted them one by one. "Hello, Mr. Hogan, Mr. Chuck, Mrs. Daisy, Mrs. Teresa, Mr. Sven, Mr. Arvin... A very good morning to all of you."

Hogan was amused by Angela. He turned to Chuck and said, "You are lucky to have such a cute daughter!"

Chuck didn't reply. He was amazed at how Angela had addressed him. He waved Angela over. "Come here Angela! What did you just call me?" he asked.

Sven followed his father. He also waved like his father and asked Angela what did

ored her at the club last night and even here at the hospital.

The harmonious relationship between the two families seemed to demonstrate that they might get Angela and Arvin married.

Married? Ha! She wouldn't let that happen at any cost!

When the group moved on and entered the inpatient department, Teresa pulled Arvin's arm to hold him back. "Arv, don't get too intimate with Angela when the Si Family is present. Got it?" she whispered.

Arvin glanced at Teresa indifferently and kept quiet.

"You need to care about Nita now. If you show your enthusiasm about Angela, her parents will misunderstand your relationship. Then how will you marry Nita?"

Arvin became very unhappy when he heard his mother's words. "I will not marry Nita!" he angrily said.

"How dare you, Arvin! Why can't you take Nita's responsibility after all that has happened?" She had talked about this with Arvin several times and he said he did not want to be with Nita every time.

"Mom, please stop talking about this." Arvin didn't give Teresa the time to reply. He started walking very fast to join the group.

Teresa was so angry with her son's indifference and irresponsibility.

She knew that Arvin was an indifferent man, but she had never expected him to be so irresponsible. How could she persuade him to marry Nita if he kept acting like this?

Angela and Daisy were walking arm-in-arm on the road outside the hospital. "Angela, I can't see any difference between Yao Hospital and our Chengyang Private Hospital. So, why don't you come back to our hospital?" she asked.

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