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   Chapter 126 It Is Her First Love

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Sven was unaware of Arvin's engagement because he had known him for only a few years.

Arvin stared at the space between Sven's shoes. "My fiancee had disappeared for seven years. I couldn't help falling in love with Angela, " he softly said.

Sven felt a little better. "How do you feel about your fiancee now? In your heart?" he probed.

Feel? "I feel nothing for her in my heart!" retorted Arvin. "Okay..." Sven said, looking at him expectantly. "I am sorry. I will control myself from now on, " Arvin said at last.

It was not just Rosa now. Nita had further complicated things. Arvin could have refused her, but now he had lost the chance.

"Control yourself? You have lived with Angela for a long period. I don't believe you haven't done that thing!" said Sven angrily hitting the car roof with his fist.

He blamed himself. He didn't stop Angela when she started living with Arvin.

At the moment, Sven felt regretful. He was afraid that Angela would either become unhappy or do something stupid because of Arvin.

Arvin glanced at him and explained, "Although we slept together, we... did nothing!"

Sven was angry with Arvin, but he believed him.

He kept quiet.

Since Arvin had confirmed that he had done nothing with Angela, he felt a little relieved.

However, Sven was not going to forgive him easily, "But Angela loves you! If you can't stay with her, you'd better leave her and I will take her back home."

It would be better for both of them if they broke up as soon as possible.

Arvin said nothing, but his heart tore from the pain he felt when he heard what Sven had said. In fact, his heart almost broke!

Sven called Farris back and asked him to take Arvin home. When he arrived at the apartment in J City, he called Nicole.

"Hi Honey. You haven't slept yet!" Nicole had already put the children to sleep. She answered the phone on the balcony.

"Yes. I couldn't sleep, " He replied. She could feel that Sven was not in a good mood.

They had been married for a long time so she understood his moods. "You sound upset, Honey. What's wrong?" she tenderly asked.

"Nicole, I may have hurt Angela..." he slowly said. His little sister was an innocent girl.

If she really loved Arvin, how would she be able to accept the fact that Arvin couldn't stay with her?

"Why do you say that? Tell me more." Nicole was shocked.

Sven told Nicole everything about Angela and Arvin.

Actually, the relationship between Nicole and Sven had always gone very well since the beginning.

They didn't experience the pains that Janet and Daniel had gone through

Nor did they have a love and hate relationship like Lola and Harry.

Sven was a witty and humorous man and he loved teasing Nicole. Nicole, on the other hand, was unpretentious and sweet and knew that Sven expressed his love through the teasing. She never got irritated with Sven for this. They lived a happy and simple life.

When she heard Sven's words, Nicole wanted to help Angela. What could she do to comfort and inspire her little sister-in-law?

"Dad and Mom will go to Yao Hospital tomorrow. And when you come back, Jane and I can go and see Angela. What do you think?" she asked after thinking a while.

Sven shook his head, "You needn't do that. I want to get Angela back home. I will talk to her and try to figure out her thought about the matter."

He didn't want Angela to get hurt, so he had to persuade her to go back

home with him.

"Okay. But Sven, don't put too much pressure on her. It's her first love! I guess she might not want to come home with you." Nicole knew that Arvin was Angela's first love.

And no one could forget their first love.

"Yes, you are right. I will definitely not put pressure on her, but I will not let her hurt herself either." If Chuck found out that it was Sven who had tried to set up Arvin and Angela and failed in the end, he would kill him!

When he thought about the situation, Sven felt very nervous.

"How about discussing the matter with Arvin? We should minimize the hurt as much as possible."

Nicole sighed and said nothing more.

Arvin and Daniel seemed to be emotionless but they both ended up in complex relationships.

"I will think about that, " Sven said. "Where are our sons?" he asked.

"They are asleep, " smiled Nicole looking at the little boys in the bed.

"Okay. Take good rest, Honey. I should be home early tomorrow." He missed his wife very much whenever he was on a business trip.

Nicole had once accompanied him on a business trip, but she missed their sons too much. After that, she had refrained from travelling with him and preferred to stay at home with the kids.

"Okay. Good night, Honey."

"Good night."


It was getting late. Sven finally fell asleep.

In a different part of the city, Arvin turned off the computer and came out of the study room rubbing his eyes.

Since Angela left Shengfeng Mansion, he also returned to the Gu's family house.

Next morning...

Angela woke up and gingerly rubbed her forehead. When she got up, she realized that she had a severe headache.

"I was drunk again... Ah! Such a severe headache!" She exclaimed. ...

She swore that she would invent some drugs to cure the hangover headache!

Later, she called up Nancy and then went to the hospital to check on her. She was relieved to know that she was doing fine.

In the research lab, Angela was in a daze. She kept wondering who took her back to the apartment last night.

Somehow, she hazily remembered Arvin being with her in the apartment.

"Did Arvin take me home last night?" And what did I do then? Did anything happen between us?

Ah... She rubbed her forehead again. She could not think of anything because of the pain.

She got up to get herself a cup of water. While drinking the water, she heard her phone ringing. She opened the closet and took out her phone. Before she could pick up the phone, the call got disconnected. "Oh god! Ten missed calls from dad!"

She then remembered that her dad would visit the hospital today. And he must have already arrived as it was 11 o'clock.

She immediately took off her gloves and called back Chuck. "Hello, Dad!" she happily said.

"Where are you, Angela? Your brother and I have been calling you!" Chuck would have been very worried if Arvin had not told him that she was in the research lab.

He knew his daughter very well. She forgot everything else when she was in the research lab.

"Dad, I was in the research lab. Where are you?" All of a sudden, she realized that it was good to be working in the research lab. Nobody could blame her about not picking the phone and very few people were concerned about what she was doing. She could do anything while hiding in the lab.

Angela hurriedly took off her sterile research wear and rushed out of the Research and Development department.

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