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   Chapter 125 Because I'm Engaged

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Angela's excitement startled everyone.

They were amazed that Angela was able to laugh while hugging Arvin, who behaved like a piece of ice.

Fabian's fists were frozen mid-air. He could not believe that Angela had just hugged Arvin!

Angela continued to surprise everybody. She was so excited that she grabbed Arvin's neck and softly pulled his passive face towards her blushing one. Then to everyone's surprise, she kissed him!

As for Arvin, he did not complain. In fact, he smiled slightly and Sven noticed this. Sven also noticed Fabian's reaction; he was livid.

Angela and Arvin had made quite a scene. Gage, Derrick and Nita, surprised by the commotion, came out of their rooms to see what was happening. They reached the porch just when Angela was kissing Arvin.

Since Gage knew little about what happened between Angela and Arvin, he was surprised to see their kiss. "Oh, my gosh! Angela is really something! She actually dared to kiss Iceberg Arvin!" he exclaimed. "Isn't she scared that her mouth would freeze?" After looking at them for a while, he turned to Derrick. "Well Derrick, what do you say? Do you think Arvin will throw Angela away?"

Hearing Gage's question, Derrick looked at Nita. Her face was filled with sadness. He looked back at Gage and quietly replied, "No."

It was true. Arvin did not throw Angela away.

Hearing Derrick's reply, Gage thoughtfully rubbed his chin. "It seems that Angela is more important for Arvin compared to Rosa and Nita!"

The atmosphere following Angela's kiss was filled with tension. Sven tried to break the ice. He patted Fabian's back and said, "Shall we have something to drink?"

Upset with Angela, Fabian refused Sven's offer. "I'm sorry, Sven. I have something else to do. See you later. Bye!"

Fabian stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked out of the hall with everyone staring at his back.


A little while later, Arvin also left with Angela. This shocked everyone present. It took them a while to come to their senses.

Xinhe Garden...

Kent smoothly stopped the car outside Xinhe Garden. "Should I wait for you, Dr. Gu?" he asked Arvin.

Arvin got out of the car with Angela in his arms. He stopped for a while and then said, "Yes."

'Why shouldn't Kent wait for me? I am no longer with Angela and we may never be together, ' he bitterly thought to himself.

However, although Arvin knew that Angela and he would never be together, he didn't want Fabian to come between them. After all, men were selfish.

When Arvin put Angela down on her bed, she opened her eyes and shyly looked at him from under her lashes. She was happy. She smiled at Arvin and softly said, "I miss you, Big Wing!"

Then she grabbed his palm and brushed it against her soft cheek.

Arvin sat down on the bedside and helped her take off her coat. "Good night, Angela, " he whispered, putting her to bed.

All of a sudden, Angela sat upright on her bed. "Don't leave me, Arvin, " she screamed.

"Please don't leave. Nancy is not here and I get scared when I'm alone." Angela seemed to be hovering between reality and fantasy. She was afraid that Avrin would leave her and never come back. She hurriedly grabbed his hand and desperately hung onto it.

Arvin sighed. He turned back to the bed and asked her, "Are you thirsty?"

Angela shook her head at first, but later nodded a yes.

... Arvin loosened her grip on his hand. "I'll get you something to drink."

"No. Don't leave me, Big Wing!" whispered Angela.

"Aren't you thirsty?" he asked her again. 'She is still so naughty, ' Arvin thought to himself.

Angela tightly hugged Arvin. She leaned her burning face against his cool chest. "Don't leave me alone, Big Wing, " she whispered once again.

Angela was acting like a spoiled child. He gently touched her hair.

Arvin couldn't figure out whether Angela was drunk or not. She hugged his waist and looked up at him with her mischievous eyes. "Say Anshizhiluan, Big Wing."

Arvin was shocked. What was she talking about?

"Say it!" Angela urged him. Her blurred eyes looked straight into his eyes and her hands were pulling h

is sleeves.

"Anshizhiluan, " he softly said.

"Repeat again."


"Now change 'luan' to 'lv', " she coaxed him. Angela was laughing while holding Arvin's arms. She knew that he would fall for her trick.

Arvin saw her innocent smile and couldn't help pinching her face, "Anshizhi... lv*."

(Anshizhilv means "I am stupid" in Chinese.)

"Good. Now, repeat!" This was a practical joke that Angela had learned from Fabian.

"Anshizhilv, " Arvin repeated.

"Hahaha hahaha!" Angela burst out laughing.

Hearing her laugh out loud, Arvin was puzzled. He thought about what he had just said.

He realized that Angela had just pulled a prank on him.

This ticked him off. "How dare you, Angela!" he growled. Seeing her laugh so heartily, he had difficulty holding back his own laughter. He pulled her to face her. "Well, do you want me to beat you up?" he pretended to be angry. Arvin had to frighten Angela because he didn't want her to trick him again.

Angela got scared. She had riled Arvin and now he was warning her!

She rolled on her bed to get away from him. Arvin, took off his shoes and jumped on the bed to chase her.

Having caught her, he strode on top on her and pinned her hands to the side of her head. Angela, unable to move her body from under him, had to surrender. "I'm sorry, Arvin! I am sorry!" she pleaded. ...

Arvin let go of her arms. He could smell a familiar scent - Angela's scent. He leaned down and gently kissed her on her lips. He could taste liquor on them.


"Big Wing..." she murmured. Angela then fell in a deep, contented sleep.

Arvin lay beside Angela and looked at her. He was lost in his own thoughts.

After a few minutes, Arvin got up and got a glass of water for her. He placed the glass and her cell phone on her bedside table. After confirming that she was soundly asleep, he quietly closed the window, switched off the light and left.

Downstairs, the silver Pagani had gone. He could see a white Mercedes Benz MPV in its place.

Sven was leaning against the Benz and smoking. He saw Arvin coming downstairs and turned to take a look at Angela's room. It relieved him to see that the lights in her room had been switched off.

Arvin wasn't surprised to see Sven. He opened his car door and helped himself to a cigarette.

Sven was surprised to see Arvin smoking. ...

The two men leaned against their own car doors and silently smoked one cigarette after another. Arvin frequently looked up at the window to check whether Angela had woken up.

"It's obvious to me that my little sister really likes you, " Sven said, breaking the comfortable silence. "But, how do you feel about her? Please be honest with me, Arvin." He stubbed out the cigarette and threw the butt in the trash bin.

Arvin flicked the ash off his cigarette but did not say a word.

After a while, just when Sven was about to ask him again, Arvin said, "Angela and I may never be together."

May? How could someone, who knew his mind so well and was very confident about himself, use a suggestive word like 'may'.

Arvin's uncertainty disturbed Sven. "You came to my house, remember? Didn't you know that I was supportive of you two being together? Why didn't you refuse at that time? And why did you come over to pick up Angela then huh?" He was unable to hide the discontentment in his voice.

"Besides, you even persuaded her to move in with you. Why did you do that, Arvin?"

Arvin didn't know how to reply to Sven's questions. He just kept silent. But his silence further irritated Sven. He grabbed Arvin's collar and barked at him, "Talk Arvin! Why can't you be with Angela?"

Arvin removed Sven's hands from his collar and straightened it. He then carefully rearranged the Tahiti pearl brooch on his chest and slowly said, "Because I'm engaged, and then there is also Nita."

Arvin's words echoed in Sven's ears. He could not pay attention to Arvin's explanation. "You're engaged?" he said, shaking his head in amazement. With whom? Sven slowly gathered his thought. "Well, since you're engaged, why did you not let Angela go?" he asked Arvin.

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