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   Chapter 124 Angela Was Drunk After Drinking a Glass of Wine

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Angela fell into silence. Sven didn't know what she was thinking so he began to chat with Fabian.

After a while, Angela received a phone call from Arnold.

Arnold didn't come alone. He was followed by Benson and Craig. All of them brought their girlfriends, and Angela recognized that one of the girls was her classmate.

Angela was excited to see her. "I didn't know you guys were in J City! I thought you were working abroad?"

Accompanied by so many people, Angela gradually forgot Arvin's disdainful attitude.

Angela happily introduced everybody to each other and played games with them. After half an hour, Sven told her, "I'll go back to my room now. If you need my help, you can call me."

"Okay, do as you please." Angela was focusing on the game and so she simply waved her hand at Sven to say goodbye.

Sven shook his head in resignation and left the room.

When Sven returned to the other room, Stanley stood up and said, "Sven, I have to go now!" Nancy was still waiting for him in his apartment and he needed to go back early.

"Why? What's the rush?" Sven picked up a glass of wine and clinked Stanley's.

Stanley kept silent. Gage answered Sven's question, "Stanley will be my brother-in-low soon. My sister was injured and he needs to go home early to take care of her."

Gage was very glad to see Stanley and his sister get engaged. Because he believed that Stanley was the most suitable one to protect his delicate sister.

What's more, he was pleased with the fact that Stanley was a policeman.

Other people in this room couldn't help laughing at Gage's words. Sven didn't care. "How did Nancy get injured?"

Stanley exchanged a glance with Arvin, then he said, "it was an accident. It happened when she went shopping with Angela."

Gage had investigated this clearly. It was Grace's mother, also Nancy and Gage's stepmother, who designed the assault.

"What? What about Angela? Did she get injured too?" Sven got nervous now and pulled Stanley's arm to stop him from leaving. He wondered why he didn't know about this.

Suddenly, he remembered that Arvin had called him to ask him the whereabouts of those bodyguards he arranged for Angela.

Was that the time when Angela got injured?

Stanley patted his shoulder. "Angela was slightly wounded and she has recovered under the care of Arvin."

Sven didn't speak and fell into meditation.

When he arranged bodyguards for Angela, he didn't tell her because she didn't like to be followed by others. Later on, he knew that she began to live with Arvin. He worried that Angela would be angry with him so he dismissed the bodyguards.

'I shouldn't allow her to do as she pleases. From now on I will send bodyguards to follow her, ' Sven thought.

After Stanley left, Sven sat beside Arvin and inquired, "Why didn't you tell me that Angela had been wounded?"

Arvin replied to him in an indifferent tone, "her wound was not severe so there was no need to tell you."

"Fine. Has she recovered now?" Sven trusted Arvin. With Arvin's help, Sven didn't have to worry about Angela.

"Yes, it was nothing serious, " Arvin replied.

Sven breathed a sigh of relief. But he began to worry when he thought about what she was doing in another room. "Completely healed? Because she's drinking, you know, in the other room...with someone else."


s it harmful to drink while she had a barely healed wound? If so, he would urge her to go home!

Arvin frowned and answered, "Yes, it is." She had completely recovered. No scar was left on her skin. However, Arvin was unhappy to know that she was drinking with Arnold.

Half an hour later

Sven received a phone call and answered, "Angela?"

"This is Arnold. Angela was drunk after drinking a glass of wine!"

"Okay, I'll come right now!" Sven hung up and left the room in a hurry.

The door was opened by Benson when Sven arrived and he saw Fabian holding Angela with his arms outstretched.

"Sven, Angela is drunk!"

"Right. I will take it from here!"

Sven put his cellphone into his pocket and was ready to take over her from Fabian.

Fabian hesitated, "Can I send Angela home?"

Sven was surprised. He looked at Fabian. He found that this man seemed to care about his sister very much.

'Does he love Angela?' Sven wondered.

He couldn't help looking Fabian up and down once again. Fabian's hair and eyes were purple and he looked very tidy.

Before Sven answered, he heard a familiar sound of footsteps from behind. It was Arvin.

Arvin took Angela from Fabian's hands before he even realized the situation.

It was the second time Arvin and Fabian met each other.

Arvin cast a cold glance at Fabian, "I'll take care of her." All the people in this room went mute because they were frightened by Arvin's cold air. Arvin made a motion to leave after finishing those words.

But Fabian stopped him at once. For a moment, there was a standoff between the two handsome men, their eyes filled with hostility.

"Mr. Arvin, please give Angela back to me!"

"Give her back to you?" Arvin thought for a while, and he showed a sardonic smile. "I have taken care of her three times when she was drunk, so why should I give her back to you? Who do you think you are?"

Arvin's aggressive words infuriated Fabian.

"You needn't know who I am but I'm sure that I won't make Angela unhappy!" Fabian knew clearly why Arvin always showed hostility to him every time they meet with each other.

Fabian's words also infuriated Arvin and he told Fabian indifferently, "Now, I'll take Angela to my apartment. Are you sure that you want to follow us?"

"Why should she go with you?" Fabian still won't budge and stood still.

Sven was shocked by what happened. As Angela's brother, he was confused as to why the two men had begun to attack each other.

But the surprised look on his face quickly vanished and he casually leaned against the wall of the corridor. Yes! He was going to watch them fight.

He really expected to see the two men duel for his sister. For him, it was a delightful scene to watch.

"You don't need to know the reason!" Arvin replied to Fabian. Arvin didn't allow Angela to go with any other men when she was drunk!

Fabian, being a young man, couldn't stand Arvin's provocation. He lost his temper and swung his fist at him.

With a sudden move, Arvin dodged his onslaught with ease.

But Arvin's action woke Angela up and she opened her eyes slowly.

Seeing Arvin's familiar face, Angela excitedly threw her arms around his neck, then she screamed, "Big Wing! Big Wing!"

Because she hadn't been embraced by Arvin for a long time, she couldn't tell whether it was just a dream!

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