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   Chapter 123 Will You Kill Me to Keep Your Secrets

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6512

Updated: 2018-09-11 10:15

Angela curiously looked at him with one hand supporting her chin, "How do you know that I work in Research and Development Center? Are you familiar with someone in our hospital?"

Fabian smiled again. "I have read the notices on the computer in the HR office and it lists all the recent job transfers in the hospital."

His smile looked very seductive to Angela... Oh, no, that was the devil's smile!

"How could you see that?" Angela became more and more curious about Fabian. It seemed that he had many secrets waiting to be discovered.

Fabian picked up a glass of wine and gave it to Angela, "Don't drink too much. It does nothing good for a girl!"

Though Angela wanted to drink, she had no capacity to drink at all.

Accepting the wine, Angela said, "Wait a moment. A friend of mine is on his way."

Fabian indifferently put down the wine and said, "You can ask for my help if you have any problems about computers or the Internet. By the way, give me your phone."

Angela handed him her phone, then Fabian put his number in.

He opened her WeChat and turned to the last contact list to get a Wechat ID, which had no name but a strange symbol. Fabian showed this to Angela and said, "This is my Wechat ID, you can call me or send Wechat messages to me if you have any problems. Because you are special to me!"

"When did you get my Wechat?" Angela quickly took her mobile phone back. She looked at Fabian with terror because she couldn't remember having added him.

Fabian leaned against the sofa with his hands in pockets, then he said indifferently, "About several years ago. To be more exact, six years and three months."

... It had been such a long time. Angela suddenly remembered that she registered this Wechat account about five or six years ago.

"How did you add my Wechat?" she asked him.

"By hacking the software of your cellphone system!" He didn't lie to her. To Fabian, hacking into software was simple

h a stranger.

Angela reluctantly seated herself beside Sven. Fabian gave Sven a glass of wine and said, "I heard that Angela's father and brother love her very much, and now I know it's true because you have so much concern for Angela. Angela is so lucky to have you as her brother!"

Sven accepted the wine and cheered Fabian. After taking a sip, he said, "Angela is my only sister and she is so cute, so she deserves to be taken good care of."

Angela was moved by his words. She caught Sven's arm out of excitement. She confessed, "I have to admit that you are the best brother in the world! Ha ha..."

Sven touched her head affectionately. "You are the best sister I could have asked for. If only you could be a bit less naughty..."

Angela stared at him with her innocent eyes. "I haven't caused any trouble for you recently. Don't you remember?"

'For you?' Sven realized what she meant at once. He teased, "Do you mean that you still cause trouble for someone else?"

Recollecting what she had done, Angela felt extremely embarrassed, "Actually I'm innocent..." Lulu was to blame because she had misunderstood Angela's meaning. Then there was Randal, who insulted her. Then it was Arvin's fault that he drank that cocktail. At last... Angela admitted that she was also guilty.

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