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   Chapter 122 Sven Got Her Back

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"Didn't you say you want to drink? I'm here, you can drink as much as you want!" Sven took up a glass of beer that the waiter put before them, then he placed it in front of Angela.

Arvin didn't feel like talking. He would only say one or two words max when prompted.

Angela sat beside Arvin. She took up the beer Sven gave her, and lifted it towards Arvin, "Big Wing, i want to drink with you."

She searched her memory carefully. They had known each other for a long time, and they hadn't got the chance to drink together even once..

People who were busy talking suddenly heard that Angela was going to drink with Arvin, and they all stopped the conversation and looked at them with one accord.

Sitting still in his place, Arvin told Anglea, "You're no good at drinking."

"It's OK. My brother is here!" Sven was her backup!

Her casual and honest response made Arvin seem colder.

However, he picked up his liquor and clinked glasses with her. Just as he was about to drink, Nita spoke softly into his ear. "Ahem. Arvin, you have to drive later. Maybe don't drink."

Angela was infuriated by those words. 'What does that have to do with her?

And what's that tone? Is she Arvin's relative? Or does she consider herself Arvin's girlfriend?'

Angela put her hand on Arvin's, "Drink it! I'll tell Farris to drive you home." Angela looked at Nita while she spoke, but she was speaking to Arvin.

Farris was Sven's assistant. He brought Farris with him everywhere.

Now everybody understood what was going on. It turned out that these two women were competitors!

Everybody kept close eyes on Arvin.

His next response would show which one of them he cared the most.

Angela forced a smile. According to Arvin's attitude towards her, she believed that Arvin would turn her down.

And she was right.

Arvin put down the glass and looked at Angela, "Don't drink too much." It's OK that he refused to drink. If she got drunk, she would ask him to drive her home.

Angela didn't get angry. But when Sven saw Nita's happy face, he was angry.

"Angela, I'm here, you can drink as much as you want."

It seemed that Angela did love Arvin. But he wondered whether Arvin felt the same for Angela.

He had to ask Arvin about it some day.

Angela put down the beer and moved towards Sven, "Sven, please excuse me, I'll have to use the restroom."

Since she was not drunk, Sven didn't have to come with her, so he nodded and said, "Hurry back."

Angela stood in the hallway and tried to hold back her grievances. After taking several deep breaths, she called Arnold, "Arnold, where are you? Come and drink with me... "Great! No problem!"

Five minutes later

Angela sat at another stool and looked at a purple haired man blankly, "Why are you here?"

Fabian smiled at her maliciously, "I heard that you want someone to drink with, so I'm here!"

His smile made Angela tremble. He was definitely a devil...

Angela curled her lips, "Do you expect me to believe that?"

The moment she hung up the phone, she raised up her head and saw Fabian standing right in front of her. What are the odds?

He was still purple haired, wearing a black leisure suit.

Fabian picked up the menu

, took a glance at it and asked Angela, "There are beer, liquor, wine and..."

"No, no, no, thank you. My brother is at another room, I can drink with him!" No kidding! She didn't know him well. Besides, she would get drunk after just a little beer. What if he takes advantage of her when she gets drunk?

It seemed that Fabian knew what she was thinking about. As he glanced through the menu, he asked casually, "Not in a good mood? How about a cocktail?"

Angela shook her head immediately when she heard the word "cocktail". After what had happened last time, the very mentioning of it would scare her to her core.

"Don't like cocktail? Then... How about a Remy Martin? Or Martell XO? Or Royal Salute?"

"I don't..."

Fabian didn't want to hear her refusal anymore, so he took up Angela's phone. After thinking for several seconds, he unlocked her phone.

Angela was shocked. Was her password that easy? Arvin can unlock her phone, and now Fabian can unlock it too...

Fabian found Sven's number, he quickly typed something and handed the phone over. "Send it."

In the dialogue box it read: "Sven, I'm in the room opposite yours. You can find me there!"

Angela didn't know how to take it...

"Fabian, I already called my friend, and he'll be here in a minute. Aren't you busy? Just leave me alone." Angela turned him down in the only way she knew how.

But Fabian leaned on the sofa, crossed his legs, and answered her casually, "I'm not busy, and you don't need to fear me. I know I'm a stranger to you, but Angela..."

He suddenly dropped his legs, and his face landed under Angela's downturned eyes.

Angela was startled by his sudden approach. She immediately moved back and at the same time rolled her eyes.

Amused by her cute reaction, Fabian said, "What I want to say is that I'm quite familiar with you!"

He knew everything that had happened to her from C Country to J City. It's just that he never looked for her.

"Who on earth are you?" It was a long time since she left Sven, so she sent the message Fabian edited.

Fabian didn't answer her question, instead he told the waiter, "I want a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII."

"Yes, sir. One moment, please." The waiter left the room.

After the waiter left, Angela and Fabian were alone. Angela clenched her fists out of fear and gave Fabian a warning look, "I know Kung Fu!"

Fabian couldn't help laughing. He didn't take her threat serious. "Angela, you are so cute!"

He was not afraid of her? He must know Kung Fu too. Angela let down her fists in frustration, "What do you want? I'm having a bad day!"

"Forget the unhappy things! I can accompany you!" It was hard for him to come across Angela! He wished to bide his time and take his opportunity as it presented itself.

Angela was really speechless at his persistence. But whatever! She had sent the message to Sven.

When the waiter brought the bottle in, Angela was listening to Fabian's introduction, "My job is related to the Internet, but I won't bother you with the specifics. You don't have to tell me what you do. Because I know you're working at the Research and Development Department of the Yao Hospital. How's the job treating you there?"

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