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   Chapter 121 Miss. Zhen Just Wants to Help You

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Outside the office, she thought to herself for a while. The reason why Arvin asked her to work in the Research and Development Department was that he wanted her to do what she liked.

She walked up and down the corridor ruminating over a decision to call Arvin or not. Finally she stopped in front of the office of the research and development director.

A doctor passed by. He didn't know Angela and he asked her, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

Here was the Research and Development Department. Nobody could enter it except those known to researchers.

Remembering that she had been driven out by Stevens, Angela scratched her head out of embarrassment. "Hello! I came for Mr. Cheng for registration but he drove me out. So I have to ask the director's help, " she explained.

"What? You were driven out by Mr. Cheng?" he asked.

Angela's embarrassment was heightened by his sympathy. She wondered why Mr. Cheng had been angry with her.

'Maybe it's because Arvin helped me to get the chance to work here, ' she guessed.

"Our director isn't here right now..." he responded when it was clear Angela would make no reply. "But you can go for our vice director!" This man pointed to the office of the vice director which was not far down the corridor.

Thanking him, she knocked on the office door.

Luckily, Jasmine Tan, the vice director, was gentle and polite. She explained to Angela, "Mr. Cheng's temper is a little strange, but he is a good man. Don't worry about it. Now that Mr. Gu asked you to come, you can come and go in the laboratory after registration as you please."

Jasmine had heard rumors of events that transpired between Angela and Arvin. So, when Angela said that Arvin permitted her to come here, Jasmine believed her without cross-examination.

Angela was happier than ever that she could gain access to the lab in so impromptu a fashion.

"Thank you Mrs. Tan, and... My best friend Nancy, she was also in VVIP Department. She should have come to register together with me, but she was wounded and is still in hospital. So..."

Jasmine got her mean

meaning immediately.

Nita was shocked. Then she said, "I didn't know that Angela was Sven's sister. From now on, I will take good care of you in the hospital!"

Totally unexpectedly, Angela didn't thank Nita. Instead, she said, "Who needs your care? I feel cared enough already with Arvin! Compared to him, the vice director of the hospital, you're just a puny director!"

Angela couldn't be as hypocritical as Nita when facing a rival in love.

How could she possibly say she would take care of Angela when it was obvious she despised her and loved Arvin.

Sven looked at his sister, puzzled by her abnormal behavior. What conflict ran between these two women, he wondered bemusedly.

How was conflict even possible?

"Angela, Miss Zhen just wants to help you. How can you reply to her in such an impolite way?" It seemed that Sven was blaming Angela, but there was no sign of blaming in his tone.

If Nita had oppressed Angela, he would destroy her...

"It doesn't matter." Nita's smile faded away. "Angela is still a little girl, it would be childish to take her words seriously."

'Childish?' Angela felt ridiculous. Angela sprawled her hands over he face and said, "Certainly, I'm too young. I hope instead to be like Miss Zhen, a single woman at the age of thirty."

Seeing that Nita grew infuriated, Sven took Angela aside and sat her down between himself and Arvin.

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