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   Chapter 120 I Haven't Had Dinner Yet

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Night had fallen, and Angela wanted to have a drink. She called up Sven, her brother. "Sven, I want to have a drink. Will you come with me?" she asked him.

Sven reluctantly replied, "Why don't you go with Arvin? I know I am not your first choice."

Sven knew that Angela was living with Arvin in his apartment and he was not very happy about that. He had once had a long discussion with Arvin about them living together.

However, Arvin had assured him that the only reason why Angela was living with him was the Research and Development lab that he had set up in his apartment.

Sven knew that Angela loved research labs. Therefore, he had believed Arvin.

Previously Chuck had asked her not to stay in the hospital lab.

However, he did remember that Arvin had once kissed Angela in the toilet. He wasn't sure if Arvin would be able to restrain himself since Angela was such a cute girl and sharing an apartment increased physical proximity a lot!

Thus, to be on the safe side, he called Arvin every two or three days and warned him not to cross the line.

Arvin hated receiving Sven's call on this subject. One day, he had become so cross with his constant badgering that Arvin had almost blacklisted him!

"I don't want to go with him. Are you busy, Sven?" Angela asked Sven, breaking his reverie. Angela looked at the beautiful roses sent by Arvin. She had tried to figure out the reason for the flowers. "Are they a break-up gift?"

She thought to herself.

"Yes, I'm a little busy here. Though, we can have a drink tomorrow. Dad and I would be visiting J City tomorrow, " Sven replied. Sven was scheduled to perform an important surgery. Since his father and he were going to J City the next day, he had to finish the surgery today itself.

Angela understood his predicament. "That's great! See you tomorrow, then." Angela said cheerfully. She felt euphoric that she would be able to meet her father and brother the next day.

After she disconnected the phone, Angela took one rose, and started removing its petals one by one. "You don't love me, " she said to herself while removing a petal from the rose. "But then why did you send me the roses?" she said again, removing the second petal. Arvin, you must love me. You don't want to hurt me, do you?

She continued removing the petals. I really miss you, Arvin. Do you know that I really miss you?


ot always easygoing. A large number of trainees had left their jobs because they were scared of him.

Angela curled her lower lip, quietly entered the office and sat down to patiently wait for him.

Fortunately, Mr. Cheng finished his work ten minutes later.

He returned to his desk, took off his glasses and glanced at Angela, "What are you doing here?" he asked surprised to see her still waiting in the office.

Angela stood up. "Hello, Mr. Cheng. My name is Angela and I have been asked to work here, with you, " she explained.

"Oh! Okay."

Stevens Cheng sighed and then said nothing.

Angela was a little confused. "What can I start with?" she gently asked again, when Mr. Cheng did not say anything for some time.

Suddenly, Stevens Cheng pounded his desk hard with his fist while giving her a black look, "There's no work for you. Leave me alone!"

"The old man is weird. What's wrong with him?" Angela thought to herself, surprised at his outburst. After a long while, Angela tried again. "Mr. Cheng, today is my first day here. Could you please let me know what I need to do?"

"Go back to the WIP department. Be a good nurse there. That's what you need to do. And remember not to come back here even if Arvin asks you to!" retorted the old man.

This time, Angela was dumbfounded! "Really! This is too much. What's he talking about? I have been acting politely with him since I came and he has been behaving so rudely!" she thought to herself. She made a decision there and then and got up.

"Okay! See you!" Angela collected her bag and left his office.

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