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   Chapter 119 She Was Terribly Upset

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5846

Updated: 2018-09-09 10:16

Her great ardor was destroyed by his indifference, "I haven't seen you for several days... I... I... miss you!"

Arvin lifted his right arm. Angela thought he would hug her. However, he didn't. Instead, he rubbed his eyebrows, "Don't come here if there's nothing important to report. One week later, I have to run for the Director of the hospital. Don't bring me any troubles!"

Angela was greatly shocked once she heard this! The shyness and excitement on her face disappeared immediately.

Suddenly, she found... Arvin didn't like her anymore!

When Angela entered Arvin's office, Nita had already gotten the news.

Therefore, Nita went to Arvin's office and knocked on the door when Angela was still standing there with a broken heart.

Originally, the door of Arvin's office was half closed, but now Nita appeared in the room soon after she knocked.

"Arvin... Angela? Why are you here?" Nita almost leapt out of her skin when she saw Angela.

Angela glanced at her and said nothing. Instead, Arvin said, "She's reporting her work in the research department." After this, he went to his seat and sat down directly in front of his desk.

"I... am not!"

"Angela, I got your idea. Go back to your work. I have notified the research department."

Angela was shocked again!

'No! Something was wrong! What did Arvin mean?'

Nita smiled listening to this exchange. She stepped closer to Arvin and said, "My mum is going to cook dinner tonight. She wants you to have dinner with my family."

'Nita's mum is going to cook dinner for Arvin?'

Angela looked at them in surprise. Finally, she understood everything when she saw Nita's attitude towards him.

She rushed to Arvin at once and shouted, "Big wing, please don't do th

But now, you're going to dump me even though she's nowhere to be seen!"

... All Angela wanted to do was to save their relationship!

As expected, Angela said to him coldly, "I won't leave you before Rosa shows up! Besides, even if we are going to break up, I want to tell you that I'm the one dumping you! Are we clear?"

Arvin was speechless.

"Angela, don't be silly!" She had been hurt so much that Arvin couldn't bear to hurt her anymore!

Her obduracy would not help her. Instead, she would continue to get hurt more and more.

"I'm so silly! I should never have loved you! You are like a piece of ice! You are not only cold, but also heartless!" Angela shouted at him!

"Arvin, you are a big jerk!

You have slept with me, but now, you want to dump me!" Actually, it was a bad time to break up with Angela.

They just had sex two days ago and it was too humiliating to be dumped after that.

Angela lifted her head, "Arvin, I will not leave you! And I'm going to be after you! Remember that!"

After this, Angela left.

Arvin looked at her back and sighed deeply. Although he could be cruel to Nita, he could never do that to Angela.

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