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   Chapter 118 A Promise is a Promise

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Arvin had checked the CCTV in his apartment, but it had been erased in advance.

Nita's concession convinced Teresa that she did everything for Arvin's good. Teresa held Nita's hands with relief, and said, "Nita, you know I'm with you. And..." She gave a sigh, "Take the pill now. You know, Arvin was drugged at that time... If you're really pregnant, you know what will happen."

Yes, Nita did know what would happen. If she was really pregnant on that condition, the rate of fetal malformation was very high.

"I know, ma'am. I'll take it right now." Nita squeezed her eyes and finally nodded in agreement.

Seeing that she behaved so kindly, Teresa felt really guilty. So she promised again, "Don't worry. I will ask Arvin to give you a satisfactory answer. Don't worry. Have an early night."

Nita didn't say anymore, for she knew anyone who talks much errs much.

Finn watched Teresa leave and then went to Nita's room.

Finn knew the entire story. But James had just come back from a business trip in the afternoon, so he was not cleared on it at all. He thought his daughter had really been bullied by Arvin.

"Nita must be careful now. We'd better not press him too hard." Finn said. She was very nervous when her gaze had met Arvin's.

She couldn't imagine how her daughter got the chutzpah to deceive Arvin like that.

Nita threw the pills in the trash. Now she appeared as sharp and as strong as usual. She said, "Mom, I think now we have the Yin family on our side. He will definitely not live with Angela any more."

Rosa wasn't back yet, so she didn't have to deal with her. But she needed to get rid of Angela.

Angela was really a fool. She even forgot to close the door of Arvin's apartment. Maybe it was God who was helping Nita!

"Well, " Finn said, "you be careful. Arvin is not a fool. What if he makes you to have a physical examination?" Finn knew her daughter had never had any boyfriends before. She was still a virgin.

"No way!" Nita answered confidently, because she was sure all the evidence he needed had been in the stains on the bed sheet.

Also, if Arvin really married her, it would be very easy to get rid of the evidence.

But Arvin had not given his answer so she did not have to destroy the evidence which could prove her innocent...

As to the the identity of Angela...

Now Nita understood why she could not find out her identity before, as she was Chuck's daughter, Whose family was much more prominent than hers. It was really difficult to handle Angela.

So far, Angela totally had no idea what had happened. She was still lying in bed, with Arvin's roses in her arms, and reflecting on sweet memories.

She was planning to buy a vase for the roses tomorrow, put them in her bedroom and watch them everyday.

Angela held the gift as if she were holding a baby, and put it on the table carefully. She sent Arvin a message, "Good night, Big Wing."

But she got no reply.

When the morning came, the first thing Angela did after getting up was check her phone. But Arv

in still hadn't replied.

'Perhaps he hasn't seen it yet...' Angela thought.

Over the course of the following days, many people found that Angela had transformed into a whole new person.

Well, as Xenia put it, Angela became more "womanly" overnight.

"Don't pull my leg, " Angela said with an embarrassed smile. "Don't think too much. It's all because of my new clothes."

Maybe it's true. Angela was in a red belted long coat, a pair of heeled shoes.

Angela went to see Nancy.

In the Ward No. 3, Nancy was trying to walk with Stanley's help.

Angela didn't expect Stanley to be there. She put aside the soup she had made for Nancy, and said to him, "Stanley, this soup is very good for convalescence, you must watch Nancy eat it all. If she doesn't want to drink it, I don't mind you feeding her."

Hearing her say "I don't mind your feeding her", Nancy's cheek turned red with shyness. And she said, "Stop kidding, Angela. I will drink it myself."

"No problem, " Stanley said to Angela. "I will watch her."

Angela smiled and then waved to Nancy, saying, "There there, I'm not gonna be your third wheel. Enjoy yourselves!"

Then, Angela left the ward immediately.

After Angela left, Stanley lifted Nancy onto the bed, and fed Nancy as Angela had instructed.

"Don't. I'll do it myself." It was her stomach rather than her arms that were hurt. Nancy wanted to take the bowl.

But Stanley didn't let her take it. He said, "Angela asked me to feed you and I have assured her. A promise is a promise!"

Nancy was amused. You call it a promise?

After finishing the soup, Nancy noticed something. "Have you found that Angela looks different?" she asked Stanley.

"She looks... um... more pretty, and more womanly, and looks happy."

"Indeed!" Stanley raised his head and said.

"Can you help me complete the discharge forms? I'm worried about her." Nancy had mixed feeling about Angela's changes. She actually felt more worried.

"Worried? But she has Arvin, " Stanley looked at her and said. "Why do you bother yourself worrying when it's clear she's fine? And you have promised me. You will live with me after leaving the hospital."

Angela had lived with Arvin, so he was uneasy about Nancy's living in this ward alone.

"But Angela..."

"Why? She looks very good. Anyway, I'll go to Arvin later. If Angela's okay there, you can come live with me." Stanley decided to go to Arvin's place in order to set her mind at rest.

"Fine, " Nancy answered.

Not only the people in VVIP wards found Angela's change, Arvin also found it.

He hadn't met Angela for three days. Now he met her at his office.

To be exact, Angela crept into into Arvin's office secretly.

He was there when she came in.

As all the others did, he also found Angela was different, but he couldn't tell way.

"Big Wing!" Angela was so excited when she saw him that she jumped to wrap her arms around him.

But unexpectedly, Arvin seemed indifferent. He glanced at her disinterestedly and said, "Why are you here?"

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