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   Chapter 117 Abortion

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6031

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Teresa looked at her son, confused, wondering why Arvin stopped, and who in hell spiked him.

Arvin's words reminded Finn that, yes, what really mattered was the daughter.

"What's your plan?" Finn sat back into the sofa and asked.

"It's my fault! I will compensate Nita for my wrongs."

Even James could not tolerate his heartlessness, let alone Nita! "Shut up! It's about Nita's reputation. How dare you talk like that!"

"What should I do, sir?" Arvin said indifferently, looking into James's eyes. "I will do anything as it pleases you."

"What should you do? Shouldn't you bear the burden for my daughter's sake?" James hinted at their intention.

"But sir, " Arvin reminded them, "the whole J City know I have a fiancee from the Yin family, who were your friends. If I marry Nita, what will the Yin family think?"

At this moment, Finn suddenly started to talk about an unrelated person, "Arvin, we all know you were engaged to marry Rosa, so why are you living with Angela? How will you explain this to the Yin family?"

When it came to Angela, Arvin's face darkened. He said, "She lives at my place because we are working together on a research project. It has nothing to do with her."

"Everyone in the hospital knows what you and Angela did at the artificial lake. Will you insist you are innocent?"

"Did you see it with your own eyes?" Arvin asked, and cast his eagle eyes on Nita, whose words stung him.

Nita was afraid of him, and of what he could do. She clenched her fists and stopped talking out of fear of his antipathy.

Finn's heart was broken when she saw her daughter's aggrieved look."Can you make sure nothing happened between you and Angela when you lived together?"

Arvin's face darkened even more. He was indeed very intimate with Angela.

But he di

r came to the hall with something in hand. Finn looked very nervous.

"What's that?" Finn asked.

The butler raised his hand and said in a trembling voice, "D...Doctor Gu... asked me... to bring this here. He said it is... for the Miss!"

The four people were shocked when they saw it was a package of contraceptive pills.

Nita grabbed the package and almost threw it into the trash can, but she managed to restrain herself.

She smiled wanly. It was evidence of how Arvin had humiliated her. She would not throw it away.

Teresa sighed deeply. She held Nita's hands and said, "Don't worry, Nita. I will talk to Arvin later and give you an answer."

"Don't force him, ma'am..." Nita shook her head in frustration. The rims of her eyes reddened.

In fact, she was afraid that Arvin would be grow so incensed that he would send men to investigate the issue, as he was wont to do. Then she would be a sitting duck.

That morning, someone was trying to draw some secret out of the butler when he had just phoned Finn.

They asked the butler whether Nita came back last night and where she went.

Fortunately, Finn had told the butler how to reply, so that their plot was not exposed.

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