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   Chapter 116 Arvin's Biggest Wish and Pursuit

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"Why? Why do you want to sell it?" Angela lifted her head in wonder and looked straight into Arvin's eyes.

He didn't deign to look at her. He just looked out over the city night's expanse, and explained, "There were a few problems with my house in Shengfeng Mansion. I was too busy to handle them. So I decided to sell the apartment."

His explanation was airtight, Angela felt.

However, it wouldn't make any sense to someone who was familiar with this field.

"Fine." That was no big deal to Angela. 'Maybe Arvin will buy another new apartment and ask me to move in with him.' Angela thought positively.

However, what she didn't know was that Arvin owned three houses in J City.

Seeing Angela's innocence, Arvin closed his eyes out of anguish. 'She would be so hurt if she knew what happened between Nita and me.'

Angela didn't see Arvin's pain. Touching his tough body, her thoughts were as far away from that as possible. She couldn't help thinking about last night, when she and Arvin lay on the bed together.

Her face blushed. Although she tried not to think about what happened, She was sure that she wouldn't regret it.

She was glad that something so precious had been shared with someone she loved.

Breezes blew their faces. Arvin and Angela had different thoughts, but they seemed fine.

Past 10 p.m.

Arvin and Angela kept hugging each other for almost an hour. Angela nearly fell asleep in Arvin's arms listening to his low sexy voice.

Suddenly, Arvin felt like Angela was nodding her head non-stop.

He couldn't help laughing. 'She was so cute.' Arvin lifted Angela and walked towards his car.

Angela was awoken by his action. Her heart didn't stop beating fast until she realized she was still in Arvin's arms.

Arvin fastened the safety belt for Angela and then he walked out of the car. "Wait for me."

After saying that, he strode to his trunk, opened it and took something out. Then he walked to the front passenger door. Arvin opened the box and gave it to Angela.

Angela was yawning. After she saw the box, she was sober with eyes open.

It was a well-wrapped rectangular box, in which there were eleven red roses with two baby dolls on top of it. The roses were tied up together by a lace belt.

Angela was so surprised by this present. She was so thrilled that she couldn't say a word. She always received all kinds of flowers from sweethearts and crushes around Valentine's Day.

However, this gift was different. It was from Arvin!

The one she loved.

"Well, this is for me?" Angela asked in a low voice. Her eyes were wet.

Arvin smiled and nodded at her, "Yes. Wish you happiness every day in the future."

Angela's smile was Arvin's biggest wish and pursuit.

Angela touched the roses with her left hand. Her right hand grabbed Avrin's tie and dragged him toward her face. Then she kissed Arvin on the lips.

"Big wing, I..."

Angela didn't finish her words. Arvin's cell phone rang and broke the atmosphere.

Arvin got out of the car and slid the answer key. "What?" Arvin demanded.

Arvin's face turned pale after a while. 'Who was that? What did they talk about?' Angela stared at Arvin and wondered.

Arvin clutched his fist on the car door. After the person on the other end finished, Arvin said frostily, "Well, if you didn't let out the secret, how come others knew about it?" Arvin's words were filled with sarcasm and indifference.

Arvin wasn't sober at that time, but Nita was! If he did sleep with her, she was also to blame. Besides, why did Nita come over to his house at midnight? Arvin had warned her and Lulu not to come over to his house except for things of grave importance. 'This was all her fault!'

Angela didn't know what was going. She just touched her beating heart.

'Oh, gosh! I nearly blurt out my affection to Arvin.'

Angela didn't finish the sentence. She was going to say that she loved Arvin.

'Big wing, I love you.' That was the whole sentence.

"Fine. I'll go there. That's it." Arvin hung up the phone with a stern face. He opened his car door and got back in.

The Pagani left the riverside and headed for Xinhe Garden.

"What happened, Arvin?" Angela asked and turned to Arvin, who seemed unhappy.

Arvin made no reply. He was absorbed in thought. 'Nita has changed. She is no more the person I know.

She couldn't give up any opportunity to break my relationship with Angela!'

Then he told Angela in a gentle voice, "Angela, Kent has moved your things to your apartment. I'm driving you home. Go to bed early. I'm going to deal with something."

"What's going on, Arvin?" Angela didn't feel right. 'Something must be going on. Arvin is different now!'

Arvin shook his head and answered, "No big deal. Don't worry. Go to the research and development center when you're all healed up."

Angela stopped asking since Arvin didn't want to talk about it. "Okay."

Under Angela's apartment, Arvin hugged her tightly for a few moments. He didn't leave until he saw Angela's light come on.

Nita's house

After a short brake, a silver Pagani stopped right in front of the door of Nita's house.

It was eleven o'clock, yet Nita's house was ablaze with light.

Suddenly, a butler showed up. He brought Arvin into the mansion. In the dinning room were Nita's parents, Nita herself, and... Teresa.

Arvin carefully looked them. Nita's parents looked pale. And Nita looked out of her mind. As for Teresa, she had her poker face on.

Arvin didn't forget to greet Nita's parents. After greetings, he sat beside Teresa. Finn suddenly stood up from sofa and accused Arvin, "What are you going to say, Arvin?"

Everyone present knew what Finn meant.

Teresa's mouth twitched at the corner. She never expected such a thing to happen.

It was unbelievable what had happened between Nita and Arvin.

'Angela moved in with Arvin. Why, then, would Arv sleep with Nita?'

Arvin looked straight into Finn's eyes and started to explain, "I was drugged at that time, uncle and aunt. You misunderstand me. I can ask Kent to bring my blood report to you if you don't believe me."

"You were drugged? How come? What drug did you use?" Finn was shocked to hear the Arvin's explanation.

Arvin calmly replied, "I was spiked. That's all."

"Who spiked you?" Finn didn't stop asking.

The air in the dinning room seemed to be frozen.

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