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   Chapter 115 I Was Just Joking!

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7376

Updated: 2018-09-07 10:16

"Oh. Last night you were drunk. You drank a very, very strong cocktail! I..."

Angela was about to finish her sentence before Arvin interrupted her. "Angela, I clearly know how much I can drink, okay?"

Arvin tested the liquor content in his blood as soon as he arrived at the hospital. There was some leftover. However, the result didn't elucidate much, so he was still not so sure what was in his system.

"Oh... I put some medicine into the cocktail and you... drank it without hesitation." Angela couldn't stop him.

"And then?" Arvin asked Angela in a nervous tone.

Angela could hear her heart beating right fast. "Then... I was afraid that you would... blame me after you woke up... so I sent you to the apartment and left."

... Angela whispered her last sentence, but Arvin heard it very clearly.

'So she left my apartment last night, ' Arvin thought.

"Where did you stay last night? Where did you go today?" Arvin kept asking with his eyes closed.

Since Angela decided to call Arvin, she knew what he would ask and prepared her reasons. "I was playing games on my phone last night at Nancy's house and today I slept all day at my house."

... Hearing Angela's answer, Arvin felt a sense of disappointment and wondered, 'Why did she have to leave me alone last night?'

"Hey, big wing, what are you thinking?" Angela asked him as if she didn't know.

Arvin closed his eyes and whispered, "What do you want to eat for dinner this evening?"

"... Whatever you want is okay with me."

"Okay, let's go out for something." Arvin's voice sounded quite gentle.

"Okay!" Hearing Arvin's suggestion, Angela dropped her negative tone. Happiness enveloped her. She knew that she and Arvin would get along as long as she didn't tell him the truth.

7 p.m. at night

Angela took a deep breath and dragged herself up tiredly towards the elevator.

Downstairs, Arvin was standing beside a Pagani in a black shirt and suit waiting for her.

From her first glance, she felt Arvin was of a different sort tonight.

Arvin! Was! Smoking! ...

Angela was very surprised to see Arvin smoke because she knew him for a long time, but she had never seen him smoke.

Angela was very

of the restaurant with their fingers clutched. They got in the car and drove to the river.

"How come you brought me here?" The caresses of a cool breeze played over Angela's face. She felt comfortable.

Now it was late autumn. Standing on the riverside against the wind was a little chilly. Angela wrapped herself up with her coat.

Arvin saw this. He instantly opened his suit and covered Angela in his arms, "Hug me, babe."

Earlier at the restaurant, Angela felt a little disappointment due to Arvin's cold attitude, but now, it was all gone. Angela circled Arvin's back with her arm and leaned against his chest.

"I'll get busy from now on, babe." Arvin's low voice made her head rise to meet it.

Angela nodded while saying, "Okay. I got it."

"I'll have you transferred to the development and research center tomorrow and you can do what you like to do wholeheartedly." Arvin always would give Angela the best thing as long as he was able to.

However, Angela seemed a little hesitant. "I don't want to go there... I just want to stay in the research center in your apartment." Angela blurted out her thoughts.

Arvin looked pained when hearing Angela's words. Angela didn't see. "Well, I'm worried that you might be unsafe alone in the apartment. Besides, I was going to sell my apartment. The research center... would be torn down. That's why I decided to transfer you to the research and development center. I will also transfer Nancy there."

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