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   Chapter 114 I Will Explain It to Him

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7120

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Angela sometimes did things like that. Whenever bad things happened, her first reaction was to run away and escape...

When she came back down to earth, she found herself in the car before Nancy's apartment.

What should she do? Arvin had constantly shown reluctance to sleeping with her. If Arvin knew that there was something wrong with the wine he had drunk, would he blame her? Would he think that she did it on purpose? Would he think differently of her...

She knew why Arvin was reluctant. He believed if they couldn't be together in the future, he could minimize the damage to her.

Or, couldn't she admit it? And couldn't she tell Arvin what events transpired last night? If she did, maybe they could live together as before...


In Shengfeng Mansion.

Nita took her breakfast with her, and skipped into the elevator. As she made her way to his apartment, she noticed Arvin's door was half-open. Suspicious...

Why was the door unlocked? Thoughts of thieving robbers flashed through her mind.

She gently pushed the door open. Inside, she found the apartment exactly in check; tidied, and clean, no hint of foul play.

Stepping deeper into the apartment, she saw the bedroom door shut. Nita took a deep breath. She didn't know whether Angela was in the room.

If so...

She put down the breakfast she made. It had been Teresa's idea to make breakfast. Teresa said that Angela was going to win Arvin's heart through his stomach. Greater efforts had to be made.

Nita summoned courage to push the bedroom door open. Seeing what lay behind the door, she clapped her mouth with her hand in astonishment.


Arvin, who was supposed to be deep in work by this time, sat on the sofa in his pajamas, wearing a sullen face.

Nita was so sad that she could not even breathe. Although he wore pajamas, he could not hide the obvious scratches on his chest.

Where was Angela? Who spent the night with Arvin?

Nita's eyes were red seeing her beloved, laced with love-scratches from a night of erotic passion.

Arvin peered up abstractedly, and asked, "Last night... was it you?"

He saw t

ight? If you don't want to be responsible, I will not push you... However, you can't directly sentence me to death without giving me a chance to defend myself! Arvin, have you ever considered my feelings?"

What she said made sense and made Arvin guilty.

He sank into the chair, and supported his forehead with his right hand. His mind was full of thoughts of Angela.

He had thought... he had more time with Angela...why did Nita have to break into this sweet dream?

"You should go to work. I will reply within the next two days. But I just need time!" Arvin decided that the tactful thing to do would be to see Angela first.

Without any words, Nita sadly left his apartment.

When she was out of his district, she parked her car on the curb. She felt she hadn't come to his apartment in vain...

Then, she faced a different problem.

Through her own network, she contacted an online hacker, and asked him to secretly delete the surveillance video of Shengfeng Mansion from last night to this morning.

Then, she called her mother to request her to say that she hadn't been home last night, if asked.

Although Finn was confused, she still promised her daughter everything she asked.

When Arvin got in touch with Angela, it was late in the afternoon. Angela called Arvin back with fear, "Big wing, what's the matter!"

Her happy voice made Arvin feel sorry, "What happened to me last night?"

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