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   Chapter 113 She Had Caused Big Trouble This Time

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How had Arvin known that she was at the pub? Did he have her followed? Or had he fit a monitor on her?

"What's the matter? Why didn't you tell me before you came here?" asked Arvin, very annoyed. Didn't she know that there were both good people and bad guys? And how dare she order wine in such a lousy pub!

Didn't she know how much she could drink? Arvin was so angry that blood throbbed in his temples.

"Er... It's Randal's fault!" Angela confessed that she had met Randal in the afternoon.

Arvin gave her a cold look. Randal! Hadn't he asked the director of the Pharmacy Department to teach the lad a lesson?

Why was he still in the Pharmacy Department? ...

Angela was too shy to speak certain words, but Arvin knew that Randal would not say anything good. After all, a filthy mouth cannot utter decent language!

'Just wait and watch how I would punish Randal!'

"Come with me!" Arvin seized Angela by the wrist and roughly pulled her up.

Angela exclaimed, "No! Randal should be here anytime!"

"I will tell him that you have left." Arvin ground his teeth in anger.

If Angela drank this cup of cocktail, maybe it was she that would be fixed!

"Okay. But I have already ordered the wine. It is the most expensive one. Just wait a minute..." protested Angela. She was imploringly looking at Arvin, when he decidedly picked up the glass. "Eh! Arvin! Arvin! You can't drink that! Don't drink the wine, " screamed Angela even while he drank the whole thing in one big gulp! Angela stopped screaming and helplessly looked at Arvin.

Oh no! What had he done. Angela had just invented a drug that would silent the vocal chords of a person for a year. It was this drug that she had mixed in the wine.

"Arvin! Let me take you to the hospital."

Angela was so frightened that she started crying. She hadn't invented the drug that could cure the vocal cords. How could she possibly know that Arvin would drink the wine meant for Randal?

"Why do we have to go to the hospital?" Arvin wondered aloud as he looked at Angela, who was sobbing, in confusion.

Eh? Did she just hear Arvin speak? Angela stopped sobbing and looked at Arvin. What was wrong? Why hadn't Arvin lost his voice? Maybe the effect of the drug was delayed?

Anyway, it was she who had added the drug to the wine; and she did not have the courage to tell him the truth. "I'm not feeling well. Let's quickly go to the hospital."

Angela made up an excuse and left the pub with Arvin tagging behind.

Outside, Kent was waiting beside the car.

Without any explanation, Angela stuffed Arvin in the passenger seat of her car. "You are drunk. So you can't drive. Sit and I'll drive."

All through the while, she had been racking her brains to come up with the name of the drug that could cure the effect of her formula.

"What's wrong with you?" Arvin asked while sitting in the car. He vigorously shook his head. He felt that Angela's shadow was oscillating, but he didn't care. He thought it was due to the wine.

"I... my stomach is upset." Angela desperately said stepping on the gas while rushing to the Yao Hospital.

On the way, Angela finally realized that Arvin had continued speaking throughout the drive. He had even called up Kent and told him that he didn't want to see Randal anymore.

How could this be possible! ... The drug's effect should have been visible within two minutes. How could Arvin still speak?

Angela was startled out of her thoughts, when she heard Arvin talking to her. "Angela, drive carefully. Why are you shaking so much?" he asked.

"I am not shaking!" Angela said.

"I am feeling dizzy..." admitted Arvin. "Which wine had you ordered?" he asked Angela.

... Angela told him the name of wine. She carefully looked at him and asked slowly so as not to raise any suspicions, "Do you have a sore throat?"

"No. I just feel a little hot." Arvin rubbed his swollen temple. It was now throbbing even harder.


Angela suddenly remembered something. She parked the car at the curb and called her brother, Sven. "Brother, what is the effect of the compound diclofenac potassium?" she i


She remembered Lulu telling her that the compound was a bulk solution that could damage the vocal chords of a human being in two minutes.

"Didn't you request Lulu to ask me the same question? I had already told her that this compound was the bulk solution of Drunk Beauty, " said Sven.

Angela felt as if her brain was going to explode. Lulu...! How had she believed that girl...

Oh my god! Arvin had just consumed a party drug!

There was no need to go to the hospital. All he needed was to rest so that he could recover by himself.

Angela took a u-turn and headed towards Arvin's apartment. When they reached home, she helped him out of the car. By now, Arvin's was definitely high. Having helped Arvin reach the elevator, she leaned against the elevator wall and gasped for air. Arvin was a big man and was similarly heavy.

Entering the apartment, Angela released Arvin to change her shoes. But Arvin lost his balance and immediately started falling to the other side.

She unceremoniously kicked off her shoes and hurriedly supported Arvin, before he fell.

However, he was too heavy and was pressing her to the ground. Fortunately, there was a thick carpet underneath which eased the hardness of the floor.

Angela pushed him hard. "Arvin, please get up! You are pressing me to the floor..." she said while panting for air.

Hearing her voice, Arvin turned his head around to see where the voice was coming from. When he noticed Angela under him, he goofily smiled and lightly called her name, "Angela..."

He touched her face with his big hand and his breathing became rapid.

... Why was the effect of Drunk Beauty so strange?

Angela got out from under him with great difficulty. By the time she helped Arvin to the bed, she had been sweating profusely.

She took out some wet tissues and wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Big wing! You are so heavy! I am exhausted!" she exclaimed.

She turned around, went to the bathroom and washed her face. When she came out again, Arvin was trying to loosen his tie.

Angela ran to help him. She then took off his shoes. Finally, he could rest.

But, Arvin had somehow managed to grab her wrist. He made her lie on the huge bed and quickly climbed on top of her.

"Angela...Beautiful Angela, " he moaned before he lowered his head and kissed her red luscious lips.

Damn it! Damn it! It was obvious that the party drug had made Arvin feel really hot. In fact, it had acted as an aphrodisiac...

It was over! She had caused big trouble this time!

Angela was so anxious that she was still sweating heavily. On top of that, she was unable to push away the man, who had her pinned under him.

"Arvin... Big wing..." Angela was terrified. In an attempt to get him off her, she kept calling his name over and over again.

But Arvin ignored her. Excited and taking her exclamations as her approval, he eagerly ripped the buttons off her blouse.

Angela had thought of drugging Arvin many time before so that she could sleep with him. But that was just a thought. She dared not do so!

And now that things were really happening as she had wanted, she was scared out of her wits.

She clutched the bed sheet and wondered what she should do? Arvin had lost all his senses.

Giving her no chance to think anymore and unable to control himself, Arvin frantically started kissing her. He could not wait to make love to her.

"Angela..." He gently called her name again. His mouth closed on hers blocking her shout of pain.


The two made love the entire night and fell asleep in the wee hours.

In the morning, everything was quiet. Angela felt bruised and terrible from a night of rough and gentle lovemaking. She struggled to open her eyes, removed the arm on her body and quietly got out of the bed.

Feeling her legs buckling under her, she hurriedly grasped the bed head to avoid falling on the floor.

She struggled to reach the cloakroom, where she casually put on her clothes. Then she walked out on her weak legs, disheveled.

Leaving the apartment, she softly closed the door behind her with her feeble arm.

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