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   Chapter 112 Deal with Randal

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Angela was totally confused. She wondered if Stanley was interested in Nancy.

"If he does not respond, you should make the first move and send him a message. You can ask him what he is busy with, " said Angela, offering Nancy her cell phone. According to Angela, Nancy should not just wait and do nothing. Opportunities like this don't come twice.

"What if he is busy at work?" said Nancy, nervously taking the cell phone from Angela's hand.

"Oh, come on! It's just a message, not a phone call. He won't be bothered! He would just read the message, respond if he wants to, and that's it."

That sounded reasonable, thought Nancy. "Okay then, I'll send him a message!"

Nancy searched for Stanley's WeChat account on the cell phone and then tried to type something. But she was still too shy to take the first step and send him a message. Angela became anxious. She took the cell phone back from Nancy and started typing herself. "What are you busy with? I am all alone at the hospital and am getting really bored!"

Angela was at least right about that. Gage was so busy that he could spend no more than an hour every day with Nancy in the hospital.

What about the remaining time? Usually the caregivers and nurses of the hospital gave her company.

Nancy wanted to take back her cell phone. She said, "Angela, I don't feel messaging him would be right..."

"Don't worry. It's just a casual message... Emm... If he asks why I sent him the message, I'll say that I was going to send it to Arvin, but accidentally sent it to him!"

Nancy looked at Angela. She was sure that it would not be that easy to fool Stanley.

"Look Nancy, what's done is done. I can't retrieve the message now!" Anyways, she wanted to see Stanley.

After the message had been sent, the two girls continuously willed the cell phone to ring. After a long while of waiting, each secretly wondered why Stanley had not responded. Angela had been so sure that he would respond.

As time passed, they became more and more disappointed. They had waited quite long for his reply. Maybe he didn't want to reply. Knowing that the certainty of not receiving a reply from Stanley had saddened Nancy, Angela started feeling that she should have restrained herself from sending the message. Maybe, he was not interested in Nancy.

Seeing that it had been quite some time, Angela got up to leave. Just as she was wishing her a speedy recovery, the door of the ward flew open. Surprised, the girls looked at the door and were delighted when they saw a panting Stanley standing there.

Happy to see him, Angela ran to him and gleefully patted his shoulder. "Why didn't you message back! Nancy has been waiting for you, " Angela smiled.

"Angela! Please stop!" admonished Nancy turning very red. She stopped Angela from saying anything more.

Stanley took a deep breath and glanced at Nancy with his beautiful eyes. He liked the way she was blushing. "I was on duty outside all day yesterday, and I've been quite busy at the police station these days, " he explained looking directly at Nancy.

He should have gone back to the police station first, but when he had seen her message, he decided to hand over the remaining work to his subordinates and immediately hurried to the hospital to spend some time with her.

Nancy smiled, shook her head and shyly said, "It's no big deal. You may go to the station first, if it's really urgent."

Stanley walked by Angela and sat down at her bedside. He gently looked at her and asked, "My work has been done. How do you feel today? Is the cut still painful?"

Angela chuckled and secretly winked and waved to Nancy. She then went out of the ward, silently closing the door behind her. The only two people left in the room now were Nancy and Stanley.

Arvin's apartment...

At sharp one o'clock in the afternoon, Lulu arrived at Arvin's apartment.

Angela was casually sitting on the couch, eating instant noodles. When she saw Lulu suddenly appear, she was startled.

She didn't remember that she had asked Lulu, the day before, to come by the apartment at one o'clock. It took her a while to remember her promise.

"Ah Lulu! Could you please wait till I finish my noodles?" she asked politely.

Lulu snidely glanced at the instant noodles on the table and then at Angela. "Are you really the daughter of the director of the Chengyang Private Hospital? How can you eat something as unhealthy as instant noodles?" she asked.

Angela shrugged her shoulders and thought of what had happened after she had left Nancy and Stanley. When she had stepped out of the hospital, she had run into Randal. They had quarreled, which had totally spoiled her till then buoyant mood.

After the quarrel, she had noticed a convenience store on her way back to the apartment. Too angry to cook, she had bought a cup of instant noodles for herself.

After Angela finished her lunch, she guided

Lulu to the Research and Development room. Lulu noticed that Angela was not behaving normally and seemed to be angry at something or someone.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Lulu.

"What's wrong with me?" retorted Angela. Argh! She got so irritated whenever she thought of Randal! If she got a chance, she would certainly teach him a lesson!

When Angela had been happily strolling on the road outside the hospital, Randal had stopped her.

And then he had said something that had really hurt her feelings. "Angela, I know that girls like you, who are born in rich families, are bitches! You have Arvin hooked on one hand and on the other, you are riding on some other man's motorcycle! Why don't you just take the bus? I mean, you yourself are like a bus now!*"

(*TN: In China, if we say someone is like a bus, then it means that she has relations with more than one man.)

"Both Arvin and the motorcycle guy! Angela, you are so skilled at seducing guys, especially the handsome ones!"

"Oh, I know it now. You have turned from being a bus to a private car, " he had gushed without stopping to take a breath.

Angela was speechless when she heard his little speech.

She had become so angry that she had instantly punched Randal hard.

"Randal, wait and watch what I'll do to beat you!" she had said through gritted teeth.

Randal was even more sharp-tongued than Grace. She could not deal with Randal in the same way as she had taken care of Grace.

Vengeful, she asked someone to find out what Randal was doing these days. She couldn't wait to see him begging her for mercy!

One evening...

Once Angela was sure that Arvin wouldn't be returning to the apartment till late in the night, she instantly made up herself and changed into an elegant dress. She then drove out of the Shengfeng Mansion in her BMW.

It just so happened that the moment when she was driving out, Lulu, who had forgotten something in Arvin's apartment, was entering the driveway.

Lulu waved to Angela, but Angela, intent on her task, didn't see her. Curious to know what Angela was up to, Lulu followed her.

Finally, Angela stopped her car at the door of a pub.

When she stepped out of the car and was locking it, Lulu noticed that she was wearing heavy makeup. Also, the clothes that she was wearing were very uncharacteristic of her.

'Oh my gosh! So, Angela is a nightclub fan. I wonder if my brother knows about it.

If she has come here secretly, then maybe I should tell him the truth. It would certainly irritate him and then maybe, just a little maybe, he would consider breaking up with her. If this happens, then Nita could date my brother, ' thought Lulu.

She took out her cell phone and called Arvin.

After she had disconnected the call, she somehow felt sorry for Angela.

Then shrugging her shoulders she thought, "Well, why would I feel sad if Angela and my brother broke up." She drove off on this note.

In the pub...

When Angela entered the pub, she found that the music was very loud. Grimacing, she found a table in the corner and ordered the most expensive wine the pub had to offer.

Once the waiter had served her drink, she looked around to see if anybody was looking her way. Seeing that nobody was paying attention to her, she took out a small white packet. She tipped the powder in the packet into the wine and stirred it with her finger while looking around to see if somebody had seen her.

As far as she had learnt, Randal and some of his colleagues regularly came to that pub to relax themselves after hospital hours.

She had ordered the most expensive cocktail in the house because she knew that Randal was a stingy and greedy man. If he knew that the cocktail was the most expensive one in the bar, he would definitely be tempted not to refuse her offer.

While Angela was waiting for Randal to make an appearance, a lot of the other guys had approached her for a dance and drinks. But, she had rejected everybody as she was on a mission! Just then, she saw a familiar figure enter the bar.

She looked at the person and panicked, "No, no, no... No! Why hasn't Randal come yet?" she angrily thought to herself.

Angela did not want the man to see her there. She lowered her head, hoping that the man wouldn't notice her.

However, as the man got closer to her, she had no choice but to raise her head. Once her eyes settled on Arvin's cold face, she tentatively smiled.

"Big... Arvin, hey! What a coincidence!"

"Not exactly!" he angrily replied. "I have come to get you!" Arvin, a handsome man wearing a well-tailored business suit, attracted the attention of the many women present at the pub. Angela stared at two women who were desperately trying to catch his attention.

How dare they? He was her man!

"Emm...I've got something to do here." Angela tightly held the cocktail in her hand, scared that her dirty trick would be disclosed.

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