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   Chapter 111 I Can't Stand It Anymore

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"Dad, do you think Angela would dare to ask my brother to wash the dishes?" Asked Lulu. Comforted by the thought, she trotted towards Hogan.

He glanced at her and rather than answering, posed a rhetorical question to her, "What do you think?"

Lulu carefully thought about it and then nodded. "Dad, you've no idea how capable my brother is of camouflaging himself in front of us. You know, he's very considerate towards Angela, not only physically, but spiritually as well! When I was leaving the sitting room, they were leaning into each other and watching a movie... The scene was just so romantic!" Lulu's eyes glazed at the memory. After a moment, she shook her head as if to get rid of the memory. "I can't stand it anymore!" said she.

After she had given vent to her anger and calmed down a little, her parents glanced at each other. How could they not know how good Arvin was to Angela? Before Lulu had come back home, they had been chatting about the news that had been doing the rounds in the hospital during the daytime.

Ever since Arvin had met Angela, he had changed so much that almost everyone had noticed it.

"Go to your room, now. I want to discuss something with your mother, " Hogan instructed Lulu. He closed the medical book he was reading. It was time that he spared some thought to his third son's life.

"Okay. Good night, Dad. Good night, Mom!" said Lulu, getting up from the bed. She felt much better now that her parents had heard her out. She let herself out of the room and gently closed the door behind her.

The bedroom was quiet after Lulu had left. Teresa broke the silence. "Just wondering, Hogan...I guess Arvin has never taken your nephew as a qualified rival. He looks quite confident about the director election, " she said. The last time she had visited Arvin's office, she had warned him to be careful about his image during the critical time leading to the election.

But who knows? Shortly afterwards, he had dared to jump into the artificial lake to save Angela, and had even kissed her in front of many people.

Since Arvin was the hero in the incident, the news had quickly spread around the hospital. Teresa could imagine the scene when they were in the lake without seeing any pictures.

"Baron is certainly not a threat. He's just a 20-year-old spoilt child who wants to be the director. But he hasn't finished college yet. Although it sounds a little nonsensical, there is still a p

la. She was lying on the bed with a sweet smile on her face. She tenderly touched the earrings.

"Are you sure?" The man asked again in a serious and warning tone.

Angela giggled and said, "Yes. I'm pretty sure. In fact, I was about to admit it to you. The man I hide is called...Arvin."

Arvin was relieved. He burst out laughing. Then, he tenderly asked, "Are you hungry? I've prepared breakfast for you. It is in the kitchen. You can warm it and have it."

"Okay. I will not bother you now. I need to go to the hospital and see how Nancy's recovering, " she said and disconnected the phone. As long as Nancy was in the hospital, she could go there every day.

Arvin had a gentle smile on his face when he exited from the rest room.

When he reached his colleagues, he suppressed his smile and transformed into the professional he was once again.

Nita could not believe how Arvin was behaving. She wondered if it was just an illusion.

A short while later, Angela walked into ward no. 3. She tugged Lucy and Xenia on her way to the room without drawing Winnie's attention.

Lucy and Xenia went into Nancy's room after Angela. The girls were happily talking and laughing in the room.

Alice did not like their behavior. She reported their visit to Winnie, which resulted in Lucy and Xenia wearily leaving the ward.

The moment they left the room, Angela turned to Nancy. "How's everything going between you and Stanley?" she inquired.

Nancy shook her head. "He hasn't visited me, since he left yesterday, " she sighed.

"What? Why? Did you called him?"

"No. I didn't even message him, " she replied.

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