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   Chapter 110 Don't Back Out

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She decided to tell on Arvin once she returned home. Brother and Angela had united to bully her, asking her to clear the leftovers, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen! How dare they!

She would ask her Mom to teach the cunning couple a lesson!

Anguished and frustrated screams, and the noise of dishes breaking could be heard from the kitchen. Angela, who by now was in Arvin's arms, began to worry about her.

"Don't worry about her, " said Arvin pulling Angela back to him when she tried to leave his embrace to check what was happening in the kitchen.

"But she seems to have broken the dishes..." protested Angela.

"Never mind. She won't break any once she has practiced a few times." As Angela had cooked dinner, which incidentally Lulu had enjoyed a lot, she must help by doing the dishes. There are no free dinners in the world! Everybody has to do their share of work. She could not eat without contributing.

Actually, it was not the most important thing. Look at what she had done to Angela before. How could she have the nerve to share Angela's fruits of labor.

Angela nodded. "Lulu, your brother is rich. He does not care about the dishes you break. Good luck, " she thought to herself.

After an hour, Lulu, worn out from the work, walked out of the kitchen. Though, her temper had cooled down a little, she immediately flew into another rage when she saw the scene in the sitting room.

The woman was submissively leaning against her man's chest. And the man was cuddling his woman, while watching a movie. The woman's hands held the snacks that she and Lulu had picked together earlier at the store. She fed herself a bite and then fed the man a bite.

Though, it seemed that the man did not actually like the snacks, he did not refuse to eat them either.

Just when Angela was about to put the last slice of dried durian into Arvin's mouth, Lulu leaped at them with a scream. "These are my durian slices. How could you eat all of them?" she questioned. "Bullies! Beasts!" she screamed at the couple.

As Arvin was not interested in eating any more durain slices, he silently watched Lulu grab the fruit from Angela's hand and eat it herself.

Angela was not happy. She pretended to kick Lulu and angrily asked, "I was going to give that to your brother. Why did you snatch it and gobble it up?"

"I picked the durian!" replied Lulu aggressively.

"It was me, okay?" retorted Angela, her eyes wide open.

Although they both knew in their hearts that they had picked the snacks together, they still fought with each other to establish their supremacy.

Lulu suddenly noticed that Arvin had fixed his cold eyes on her. She felt that she was being wronged. "You bully me, brother!" said she and unhappily pouted her lips.

Now that Angela knew that Arvin was supporting her, she showed her magnanimity to his sister. "This pudding is for you, " she said picking up a packet from the table and handing it to Lulu.

"Don't pretend to have mercy on me, Angela. After all, I paid for all this stuff!" said Lulu crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"I remember giving you your pocket money for this month, " Arvin coolly said before Angela could reply.

Lulu was speechless with rage. Arvin must not be her real brother! "I am your sister, my brother!"

"I am not blind, " said Arvin, not even looking at Lulu. He was tired of her tantrums.

... Angela could not help laughing when she heard Arvin's reply.

She was quite content with his reaction. In a bid to appear good in front of Arvin, she stood up from his arms and said, "Tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock, I will wait for you at the lab. I will teach you... um... how to make drugs. Is that okay?"

She had just decided to teach Lulu a unique skill.

Hearing this, Lulu excitedly nodded her head at once. She really wanted to learn how to make new drugs. "It's a deal then. Don't back out!" she happily said, pacified a little.

"Yes, sure" Angela said and sat back in Arvin's arms.

Arvin shook his head in resignati

on. Fortunately, he had already set up the cameras in the lab so that Angela could be closely monitored.

Gu Family

Lulu got out of the car with a gloomy face. She banged the door shut, rushed to the second floor and knocked at Teresa's door.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" she repeated with every knock.

"I'm coming. I'm coming!" Teresa called out. She had been studying the financial data when she heard Lulu anxiously knocking on the door. She put the papers aside and got up to open the door at once.

"I can tell from her voice that she is either aggrieved or was bullied, " whispered Hogan.

The moment the door opened, Lulu thrust her hands in front of Teresa, "Mom, just look at my hands, " she said in an aggrieved tone. Hogan, who was on the bed, smiled and nodded his head. He was right.

Teresa carefully checked Lulu's hands. Finding nothing wrong with them, she asked, "What's wrong with your hands? They look as good as they usually do - white and super-soft."

Lulu took hand care seriously, so she did have well-maintained, regularly manicured, beautiful hands.

"No, they are not! Mom, do you know how nasty Arvin is?" she said, throwing her head back.

"What did he do?" Teresa gently asked.

"Arvin and Angela made me wash the dishes, clear out the leftovers and clean the kitchen. My beautiful hands were forced to immerse in cleaning chemicals. While, my dear brother was necking Angela, comfortably sitting and watching TV in the sitting room. None of them bothered to help me..." complained Lulu.

She continued to crib for another ten minutes, before Teresa could say anything.

"So, your brother and Angela asked you to clean the kitchen while they were being mushy in front of you?" concluded Teresa once Lulu had finished.

But why did Lulu say that her brother was nasty instead of Angela?

"Right! Look at my hands, Mom. They have become so coarse after I had to use those cleaners! Now, I will have to spend tomorrow morning at the salon getting a manicure done, " she groaned, looking at her hands.

Teresa glanced at her husband, wondering how their son had been so attracted by Angela.

It was not good behavior on a brother's part to bully his sister in front of another woman.

Hogan noticed Teresa looking at him. He shrugged his shoulders and turned to Lulu. "You were pretty happy to be with Angela when you had posted that photo, weren't you?" He asked, taking off his glasses.

He had been quite surprised at her expression when he had seen their picture.

"Yeah! Because at that time, I didn't know that Arvin would make me wash the dishes! Mom, you never make me do such jobs, but look at Arvin and Angela! You must sort them out for my sake. Please!" pleaded Lulu.

To her surprise, Teresa shook her head and asked, "Angela made the dinner, right?" She had also seen the photo. She knew that the girl in the apron, making a face was Angela.

"Yep!" Lulu looked at Teresa in confusion, wondering why she had suddenly asked about dinner.

"Angela cooked dinner. Arvin was busy at the hospital. So, what's so unfair about a foodaholic cleaning the kitchen?" Asked Teresa shrugging her shoulders. Lulu was a lazy girl. Over twenty years old, she could never cook anything like Angela did. Even doing small things like washing the dishes could make her overreact.

... Lulu instantly became silent when she heard Teresa's words. She had also thought that she was overreacting.

"But you didn't like Angela, Mom, " she said, not wanting to give up the fight.

"No. I still don't." But then, Teresa didn't hate her either.

"But..." unconvinced, Lulu continued arguing. "Arvin also ate it for free! Why did he not have to do the dishes?"

"That's because you were there. Who knows who will wash the dishes when the two of them stay alone, " smiled Hogan, who till now had been reticent about his opinions.

As Angela seemed to have the magical powers to make his son treat her so specially, then things like Arvin washing the dishes, were not too hard to imagine.

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