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   Chapter 109 Don't Talk Like That in Front of a Kid

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7168

Updated: 2018-09-04 10:16

"Miss Zhen, look at this..." Susan hurried to come up to her with the phone in her hand.

In Susan's Wechat moments, there was an event posted by Lulu that says, "Big meal for dinner!"

Nita thought it was just a usual post, but when she was about to move her eyes away from the screen, she noticed that there was a girl standing next to Lulu. And she was making face on the photo. Was it Angela?

Lulu and Angela? Since when had the two become so close? Unbelievable!

"Didn't Miss Gu said she would teach Angela a lesson?" Susan whispered to Nita. "But now, why is it that..."

Nita clutched her mask in her hand and took a deep breath. She said, "It doesn't matter."

The she turned away in dismay.

"Angela, good job! You could even sway Lulu to your side." Nita thought in disgust.

"Lulu, why are you so stupid? How could you be deceived by that stupid Angela? Oh, that idiotic woman..."

Nita flung the mask into the dustbin angrily and returned to her office to make a phone call to Teresa. "Auntie, are you free tonight? I heard that there's a new restaurant at Jianshe Road. They serve great Thai food..."

Angela had the dinner prepared and called Arvin. Knowing that he had left the hospital, she asked Lulu to place the dishes on the table.

The door of the Shengfeng Mansion opened, and the two girls rushed out, screaming, "Big Wing!"

"Brother!" Both of their voices were really loud!

Arvin was frightened. He cast a stern glance at the two wild girls and grasped Angela, the wildest one, and suddenly pressed his lips against hers.

Oh... Embarrassed, Lulu went back to the dining room to take pictures of the food.

Angela almost stifled in Arvin's arms. Their lips seemed to be glued together. "Brother, I'm wrong, " said Lulu with bitterness."I shouldn't have been here. Can you stop making me so jealous of the both of you?"

She just wanted to have a free meal to compensate for not seeing Angela's experiment in the afternoon.

But now she was fed up with the romantic scene she just witnessed. She felt very envious.

Arvin paid no attention to Lulu and held Angela by her red cheeks. "Whe

Lulu had a bad feeling at once.

Sure enough, Angela glanced at Arvin. Lulu immediately knew what was coming.

Arvin understood and ordered Lulu, "Clean the table. Wash the dishes. And clean the kitchen."

"What? You two wanna bully me?" Lulu hit the table anxiously. She had never done such things ever before.

Arvin glanced at her coldly, "If you don't want to do this, then don't tell me you want Angela to do this. So who will do it??"

Lulu nodded at once. Angela could cook dishes, and surely she could wash the dishes!

"Don't show up here anymore with that attitude! And don't say I am your brother! I don't have such a lazy sister!"

Lulu pressed her hand on her aching chest. She was becoming dismayed already.

Good! Good! Very good! Angela would never wash the dishes!

She took out her phone to ask someone to rescue her. But Arvin said, "You know I don't like others to come to my place. Just do it, Lulu." Lulu was about the same age as Angela. But Angela could do all what Lulu could do and what she could not do.

It was high time that Lulu should learn to do household chores!

"Brother... How can you treat me like this!"

But Arvin did not care about her muttering and complaining. He held Angela's hand and went to gargle in the washing room.

Angela secretly flashedher tongue at Lulu and made a gesture which meant, "Come on".

Lulu just sneered and started to clear the table.

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