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   Chapter 108 Who Is Big Wing

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They spent half an hour buying the ingredients and then they went to buy some more snacks. When they finished, their shopping trolley was totally full.

The were about to pay the bill when they thought that the trunk of the car might not be big enough for all the shopping bags.

When they were leaving the supermarket, they didn't feel tired at all since what they did was something that they both loved.

However, when they arrived at the parking lot of the Shengfeng Mansion, they looked at each other and had to jam into the elevator with two big bags on the their hands.

Their fingers almost were almost broken and crushed when they finally entered the house. Lulu sat on the sofa and was out of breath, "I left my bodyguards in the old house. Angela, why don't you have bodyguards? At least, you should find an assistant! Answer my question, Angela! That was why we didn't have anyone to carry all those shopping bags for us!"

Angela was as tired as Lulu. So, she said in an exhausted voice, "I don't want any bodyguards. There's no freedom! I am constantly being watched."

"Well, that's actually a good thing! They can protect you all the time." Lulu glanced at her in confusion. She thought that every rich woman like her should always have assistants by her side.

Angela shook her head, "I can do Kung Fu. I don't need anyone. I can protect myself!"

But when she thought about the recent accident, she believed that it was actually necessary to hire a bodyguard.

Meanwhile, she thought of Nancy in the hospital.

She had no idea where her phone was. Therefore, she tenderly patted on the back of Lulu, "Can I use your phone?"

"For what? You little princess of the Si family... Are you so poor that you can't buy a phone?" Although she spoke ironically, she threw her phone to Angela.

"Did you call Arvin in the hospital?" That was the only explanation why Arvin went to save her!

Lulu raised her chin, "You are welcome! I'm afraid nobody can teach me to do the research if something bad happened to you! I did that for me!"

"Don't think about it! I'm not going to thank you at all!" They bickered and neither of them showed any weakness.

Although Angela refused to express her gratitude to Lulu, she still thanked her from the bottom of her heart.

Angela got through Nancy's phone and Nancy's voice rang out, "Hello."

"Nancy, it's Angela speaking. Tell me about the progress of your relationship. Come on. I need to know." Angela became excited immediately when she heard Nancy's voice.

"Angela? Whose phone are you using?"

"It's not the point! How is your relationship with Stanley going?" She wished Nancy and Stanley could resolve their misunderstandings!

However, Nancy said in low voice, "Angela... After you left, we didn't have time to talk with each other. Stanley got a call from work and left! I'm very depressed! It's always like that!"

"What a pity!" Angela also felt very depressed when she heard this, but she didn't give up. "Did Stanley do something to cheer you up?"

Nancy thought for a moment, "Well, he kissed me..."

"Oh, my god! Nancy, Stanley and you kissed! You should have told me sooner!" Angela jumped onto the sofa excitedly. Lulu was so scared that she threw away the snacks!

"Angela, be a lady! My brother will throw you into the trash if he sees this!"

"Angela, who is talking to you? Who are you with?"

Angela explained, "Eh, it's Lulu! We are at the Big Wing's home!"

"Big Wing? Angela, who is the Big Wing?" Lulu asked again in confusion. She thought that Angela was really a strange woman.

Angela rolled her eyes, "Your brother."

"How dare you call my brother Big Wing! I'll tell him to dump you, you freak!"

"Fine! I'll tell your brother that you are trying to make bad blood between us! He will definitely kick you out of his house! What are you going to do then?"

Lulu knew that Arvin never showed affection to Nita, Rosa and the other women around him except Angela!

He even dared to live with Angela! After all, Arvin was extremely annoying!

Because of Angela, Arvin hadn't been home for a long time!

"Go on talking to your friend!" Lulu continued eating the chips and looked away.

Angela smiled and said, "Nancy, you should seize the opportunity and tell Stanley about what Grace has done to you!"

"Okay, I'll do that if I had the chance again." Nancy decided to toss aside all concerns and tell Stanley about everything for the sake of her happiness.

"Great! I'll come to you tomorrow morning! Take care of yourself, okay?"

"Okay! Angela, behave well with Doctor Gu, okay?"

"Okay, okay! Bye! Nancy, love you!"

"Bye, Angela! Love you!"


Lulu stopped eating because she was envious of the friendship between Angela and Nancy.

She had a good friend before. Although she seemed very nice to Lulu, she actually didn't like her and had spoken ill of her!

Later, Lulu determined to stop contacting her after she knew the truth.

Since then, Lulu didn't have any close friends anymore! It was really frustrating for her.

"What are you thinking about? Let's cook together!" Angela shook her hands in front of Lulu.

Lulu put down the chips and said, "Angela, I can cook the food with you, but can you take me with you if you go shopping with Nancy?"

"But why?" Angela was confused. She felt it was really strange for Lulu to ask that.

Lulu was a little embarrassed, "Just answer my question! If you don't go shopping with me, I'll call Nita to have dinner here!"

"... Can I throw you out of this house?"

"No! It's my brother's house!" Lulu refused in a straightforward manner.

Actually, Angela wanted to say, "I can still throw you out even if it's your brother's house! I'll be your sister-in-law in the near future!"

But... that was impossible...

"Fine! We can go shopping with you since you are an obedient girl!"

"Yeah! Let's go and cook together!"

They went to the kitchen together. However, Angela thought it must be a big mistake to ask Lulu to help her in the kitchen.

Lulu was not here to help her! Instead, she kept taking photos all the time!

For example, Lulu held the plate of lobsters and said, "Angela, smile! I'm gonna take a photo!"

"No!" She was making fried eggs! She was too busy! She didn't have time for this!

However, Lulu ignored her, got close to Angela and was about to take a couple photo! "My god! Angela, you are too much of a killjoy! You said you didn't want to take photos! Why did you make face like that!"

Lulu looked at her phone and screamed when she saw the photo.

Angela laughed loudly, "You've made big troubles for me! It's totally fair!"


In the hospital

Nita just finished another operation. She took off her face mask and was about to get off work.

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