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   Chapter 107 How Dare You

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At this very moment, even if Arvin lied and disappointed her, Angela would... still love him and be willing to do everything for him. That was how Arvin meant to her. She's head over heels with this man.

Fortunately, he didn't disappoint her. Arvin gently kissed her red lips, "You are such a little fool. If I don't love you, why do I still care about you and let you stay with me? Think about that, Angela."

Angela didn't ask him any more questions because she just got what she really wanted. She did not have any complaints at all.

Angela put her arms around his neck and smiled lovingly. She kissed him too. "I'm leaving now. Bye, Big Wing!"

Arvin smiled, "Okay. Can I have dinner at home tonight?"

He thought it might be very difficult for Angela to prepare dinner because she and Lulu must keep working in the research lab the whole day.

"What do you want to eat, then?" She would definitely cook for him! Not only that but she was going to cook the most delicious food for him!

Arvin pinched her nose lovingly, "Whatever you like! Surprise me."

Angela blinked her eyes, "Okay... How about celery? or red-cooked pork?"

Arvin stared at her coldly while she laughed heatily, "Never mind. It's just a joke!"

"What? How dare you tease me like that? Are you making me look like a fool now?" This little lovely girl always played jokes on him! Arvin pretended to be angry as he stared at her fiercely.

"I like playing jokes on you! I'm not afraid of you anymore! I know you can't resist me. Ha!" Although she was not afraid of him, she ran away from his office immediately after she said it.

Even if she knew that Arvin would never hurt her, she just wanted to tease him more.

Arvin followed her and couldn't help laughing, "How lovely the little girl is!"

He called out Kent, "Angela is going downstairs. Send her home now."

"Yes, Doctor Gu. Will do."

"Check the monitoring video and find out who the hell have done this to Angela in the hospital!"

"It might be Nancy's sister, Grace." When Arvin received a call from Lulu and rushed to save Angela, Kent had already given the order to i

dinner, can you shoulder that responsibility for me?" Angela discussed this with her in a serious tone.

"What?" Could she shoulder the responsibility? She could but she wouldn't! She was afraid to see her brother's emotionless face!

In the end, Lulu found a supermarket near the Shengfeng Mansion and they went shopping there.

In the supermarket, the two little girls realized that they had the same hobbies! That's just so ironic!

For example, "Angela, buy some lobsters! I want to eat them tonight!"

Angela looked at the lobsters and was surprised. She responded, "No! I will only cook for your brother!"

Lulu shook her arms rather violently, "Dear Angela, I'm Arvin's sister! Buy the lobsters for me!"

"Okay. I can buy them, but you have to pay the bill!"

Lulu bit her mouth and stared at Angela. She was about to give up on this stubborn woman. But Angela raised an eyebrow and Lulu said, "Okay! Done!"

"How could Angela survive in this world? She is really a bad girl!"

"Angela, look! There's salmon sashimi there!"

"Where? Where?"

At last, the two girls selected some salmon sashimi and Angela also bought some arctic shellfish and tuna for the dinner later on.

Lulu pointed at the counter, "What about some caviar and mustard sauce?"

"Okay... Now, let's buy something more. Can you eat spicy food?" Angela asked her.

Lulu excitedly nodded her head and said, "Of course!"

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