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   Chapter 106 If She Comes Back

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"Yes, you're not wrong! Our vice-director Arvin held Angela! No! To be exact, both of them hugged tightly!"

"Do they stay together? No...I'm so sad! My dream guy loves another woman!"

"Oh, my god! Look at them! They... My goodness! They are kissing!"

"My god! Arvin! Doctor Gu! What are you doing?! My dream guy, don't kiss Angela! No! I don't want to see this... I'm gonna jump into the river, too!"

At the same time they yelled this, one woman jumped into the lake rapturously.

Later, another woman followed. Soon, Arvin and Angela, startled by this sudden diluvial incursion, stopped kissing.

Angela blushed, and then held Arvin's shirt tightly. Her mind went blank.

Arvin... Arvin kissed her in front of everybody.

"My god!" Angela's heart virtually blast out of her chest.

After a while, Arvin and Angela swam away. He lifted Angela ashore.

"Arvin, I..." Before Angela could finish her sentence, Arvin held her up and left. No-one could believe their eyes.

As for those girls who jumped off the bridge intentionally, they cried out for help, but Arvin ignored them, as he was wont to do. He ran past them.

The half-drowning men and women grappled on each other, and went to the Vice-Director's Office.

Arvin led Angela to the restroom. He asked her to sit on the sofa.

He switched on the central heating, squatted down in front of Angela, and felt her pulse.

"I'm fine. I can swim." The reason why she jumped off the bridge was because she could swim.

If she was unable to swim, she wouldn't have jumped off. She would've rather have been caught by the bodyguards.

Since Angela was fine, Arvin stood up, took out a bath towel and covered her up.

After that, he took out another towel and covered up her hair, "Go take a shower. This is a simple restroom. There'

ntinued to dress the wound. "No swimming in the next few days. It will affect the healing progress."

Angela was speechless.

After he put back the iodine, Arvin packed up her clothes. "Just now, Lulu called me. She is waiting for you. I'll ask Kent to send you home."

Although Arvin said it in normal tone, Angela sensed the pain in his tenor.

'But Rosa hasn't come back, so I can still have a good time with Arvin. Right?' she wondered.

Stepping forward, Angela put her arms around Arvin's waist. Her face on his chest thrummed against his strong heartbeat.

Arvin felt Angela's bleak mood. He put his hand on her head, and told her in a low voice, "Angela, I can't make any promise to you because the future is uncertain. But you should believe me. I'll make efforts for our future."

The reason why he didn't want to give any promises to her was because he couldn't take control of the future. Otherwise, she would be hurt deeply ...

"Can you tell me... who you love the most?"

After she asked the question, Angela looked at his jaw instead of his eyes...

Because people could find out the truth through others' eyes.

And she was afraid to find out the truth through his eyes.

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