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   Chapter 105 Are You Insane

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5571

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But no, it wasn't Arvin, it was Lulu. "What's the matter? Miss Gu?"

"Angela, aren't you in the research lab? Open the door! I've been waiting outside for a long time!" Lulu said angrily.

Angela glanced at one of the strong bodyguards. "Wow! Arvin! I'm in the hospital and talking with Grace! Wait for me! I'll come to you later!"

"What are you talking about, Angela? Are you insane?"

Angela sighed deep and hoped Arvin's name would make Grace let her go. "Okay, I'll come to you in one minute! Wait for me! Love you!"

Angela prayed that Lulu would find something wrong with her.

Lulu was totally speechless.

Before Angela hung up the phone, the bodyguard took it away and put it on speaker.

"Angela, where are you? Open the door immediately! Do not talk nonsense! Wait a minute! I know what you are doing! You must be pretending that you are not at home, right?"

Suddenly, the phone was hung up.

'How dare Angela threaten me through Arvin?' Grace thought spitefully. She gave Angela a tarnishing look.

Angela threw her gaze about, only to find she was utterly alone. She would have to save herself!

"Grace, why did you find the two strong bodyguards to kidnap me?!" Angela pointed at the two bodyguards beside her.

Since Grace couldn't speak, Angela continued, "I want you to think about whose zone this is. Do you know Arvin? He is the vice-director of Yao Hospital, my... good friend!"

'Forget it! I'd better not tell her about the relationship between Arvin and me! I don't want to bring negative effects on his campaign for the director of the hospital!' Angela thought.

Grace snatched the phone, typed into the phone, and

e if you don't show up! And you'll not be allowed to enter the research lab! Angela, where are you?"

Two minutes later, Arvin surfaced again.

But he couldn't find Angela! Arvin panicked completely!

"Angela, where are you? Come out! I'll be angry if you don't show up! Angela..."

Suddenly, the sound of water closing over came into his ears. Arvin turned around and found a person swimming out.

She was swinging her hair around, her shirt all wet! It was Angela!

Angela had been suffocating. Her heavy breathing came as a relief to Arvin.

"Angela!" he called. He swam to her, and held her in his arm tightly.

'Arvin! It's Arvin! Was that Arvin?' Angela thought that the two bodyguards were searching for her! She flapped about in the water, scared to come out of the water.

"Big wing!" Angela struggled around his waist, spluttering, but holding tight.

'But why... why is Arvin holding me so tightly!' She nearly couldn't breathe.

People on the bank screamed, "My god! Doctor Gu is holding Angela in his arms!"

"My god! My dream guy... No, I don't believe it! It's not true!"

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