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   Chapter 104 My Dear Nancy Likes You

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Nancy, however, was bashful when her desirous heart had been so indecorously unpackaged like this in front of Stanley. "Get out of it, Angela. Grace is Stanley's girlfriend. Come. Sit near me."

Grace was Stanley's girlfriend?

Hearing this, two people changed their countenance.

One was Stanley and the other, of course, was Grace.

"Who told you that I am her boyfriend?" Stanley asked Nancy out of perplexity. He did not understand why Nancy had said this to Angela.

Grace became worried that the truth was about to be revealed, so she changed tact. "My head is aching badly, Stanley. Can you take me to the doctor?"

Angela was astonished at the woman's pretensions. What a bitch!

Grace's face was as pretty as a white lotus, but her heart was as ugly as la fleur du mal. "Headache? Let me knock it out, " said Angela.

"Hey don't start any trouble now, you hear?" Grace's tone turned sharp when she got annoyed.

Stanley didn't pay any attention to their fight, but stared at Nancy, who was lying in the sickbed, and waited for her reply.

Feeling his eyes on her, she lowered her head and said, "So... She isn't your girlfriend?"

Stanley sensed something from Grace's flustered look.

"It's all because Grace has been driving a wedge between you and Nancy. Nancy has been sad about it for a long time, " Angela explained to Stanley. She threw caution to the wind for the sake of Nancy's happiness.

When Angela said this, Stanley fixed his excited eyes on Nancy.

"Don't you know that Stanley? My Dear Nancy likes you..."

"Angela!" Nancy stopped Angela at once. She had been too excited to keep her big mouth under control.

"There there, " Angela scratched her head and smiled sheepishly. "Nancy should speak for herself."

Grace gasped and grabbed Angela, dragging her out of the ward.

To everyone's surprise, Grace kicked open the door and flung Angela in.

Angela rubbed her aching wrist. She did not expect the woman named Grace Dong to have practiced kung fu or something. Otherwise, how could she flung her with such violence.

"Angela, you bitch! You've ruined everything! Bitch!" Grace swore at Angela with her teeth gnashing, and her eyes aflame.

It was the first time Angela had been called such terrible names. Of course she had been in a bad mood--a very bad mood indeed!

So there was no point adding succor to Grace's fury.

Angela opened her bag, drew out some tube and sprayed it into Grace's mouth.

"Ah!" Grace cried out. She seized the moment and it hit her face. Angela's move was so quick and so sudden that Grace could not reacted to it at all. A burning pain had shot across Grace's lips.

Satisfied, Angela put her spray back and stared at her with scorn. "How dare you swear at me? Are you out of your mind? Let's wait and see. Stanley and Nancy will be happily together while you will be a green-eyed monster!" Angela snorted, Tossed her head, and walked out of Ward No. 2.

Grace's lips were so painfully desiccated that she could not say a word nor touch them. She rushed

into the washing room and looked in the mirror. "Argh!" A miserable scream came out of Ward No. 2.

Lucy and Xenia heard the noise and darted into the room at once. When they saw Grace's lips, they were so shocked that they put their goggles on and covered their mouths.

Grace's lips should have looked like a cherry but now they were swollen and full of blisters.

Grace looked so horrible that one could not bear seeing her. Xenia and Lucy restrained their feeling of nausea and brought her to the doctor's office.

Angela appeared calm as if nothing had happened. She was peering into Ward No. 3 through the crack of the door. Stanley was now holding Nancy's hands tightly, and they were making doe's eyes at each other.

Angela looked at them with pride. Then, she closed the door with a satisfied smile, then huming a tune, walked out of Winnie's sight and slipped into the nurse station.

Three young nurses inside were talking about what had just happened when they saw Angela enter. Yasmeen Yue, who would be at work in the next shift, came up and slipped her arm into Angela's.

"So what?"

"How did you do that? You really did a number on her. You have a grudge against each other?" Nadia Nie, nervously clutching her own braid, gazed at Angela with fear.

She did not expect Angela to be so violent and she felt relieved that she was not in the same shift with her.

Angela just gave Yasmeen a smile. She would not tell them that the spray had been concocted by herself.

"She hurt herself. She had it coming, too, " she said and fled out of the nurse station in case they would continue asking.

Having walked out of the inpatient department, Angela checked her wrist. She had time to make more of the concoction in Arvin's lab, she decided.

"I'm gonna make some normal drugs, sell the patents to my brother and get the money to buy Arvin a cruise ship, a super car, a mansion, Hahahaha..."

Thinking about all that, Angela laughed outright.


An angry woman blocked her way. It was Grace who had just come from the doctor. She had found a mask to have her mouth covered.

Two tough bodyguards were behind her. It seemed that it was her rather than Angela who was the real heiress of a rich family.

Angela sighed scornfully. Could her low-key lifestyle be a humiliation for her wealthy parents? Take Grace. Her mother didn't officially marry into the Dongguo family, but she had already squander the money like a rich girl, whose quality of life was much better than Angela's.

Grace made a signal, and a bodyguard seized Angela's collar, lifted her up like a small animal, and took her to the garden close by, under the watchful eyes of the crowd which had gathered.

He put Angela down at a place where there was no camera.

"Master, I can't stand it anymore! I always dream of going to the Shaolin Temple in Songshan to learn Kung Fu…" Angela took out her phone and prayed It was her "Big Wing" before she checked the number.

After all, the two big fellows were too tough for her to deal with!

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