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   Chapter 103 You Don't Have to Close Your Eyes

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6519

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He touched her gauze gently with his rough hand and said, "Don't be so silly next time!"

He remembered how she had been wounded trying nobly to protect Angela. Before she was stabbed, he used to consider her a narrow-minded person, but now, he had seen the good and righteous part of her.

Nancy shook her head. "No. It was Angela. She was too silly. She could totally have left me alone in danger, but she didn't..." Instead, to protect her, Angela let herself get wounded. How could she run away and leave Angela alone?

Stanley made no answer. He simply lifted her to his chest, and walked towards the washroom.

The ward was very close to the washroom. Nancy felt a boost of happiness.

He put her near the toilet carefully, so that Nancy could lean her whole body on him.

He could not leave, so he just closed his eyes and said, "You... go on. I'll turned away."

Nancy was so embarrassed she had no idea what to do. If she refused Stanley, he would definitely think she felt awkward.

So she took off the hospital pants quickly and sat on the toilet. She told Stanley, "You may go out now."

"Okay. Call me when you finish!" Stanley also felt rather embarrassed when he thought of Nancy and what she was doing right now...

She closed her eyes and didn't open them until she could be sure that he had turned around.

Two minutes later, Stanley heard the sound of toilet flushing. "I'm done!"

Stanley opened the door and walked in with his eyes closed, which teased out a giggle from Nancy. "You don't have to close your eyes."

Her permission cemented his conviction and so he drew closer to her, his eyes wide open.

It turned out Nancy had already dressed with difficulty. Stanley noticed that her face was even paler. He thought she must had been working very hard to stand up just now.

He carried her waif-like body back to the ward without a word. Before they reached the bed, someone new opened the door.


get me wrong. Nancy is my sister. How would it be possible for me to bully her?" She had to hold herself back while Stanley was there, even if that meant swallowing her insults.

Angela glanced at her disdainfully. "Get you wrong? You are disgusting. I didn't know why Stanley doesn't like Nancy before, but now, I finally know why!" It was not because Stanley didn't like Nancy, but because of Grace. She was creating difficulties for them deliberately!

After Angela left the hospital earlier, she went back to Arvin, and she asked him who Stanley was actually enamored with.

Yet, although Arvin was Stanley's buddy, he had no information on his personal relationships.

But he did remember one thing. It was on Nancy's birthday, after she threw away his birthday gift, that Stanley got drunk in a bar.

He nursed a hollow grief when Nancy was wounded. Arvin deduced that Stanley was actually in love with Nancy by this token.

Conservative as Arvin was, he was forced to speak out on this subject. Then, they tried to analyze the reasons why Stanley and Nancy hadn't dated. Finally, they found the root cause!

It was Grace. She was a troublemaker!

Stanley just listened quietly to every word Angela was saying, and he stared at Grace to observe every subtle expression of hers.

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