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   Chapter 102 What a Fool She Was

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Stanley nodded, opened the door and went in.

Outside, Angela reflected for a moment, turned and left the inpatient department. At this point, she thought it best not to bother them. She could just call Nancy later.

Reclining in the hospital bed, Nancy held a book in her hands and read it quietly.

Her long black hair fell over her shoulders. She wasn't wearing her glasses which only indicated she must've gotten out of bed at some point today to put in contact lenses.

Stanley guessed right. Nancy changed contact lenses.

Observing this, it became clear that she would also have time to put on makeup, and sure enough, a light smattering had been put on. Her makeup was so light that it was almost the same color as her own skin. In fact, it was just a little bit whiter. And her lip looked very... rosy.

Stanley gulped.

The bedside nurse was peeling fruit for her. Seeing someone come in, she rose to greet him, only to be met by Stanley indomitable stare.

He took the fruit and knife from the nurse and signaled her to leave.

The nurse hesitated but not for long. When she saw Stanley's badge, she left without a word.

A peeled apple was placed in front of Nancy, who was still carefully staring at her book. She wasn't exactly reading, and taking it in. She was scanning with her eyes instead, recollecting some things past.

Things like Stanley and Grace.

Like other old-fashioned stories, when she was sixteen years old, she had been abducted. It was Stanley who saved her regardless of the perils. After that, his tall and brave figure was an imprint on her mind.

When she was nineteen years old, Grace took a bracelet, proudly walked to her and said, "See? Nancy, this is a love token given by Stanley. He says that he loves me very much and he wants to be with me forever..."

Grace had known that Nancy liked Stanley.

To hide the bitter feelings of embarrassment brought on by Grace, she resorted to anger. She pretended that she was indifferent, that she despised Grace. She torn off that bracelet and threw it directly into the nearby trash can.

After throwing it away, she saw that Stanley was not far away, and he looked very upset...

Naturally, she thought that he loved his half sister so much...

When she was twenty-one, someone told her that he loved her. It was at her birthday party, and she couldn't remember who it was. She peeped at Stanley to see his facial expression, but it seemed that he didn't want to look her in the eye. Even if he did look at her, there was still no perceptible expression on his face.

She was so sad that she even forgot to refuse the man kneeling in front of her. When she did finally refuse that man, Stanley had left the cruise with Grace...

Soon after that, Grace phoned to say she was and would always be Stanley's girlfriend.

But there was the matter of her twentieth birthday party.

Because on that day, to her surprise, Nancy received a birthday gift from Stanley. All the happiness and excitement in the world were recordable on her face.

Grace pointed at the birthday gift given by Stanley and said, "I helped Stanley buy this gift. He didn't want to come. I don't want you to be sad, so I bring two gifts for you. You don't have to thank me!"

Hating Grace's proud and scornful attitude, Nancy threw out the two gifts.


And... There were so many other things. Her whole youth was filled with the name of Stanley. However,

maybe all Stanley's life was the same, but with Grace.

Although she knew that he disliked her, Nancy still could not repress her emotions. During her stay at the hospital, she expected him to come and see her everyday.

In order not to look so ugly from the gun battle, she used special cream and other cosmetics, which she had never had recourse to use before.

But she had no idea whether Stanley would come or not.

A tear dropped right in the middle of book. She gawked at that apple, pulled out a piece of paper to wipe the tear and told the nurse, "I don't want to eat any apple. You may go out first. I want to have a rest."

Stanley looked at her with a frown. He wanted to comfort her but this was a clear instruction not to.

"Okay." He took back the apple and was ready to leave.

Lying in the hospital bed, Nancy heard his voice, raised her head immediately and found that it was Stanley!

When did he come? Was it an illusion? "S... Stanley? Is that you?"

Stanley turned round and nodded, "Yes." The room was silent. He looked at the apple in his hand and brought up the topic just to dispense with the intolerable silence between them. "Actually, apples are very good for people..."

He hadn't put down the fruit knife. Seeing the knife, Nancy realized that this apple had been peeled by him. Was that possible? She promptly closed the book, "Stanley, give me that apple!"

Stanley gave the apple to her and Nancy ate it cheerfully

Because it had been peeled by Stanley's hand.

He sat in the chair next to the bed, looking at the girl. "Is it still painful?"

Nancy quickly shook her head on impulse, just to spare Stanley any feeling of guilt, but the truth came out in her wincing and pained expression when she tried to move. "Yes, " she eventually admitted, "it is very painful."

She wished to gnash her tongue clean off. If he thought she felt better, would he come visit her again or not? What a fool she was!

Stanley seemed to be amused by her reaction. "If it is painful, you should stay in hospital. You don't need to hasten the powers of recuperation."

Hearing that he cared about her, Nancy choked up and kept nodding.

They sat silently for few minutes. Nancy threw the apple core in the trash and wiped her mouth.

She asked Stanley in low voice, "Could you please call nurse for me?"

"What's the matter?" He didn't go out in hurry; instead, he looked at the face of this shy girl inquisitively.

He liked the name Nancy. It was gentle, natural and honest, just like her.

He froze and stared at her for a moment. Feeling his burning stare bore into her, Nancy's thoughts failed her.

Being shy for quite a while, Nancy stuttered, "I... I... I want to go to bathroom. You may ask her to help me... to go there."

Stanley stood up from the chair. Instead of calling the nurse, he directly uncovered the thin quilt on her.

"You... you... What do you want to do?" Nancy was frightened by his action, vulnerable now.

"I'll take you to the bathroom myself."

His explanation made her feel relief.

There was a bandage around Nancy's waist. The bandage was hidden by her sick dress, so other people couldn't see it. However, her half-lying position exposed the bandage, doused as they were in thick splotches of blood.

Instantly, Stanley felt a stone drop in his stomach out of sorrow for her. Nancy was such a weak girl. How could she bear such serious injury?

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