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   Chapter 101 Where Are You Wrong

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To prevent Arvin from blaming her, Angela decided to accuse him first. "Why did you lie to me about the Billions project?"

As expected, Arvin was puzzled.

"Who is that man?" Arvin asked instead. When he mentioned the man, the atmosphere in the room became thick.

Angela pretended to pace around the room casually, trying to find something to cover her up. She wanted to hide. "He... He is... Fabian!"

"What's your relationship with him?" Arvin asked.

"I didn't know him before. It's the first time that I have seen him!" She answered honestly.

'I really didn't know him before! But, why do I feel guilty? I have nothing to do with Fabian! I shouldn't have felt guilty! It made me look like a liar!'

Angela thought about it. Suddenly, when she turned around, she ran into a man's chest.

'My god... when did Arvin get close to me? Why didn't I find it?' Angela thought.

Arvin circled her waist with his arms. So, Angela smiled at him, "Big wing..."

"What did I say to you when I left this morning?" He lowered his head slowly and put it against Angela's in the end.

"You said... You said I should call you before leaving!"


"But, why did you lie to me?!" She curled her lip with dissatisfaction and stared at Arvin, "It's not about billions of money! The project is called Billions, okay?"

Angela didn't expect that Arvin would admit it. "Yes, the company is called Billions! But I didn't say that it's about billions of money!"

"You..." Angela tried hard to recall the message sent by Arvin, 'A project of Yao Hospital and Chengyang Private Hospital involves Billions... Yes. He didn't say billions of money!' Angela thought.

Angela became angry about herself! She was angry that she always found herself being fooled by Arvin!

"But you said it was billions! You are a liar!" Angela started to act shameless, and pushed Arvin away immediately and stared at him with dissatisfaction.

"That's right! I said it was Billions!" Arvin admitted it.

Angela stared at him, "... I'm angry, Big Wing!"

"Why did he make fun of me?"

Arvin pulled her into his arms, "Angry? Don't try to change the topic! You didn't call me and flirted with other man! Let's talk about this!"

Although he said it in low voice, Angela could tell that he was very angry about it!

"I didn't flirt with him! I said I didn't know him before!" Angela tried to act innocently so as to make Arvin believe her.

Arvin stepped forward, threw Angela to the bed and pressed her under his body suddenly.

He kissed her hard to vent his anger.

At first, Angela was going to push him away because it was too painful. But, she gave it up since Arvin was very angry now.

However... One minute, two minutes, three minutes and four minutes later...

He still refused to let her go even if he had touched every part of her body.

When he kissed her eyebrows, Angela finally got a chance to speak, "I'm sorry, Big Wing. I'm totally wrong!"

"Where are you wrong?" Arvin's voice became hoarse and it was very sexy!

Angela looked at his Adam's apple and swallowed, "I should have called you first." Actually, it was not her fault because she was too impatient to call him.

But when she finished her words, Arv

in kissed her hard again!

"You little girl, you know the true reason why I'm angry! Don't play tricks on me!" Arvin thought.

"Ah? Am I wrong again?"

Soon later, she bit his lip and whispered hard, "I shouldn't have ridden his motorbike."

Upon hearing this, Arvin finally let her go.

Angela panted on the bed. After a short pause, she stood up and stared at Arvin with her face red, " Doctor Gu, aren't you afraid to be seen by others when you do this to me? It will bring negative effects on your promotion!"

However, after a short pause, Arvin said, "If I'm not allowed to stay in Yao Hospital because of flirting with you, I will go to Chengyang Private Hospital with you and become a live-in son-in-law! Is that okay?"

'A live-in son-in-law!'

Angela felt very excited when she heard it. So, she nodded her head immediately, "Okay, okay! Big Wing, elope with me!"

Arvin smiled, "Where?"

"The moon! There is a song called Elope to the Moon!"

When he heard her answer, Arvin glanced at her coldly and turned away.

Angela said nothing and fixed her hair. "Arvin, you nuisance! You have messed my hair! Don't you know that girls care about their hair very much?" Angela thought.

When Arvin left, Angela was surrounded by several nurses in the second ward immediately.

Alice stared at Angela sharply and enviously, "You have stayed with Doctor Gu!"

Angela said nothing. She didn't admit it nor deny it.

Lucy patted on her back excitedly, "Angela, are you really a friend to us?! Why don't you tell us that you stay with Doctor Gu!"

"Come on! Look at your lip! It's too red! It must have been bitten by Doctor Gu!" Xenia looked at her closely with her sinister smile.

When Xenia was finished, the others cried out enviably, "Wow! Angela kissed our dream guy!"

"Oh, my god! Angela, how can you take him away from us?"

"Angela, tell me the way to seduce Doctor Gu!"


All the nurses had known that Angela had stayed with Doctor Gu. She felt awkward and sad at the same time.

She wished the floor would open up and swallow her, if only she could escape their judgement.

She also felt sad because she couldn't admit her relationship with Doctor Gu.

Arvin hadn't asked her to be his girlfriend...

She couldn't explain this to the nurses because her fresh red lip had shown Doctor Gu had kissed her.

Her explanation would been seen as a lie...

At last, Winnie found the nurses in the ward who left their post. So, she scolded them and they left the ward immediately.

Finally, Angela had the chance to go to the No. 3 ward.

But when she came to the door, she found a man in black police uniform. He stood in front of the door and hadn't decided whether to enter the room or not.


Stanley looked at Angela and nodded.

"Are you here to see Nancy?"

Stanley looked at the door and he felt a little nervous suddenly as if he had done something wrong. He didn't answer her question and was at a loss.

Angela continued, "Why not come in? Nancy is waiting for you!"

"Really? Nancy is waiting for me?" Stanley thought about it and became confused. He tried to find out the truth through Angela's eyes, but didn't find the evidence of Angela's lie.

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