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   Chapter 100 You Help Me Restore My Sight

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7026

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Fabian insisted on sending Angela to the Inpatient Department. Angela couldn't refuse him so she agreed and sat on his motorcycle.

However, it became one of the most regretful things that she had ever done...


Fabian's motorcycle drew a lot of people's attention when they got through the hospital.

She was recognized by lots of people even though she had her head lowered.

The reason why she always lowered her head was that she was afraid of being recognized. However, many people not only recognized her but also talked about her when she passed them. She had to raised her head. Right at that moment, she... ...saw Arvin.

Randal was right behind him with Croton.

Angela wanted to explain to Arvin. However, Fabian didn't give her any chance and he stopped directly at the Inpatient Department.

Angela jumped off of his motorcycle and said, "Thank you, but I'm leaving!"

"Wait! Angela!" Fabian stopped Angela who was urgent to leave.

"What's up? I still have a lot of things to do, I have to leave now!"

Fabian held the helmet in his arms and stared at Angela with his purple eyes. "Can we keep in touch with each other in the future?"

Angela was so speechless, "..." How weird of him! Why should they keep in touch with each? She even didn't know him!

"How did you know me? I've never seen you before."

Fabian got off his motorcycle and stood in front of Angela, "I know that you don't know me. I know you because... You invented and developed a drug when you were thirteen years old, right?"

Angela became cautious immediately. How did he know that? She only told this thing to Lulu. Did Lulu tell this man? Did he know Lulu?

"Don't be nervous. The drug you developed cured my illness. You help me restore my sight. I want to say thank you to you." Fabian explained to her with smile.

When he was eleven, his eyes got a strange sickness. Sometimes, he could see things clearly while sometimes he couldn't. What's worse, he would get serious headaches which made him miserable.

He went to hospital. The doctor told him that he had to have a surgery otherwise, he would be blind.

However, the surgery wouldn't restore his sight. The surgery itself was a great risk.

When he was twelve, he went to hospital for review. His doctor told him that Chengyang Private Hospital developed a drug which could cure his eye sickness.

Fabian came to Chengyang Private Hospital immediately and bought that drug. And it did work! It really did restore his sight!

He wanted to say thank you to the person who developed this drug. He found Sven later in life, who had been revealed as the patent-holder. But it wasn't Sven who developed it. Fabian discovered this after he'd hacked Sven's laptop!

Then the next logical step was to get in contact with Angela. He hacked her computer and found her formula. She truly was the drug's developer.

He wanted to shower praise on her as she deserved. But he knew that the reason why Angela's family told media that Sven had developed the drug was because they wanted to protect her. They didn't want their daughter be bothered. So, he gave up this thought.

Later he knew that Angela had come to Shine Empire for work. But he never thought he could meet her under this condition!

"All right. You're welcome. I have to leave now. Bye!" Angela's clear and clean voice pulled Fabian back to his sense.

After saying goodbye to him, Angela walked into the Inpatient Department immediately.

She saw Arvin,

who had a totally gloomy and serious face, walking towards her with the leaders of this hospital.

It was the first time that Fabian met Angela. He never thought Angela would be so naughty and... lovely.

Looking at the Inpatient Department, Fabian smiled. He was about to leave while he found that someone was glaring at him.

Arvin scoured at Fabian's smile. 'Why is he so happy? He feels happy when he is with Angela, right? Angela belongs to him!'

Fabian immediately recognized the man.

Arvin Gu, twenty-eight years old, he was the vice director of Yao Hospital. He was famous in the medical field because he was an expert both in traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. He was a real black horse in medical science. People believed that he would achieve many things, just like Sven.

However, he was cold and indifferent. He got engaged to Rosa when he was nineteen, and then she disappeared when he was twenty-one.

... Fabian only knew those details of Arvin's shallow life.

It was difficult to unearth any other dirt. Arvin was well-protected.

However, why did Arvin glare at him? Had he known that it was him who was trying to break in their Yao Hospital's LAN?

Thinking of this possibility, Fabian understood Arvin's anger.

He was really a cold and indifferent man. People would fear him on sight. But Fabian wasn't one of those people.

Fabian sat on his motorcycle and left.

In the No. 3 ward of the VVIP Department

Lucy knew that Angela was good at cooking. She wanted to taste the soup. But Angela refused to share.

"Angela, I miss you so much! And this soup is so delicious!" Nancy said.

"I'm happy to hear that. However, Nancy, how are you now? Do you feel hurt?" The soup was very hot. Angela personally fed Nancy when the soup got warm so as not to burn her mouth.

Nancy shook her head and said, "Don't worry. I'm Okay. Angela, can you come back to live with me when I get out of the hospital?"

Angela hesitated for a while. She did not want to leave big wing... "Nancy, you can live with Arvin and me!" Angela suggested.

Nancy was so speechless, "..." Live with Mr. Gu? Come on! She would rather live alone than live with Arvin!

"Angela, I want to live with you in the future! I don't want to get married in the future, and you won't marry either, Okay?"

Just then, someone pushed the door open. Arvin looked at Angela whose back was to the door.

Nancy felt guilty when she saw Arvin, "Mr... Hello, Mr. Gu!"

She was a little frail and afraid that Arvin would get angry, even though she was just kidding around.

Arvin's interns were following behind him. Arvin said that they should go to the 9th ward to see a patient with a rare sickness. Why did they enter the No. 3 ward?

Angela was so scared. She almost threw the bowl away and escaped.

Wait a moment! 'Why should I be afraid of Arvin? It was he who lied to me first! The reason why I come here is to ask and blame him. I shouldn't be scared when I see him.'

Arvin turned around and spoke to the interns behind him, "You all go to the 9th ward first. I will follow behind!"

"Okay, Mr. Gu."

They left one by one. Then, Arvin spoke to Angela, "Angela, come with me. I need to ask you something."

His voice was the usual tremor of emotionless banality. It seemed that he hated her so much. Angela was so nervous.

Angela had no choice but to follow Arvin to the No. 2 ward. The nurses in the VVIP Department were wondering what was happening.

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