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   Chapter 99 Fabian Li

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"Okay, is the work heavy?"

"Not at all!"

"Have you been bullied by others?" If Angela said 'yes', he would definitely give others a hard time!

So, she said, "No!"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" If Angela answered 'yes', he would fly to Shine Empire and take her back home immediately. Then, he would send the boy who seduced his daughter to the north pole and punish him.

Angela blinked her eyes and said, "No!"

She didn't lie to him. Arvin wasn't her boyfriend, they just lived together. That was all!

Chuck was satisfied. "I might go to Yao Hospital next week. You can ask for a few days leave and accompany me."

Accompany him to Yao Hospital? As his daughter?

"No. Daddy, I don't like to show off. You know that! If all people know that I'm your daughter, how can I work there as a common person?" If your dad and brother are legendary figures in the industry, your colleagues must want to get close to you! All because they want to secretly get close to them.

It was totally understandable!

Angela had learnt this lesson from experience. When she was in the senior high school, she was usually the center of attention.

Girls tried to make friends with her, but they said a lot of mean things behind her back at the same time.

Boys pursued her or tried to make friends with her, but they had a girlfriend or put themselves forward at the worst times.

Chuck thought about it for a little but didn't insist on it.

Soon later, Angela asked her dad, "Daddy, what are you going to do in Yao Hospital?"

"I have to discuss with Hogan about that Billions Project. There's still some work to be done. Besides, we also have another project to work on."

"Billions Project? Wow!" She knew that! Arvin mentioned that project when he was at her home last time.

"Daddy, what kind of patents involve billions?" She was really curious about it.

However, Chuck laughed, "My Angela, the company is called Billions! It's just the name of the project, nothing to do about money. Billions, Yao Hospital and our hospital have cooperated with each other and we have worked on one project. This project just costs about several hundred million."

Upon hearing his explanation, Angela was greatly shocked!

So... Last time! at her home! Arvin! This bad guy! He had lied To her again!

"Okay, dad. There's an emergency here. Talk to you later!" She was going to look for Arvin and ask him to give her a reasonable explanation. Oh my God!

"Angela, is this about your work? My baby, you can go back home and work for me if your work is too heavy!"

"No, daddy! I'm fine here! Talk to you later! Love you!" Angela hung up the phone immediately.

Looking at her watch, it was five minutes before the soup would be ready. So, Angela changed her clothes.

Angela was so angry that she forgot to call Arvin. She called

a taxi outside and went to Yao Hospital directly.

When the car stopped at the gate of Yao Hospital, Angela paid the driver through WeChat.

After that, Angela rushed to the hospital with the flask in her hand. A sharp braking sound came to her ears. Angela was so scared that she dropped the flask!

Looking back, she found a cool black motorbike stopped beside her. A man in white sportswear and a black helmet was nearly tumbling over because of the sudden braking.

When he had righted the motorbike, he swore angrily, "Shit! Who the hell... Angela Si?"

When he called her name, Angela saw his beautiful purple eyes. And she was sure that she had never seen this man before!

When the man took off his helmet, a lot of passersby were attracted, "Wow! How handsome! My god! His purple hair looks so nice!"

"And his eyes are so special! "

"He must wear color contact lenses!"


The man in front of her was only about 20 years old. His hair was purple. But if you looked at him carefully, you would find that his eyes were purple too.

Angela thought he had worn black contact lens. Actually, his eyes were dark purple.

At the first glance, Angela was deeply attracted by his eyes.

The white skin, high nose and dark lip... And there was one tattoo on his forehead. So, the man looked both coquettish and mysterious.

He looked like... like... emmmm... like a vampire.

Suddenly, the man's action awakened Angela at last.

He grabbed her arm, her injured arm! "Ah..." Angela felt so painful that she couldn't help screaming.

"Let me go! Let me go!"

The man thought she was afraid of him because he was a stranger to her.

Therefore, he released her and put the helmet on the motorbike, "Angela, are you hurt?"

"No. I'm sorry. I was in a hurry and wasn't paying attention!" It had been Angela's fault.

The man shook his head and looked at Angela, "That's all right! My name is Fabian Li."

"What?" The man was odd. She didn't ask his name. Why did he tell her his name?

"Okay. I got it. See you, Fabian Li." Nancy was waiting for her soup! So, she had no time to chat with him. Angela picked up her flask, waved at him, and was about to leave.

"Where are you going?" Fabian asked her.

Angela glanced at him, pointed at the flask and the hospital.

Fabian got it immediately.

He sat on his motorbike, "Are you going to the inpatient department? I know it's about 1 kilometer from here. I can take you there."

He was a stranger, so Angela didn't want to share a ride with him. She shook her head immediately, "No, thank you. I can walk there."

Fabian put on his helmet, started up the motorbike, smiled at her and grabbed Angela's arm, "I'll take you there."

... Angela looked around. There were many people here. It might be fine to go to the inpatient department with him!

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