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   Chapter 98 We Have Some News

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5892

Updated: 2018-08-30 18:17

After a long time in silence, Arvin loosened his grip.

"I cannot have sex with her since I cannot promise her a future..." Arvin thought.

Seeing him go into the bathroom, Angela was so angry that she wanted to drug him and screw him!

If he hadn't had the physiological response just now, she would thought that Arvin couldn't pitch the tent...

"Oh my god! That's awkward!" Angela covered her blushed face and pulled the quilt over her head.

Angela waited for a long time and almost fell asleep. Finally Arvin came out.

Soon he lay down beside her. After hesitating for a while, he pulled her into his arms.

To his surprise, she was still naked. His breathing immediately became heavy. Arvin got up from the bed and picked up the nightgown which was thrown against the bed, and tossed it to her. "Put it on."

Angela rubbed her sleepy eyes and obediently put on the clothes.

Before bedtime, while leaning on his arms, she muttered, "If you won't love me, someone else will!"

Arvin said nothing, but tightened his grip on her waist till she groaned in agony. "No, no, I was wrong, no one else, no one..."

Content, the man held her gently again until she fell asleep.

Arvin's personal phone vibrated at 1 am. He muted the phone before checking the caller I.D.

It was Kent.

Carefully getting up and tucking her in the corner, Arvin went to the balcony and anwsered the phone. "Arvin speaking."

"Doctor Gu, we have some news."

The news did't need to be specified.

He knew what it would be.

His sight, looking at the building dozens of miles away, turned deep, "Go on."

"Our man found a woman in France who looks exactly like Rosa. But later... We lost her."

"I see. Try harder and keep looking at all costs." He mu

appear, Angela closed the door and waited for the soup to simmer.

Waiting was always boring. She searched through Arvin's shelves, and then went to make the bed.

Knowing that Arvin was a neat freak, she also made efforts to change the bed linens.

When she was standing in the living room, intending to mop the floor, suddenly the phone rang. "Master! I can't hold on! I've always had a dream to learn Kung Fu in the Shaolin Temple of Song Mountain..." Angela ran to the bedroom to find her phone, it was Chuck.


"Now you remember your old man!" he said with discontent. 'Daughters and dead fish that keep no wares, ' he thought. Angela hadn't called for days!

Angela laughed with embarrassment and said, "Of course! My father is so handsome, and not old at all. Of course I do remember."

Flattery meant nothing to Chuck.

But there was one exception; Angela's sweet talk. He said with shiny eyes, "When are you coming back? I'll cook delicious food for you."

The housekeeper he arranged had been rejected. He didn't know what she did everyday.

"In few days, dad. Don't worry." She herself didn't know how many days that meant...would be...

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