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   Chapter 97 I Found a Treasure

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Three minutes later, Lulu, quite the branch in Angela's bicycle wheel, picked up a sheet with Angela's formula on it. "What's with all the small writing?"

"It's my formula, duh."

"What formula?"

"... The formula to stop people talking."

Lulu quit her tongue-in-cheek provocations. It would be most unwise to antagonize Angela.

After half an hour's silence, Lulu exclaimed: "But, Angela, my brother said you should not touch those things!"

Angela looked back at Lulu, then turned to look at the bottles on the shelf. She had already used them!

"Well, just pretend you've seen nothing."

"What's in it for me?"

"I will teach you what you wanna learn."

"Wow, great!" Lulu leapt for joy.

"Phone my brother, " Angela told Lulu, "and ask him what the difference between compound acid B and compound phenol acid A is."

"Phone him yourself." Lulu didn't want to change her clothes again.

"If I go, you will have nothing to do here." reasoned Angela.

Lulu puzzled over it but eventually found it agreeable.

She took Angela's cellphone and found Sven's number. She called him up and engaged in some small talk before Lulu cut to the chase. "Angela wants to ask you about the difference between compound acid B and compound phenol acid A."

"Remember, " cautioned Sven, "compound acid B can hurt people's vocal cords. Compound phenol acid A can be made into a narcotic."

"Okay, I got it. Thank you, Sven." Although Lulu was a bit self-righteous, she knew how to sound polite and formal.

She returned to the lab. "Sven told me that... what's the name of it?"

"Compound acid B, " said Angela. "What is it used for?"

Lulu seemed confused but did her best to relay the message as she had heard it. "Oh, yes. That is... a narcotic."

"What about compound phenol acid A?"

"It can hurt people's vocal cords, " Lulu said with confidence.


Angela added a few drops of compound acid A into the serum.

The sky gradually turned dark. Four hours passed, and by the end of the experimentation, Lulu saw Angela's colorless vials lined up in a rack.

By Angela's account, if such drugs were put into the water and drunk by a person, he or she would lose their voice for about one year.

And Angela would use them to do something.

What she would do? After her wound had healed, everyone would know.

In the evening, Lulu had her dinner at Shengfeng Mansion. She kept asking Angela a lot of questions when the dinner was about ready.

Not until two dishes had been served on the table did Angela, who had lost her patience, stop Lulu, saying, "No talking while eating."

Lule answered, "You sound like my brother."

Angela did not reply-- Even she was surprised to hear herself say this proverb.

Arvin arrived home after eleven when Angela was researching all kinds of chemical bonds on her phone. She would take down some notes when she found something complex or confusing.

"Burning the midnight oil?" Arvin put his coat, which was decorated with Tahitian pearls, on the rack. He stood behind Angela's back, and wrapped his arms around her.

Tickled by Arvin's warm breath, Angela giggled, and said, "There's something I don't

understand, and I'm hoping you can help me out, Mr Expert."

"No disasters this afternoon?" he said. Someone would come to install CCTV tomorrow, but for now he would have to take her word for it.

"Of course not, " Angela replied congenially. "And I put had put everything back in position."

"Hmm. So what's the problem? I'll do my best." Arvin gently pulled her chair away, sat on it himself to allow Angela to sit on his lap, while he wrapped his left arm around her waist.

Angela took up her notebook and phone. "Is this Chinese herb called tiao-ling? Where does it grow? And what is its effect?"

"Yes it's tiao-ling. It usually grows by rivers in dense forests. It can relieve pain and reduce anxiety."

She had more questions, and within twenty minutes, Arvin had solved everything for her.

Angela closed her notebook and gave Arvin a loud kiss on the cheek. "I found a treasure, didn't I?"

"I found one too, " Arvin smiled.

"Hee hee...How is Nancy? Have you kept an eye on Nancy for me?"

"Sure I have, " Arvin replied. Later, Angela, who was in the wash room, asked, "Is she getting better?"

"She's been very stable. The only thing she needs is a rest. But..." The last word made Angela nervous. She looked into Arvin's serious eyes, and Arvin continued, "The knife...came into contact with her uterus, so... it might be difficult for her to get pregnant."

"What?" Angela came unstuck at once, as if the knife had entered her stomach instead.

She held Arvin's hands tightly. "What can be done? My Big Wing, you must help Nancy!"

Arvin patted her hand. "I'll do an operation tomorrow, and get some Chinese herbs for her recuperation. Complete recovery is impossible, but we can still increase her chance to conception."

"Well, Big Wing, you must help Nancy. If you can cure her, I will listen to everything you said." Angela was willing to devote herself entirely to Arvin if he helped Nancy.

Arvin didn't fully understand her. But her words made him sigh. "But if you'll just listen!"

Angela could say that she would listen, but Arvin was not convinced that she would.

Angela realized how much fuss she was making, and lowered her head. She said, "I'm serious."

"Well, I have an idea. Grandma is in the Green Cold Country recently. After she comes back, we can discuss everything."

Angela was so excited that she clasped Arvin on the neck and kissed him wildly.

Arvin lifted her up to his chest. He carried her to the bedroom and lay her flat against the sheets. "Are you really so grateful to me?"

"Yes!" Angela nodded vehemently.

"Reward me with your body." When saying this, the man's eyes were hard with passion.

Angela nodded again. She was thinking the same thing as Arvin.

Seeing her agree without hesitation, Arvin sealed her lips with kisses.

Angela wrapped her arms around his neck and responded with fervor.

... The moment was to come. Angela buried herself in the quilt. Arvin leaped off the bed to take a shower.

Angela grabbed his hands. Arvin looked back to the red-cheeked girl.

Angela dared not to look at him. "I..." she said bashfully. "I will..."

The two words almost made Arvin crazy.

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