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   Chapter 96 Angela Must Have Done Something Wrong

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Gage didn't say anything. He was caught in the undertow of his own disquiet. He decided to investigate this event.

He speculated that it must have something to do with his family.

In the doctor's office

The doctor described the condition of Nancy to them. And he added, "Because Nancy's womb was damaged when the knife went in, the chance ofgetting pregnant have been severely limited."

Stanley and Gage frowned with worry.

Even though they are men, they knew the importance of the womb for a woman.

Gage composed himself and wiped his face, "The chances of getting pregnant is limited... But it's still possible for her, right?"

The doctor considered this for a while and nodded, "Yes, there is a slim possibility at any rate. But be forewarned, it will not be easy. If she can get good care, then the chance may well increase. It all has to do with her circumstances throughout her pregnancy."

Trudging out of the office, Gage patted Stanley's shoulder to cheer him up. "I will make it clear, but Nancy's womb... Don't tell her what happened to her womb."

He was worried that his sister would not be able to handle all the emotion at once.

Stanley fell into silence.

In any event, Stanley had business to deal with at work, so he had to leave, entrusting to duty of care to Gage. He left without returning to the ward.

In Shengfeng Mansion

Angela picked up her toothbrush and spread some toothpaste over it. She brushed her teeth lightly to avoid banging her arm against the sink. Then, with one hand, she began to clean her face.

Arvin came in, looked at how helpless she was, and felt a twinge of empathy. He slid up and helped her because she couldn't finish.

"Should I inform your father and brother now?" he asked.

Angela refused at once, "No! I'm fine, they're just small injuries." If her dad and brother knew it, she would be taken back to C Country and she would never see Big Wing anymore.

Compared with Nancy, her injury was minor. The wound was not severe, and she hadn't fractured any bones.

Arvin didn't insist, and the matter was dropped from conversation. But it didn't sit well with him.

So he decided to call Sven. He wanted to asked Sven why the people he'd hired to tail Angela didn't help her when she was in danger.

"After breakfast, I'm going to visit Nancy, " she said. Angela was worried about Nancy.

"Okay, " agreed Arvin.

After breakfast, Angela took Arvin's car to the hospital.

In the VVIP Department, Angela went to the nurse station first and greeted her colleagues. Angela was surrounded by them. All of them were curious about why she and Nancy appeared out of the blue with such death-defying injuries.

Angela had to explain to them, "Nancy's brother is a famous designer and he is Dr. Gu's good friend. As for my brother... He is Dr. Gu's friend too. Therefore we can be in VVIP Department with Dr. Gu's help."

They accepted her explanation and stopped asking questions.

In the room, Gage was working on his laptop while Nancy was lying in bed ready to fall asleep.

Seeing Angela, Nancy suddenly came to. "How nice to see you, Angela!"

Angela greeted Gage first and seated beside Nancy. "Do you feel better?" she asked.

"Yes. How about you? Let me see your wound!" Nancy took Angela's right hand and inspected it.

Nancy felt relieved when she saw that Angela's wound was not severe.

Angela stayed at the hospital talking with Nancy all morning. Then she went back to Shengfeng Mansion aft

er Nancy fell asleep in the afternoon.

Compared with Angela, Arvin had a very busy day. He wasn't there to take care of her, so he sent Lulu to replace him.

Angela slipped into the laboratory.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Angela knew it couldn't be Arvin so she decided to ignore it and pretend that there was nobody home.

But then Angela's phone rang too...

'Why are there so many troubles?' she complained to herself. Angela had to take off the asepsis scrubs and walked out of the laboratory.

"Hello, Big Wing!" Seeing the caller ID, Angela assumed a guilty voice out of fear that he would discover she'd been in his lab.

Arvin realized the fact at once. 'Angela must have done something wrong, otherwise she won't be so kind to me! She didn't answer the phone at once because she was in the laboratory.'

"Open the door, " Arvin commanded Angela.

Angela opened the front door of the apartment according to his order. Lulu had waited for a long time and she lost her temper when she saw Angela. "Angela, I've been waiting! I still can't believe my brother invites you to live here. You're so annoying!"

"Why do you come here?" Angela asked with her phone in hand.

Lulu stopped complaining and felt at ease, then she told Angela in an complacent air, "Arvin asked me to guard his laboratory."

Angela was puzzled for a few seconds, and then realized Arvin's purpose right away. "Did you ask Lulu to monitor my activity?"

Arvin didn't deny it. "Press the speaker phone button."

Angela did as he requested. Arvin's cold voice came through the phone. "Angela and Lulu, you know what shouldn't be touched in the laboratory. If you dare make any trouble, I would punish you both."

"Okay, my brother!" promised Lulu.

Angela curled her lips in and answered reluctantly, "Okay, Dr. Gu."

However, it seemed that Arvin saw Angela's unwilling face through the phone. He warned her, "Angela, if you feel reluctant, you can come to the hospital and follow me, I can monitor you by myself."

Angela was speechless. She looked around and asked, "Did you install a camera in your house?"

"No, but it's a good idea and I'll think about it, " Arvin answered with a chuckle. He could install a camera in the laboratory to prevent Angela from entering the laboratory without permission.

Angela touched her mouth out of regret. "Just forget what I said!"

Arvin imagined her regretful expression. He smiled and hung up the phone.

Angela and Lulu wore the sterile gowns and motionlessly stood in the laboratory. "Why don't you start your experiment?" Lulu inquired.

"You turn your back! What if you see my formula and sell it to someone else?" Angela asked. She invented several things but they had all been sold by Sven. She never reaped her own rewards!

If she invented something this time, she would sell it by herself and never let Sven know it!

Lulu was a little annoyed and she walked away so Angela could do her experiment.

Later on, Lulu began to ask questions. "Why do you pull methylamine into this test tube?"

"Because it will produce a calming effect, " Angela answered.

One minute later, Lulu approached Angela, who was focusing on her experiment, to ask, "What is this?"

"It's insulin, " Angela answered with patience.

Some more time passed before Lulu's importunes were raised once more. She appeared beside Angela again. "Why are you putting two medicines together?"

"I want to make a kind of new medicine with them."

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