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   Chapter 95 Seize the Opportunity

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A flicker of agitation crossed Stanley's face when he saw Arvin acting so tenderly to Angela. Was this really Arvin? How could it be possible? He was always indifferent and cold! The man was never loving and tender, not since Rosa...

Angela's emotions were subdued when she fell under Arvin's spell. She walked to Stanley with tears in her eyes. "Can you stay here to take care of Nancy?"

Nancy liked Stanley. It would make her overjoyed if she could wake up to see him.

Stanley, however, was in a silent mood. He had just been walked-in on. He replied after a while, "She... I have informed Gage. "

He didn't think Nancy'd want to see him, so he asked Gage to come take care of her.

Angela glared at him with anger. He couldn't understand why her eyes burned with hatred.

All right, if she couldn't persuade him, Arvin would!

Angela threw herself into Arvin's arms and spoke to him in a slight and tender way. "Big wing, I can't persuade Mr. Su. Can you help me to..."

Stanley Su was speechless.

The warm notes of her voice melted Arvin's heart. He stared at Stanley. "Gage is in D City now. He won't arrive till at least tomorrow morning. Nancy needs someone to look after her tonight."


"Seize the opportunity, " said Arvin resolutely.


Arvin finally succeeded in persuading Stanley.

Arvin and Angela left the room while Stanley chose to stay behind.

The dawn came, and Stanley had not slept. Nancy drew all of his attention.

It wasn't until Xenia brought him breakfast that Stanley took a break and stood up to bathe in the washroom.

Xenia put the breakfast on the table, and tended to Nancy's vitals. She remained unconscious. She had heard that Nancy and Angela got hurt last night. Rumours had trickled through the VVIP Department. She did not believe them until she saw her now.

But the question remained, where was Angela? She wasn't anywhere to be found!

She busied herself to changing the intravenous drip for Nancy. When Stanley came out of the washroom, his eyes were red and tired-looking.

Xenia looked at him, the weapon around his belt, the gleaming badge, the robust uniform... He was so handsome!

Stanley noticed Xenia's interest, but he was too exhausted to entertain her naughty excitements. He had a serious face on, and asked, "Is there anything else you need to do here?"

Xenia got a grip on herself. She mimed that she didn't and headed out of the room.

Around in the morning, Nancy slowly opened her eyes. "Water..." she called.

She looked at the ceiling and felt familiar with it. 'Where have I seen it before?' she thought absently.

Soon, she heard someone pouring water out of a jug for her, and a man came into her sight.

However... Nancy was so nearsighted that she could not recognize the man standing in front of her without her glasses.

Stanley dipped the swab into the glass of water and inserted it into Nancy's parted lips to moisten them.

Her eyes looked beautiful and clean without glasses.

Nancy was thirsty and she licked her lips, and croaked, "I want to drink water..."

"You can't drink too much water after the operation." It was Stanley's voice! Nancy could not believe it!

Wasn't it?

"Stanley, " she attempted to say in a hoarse, shy voice.

Stanley nodded. He did not know what to say when he faced Nancy. He resolved to try his best to look after her.

Nancy was so moved that she almost cried out. Stanley was taking care of her! She never thought this might happen in all her years alive!

The tears in Nancy's eyes riveted him, and he experienced a pang of sadness for her. He put the glass aside and said with concern, "Are you uncomfortable? I will call the doctor for you."


o. No..." Nancy shook her head and asked, "Where are my glasses..."

She wished to make certain what might've been only be an illusion.

She would see everything clearly once she wore her glasses.

She nudged her glasses up her nose, and all fraudulence vanished. It was Stanley who stood besides the bed. She smiled to him and asked, "You... Why are you here? Angela also got hurt, right? Where is Angela? How is she now?"

"She is fine. Arvin has already taken her home. And I have informed your brother. He may arrive at here soon."

"Okay... Did you get hurt?" She asked in disquietude, Fearing a response.

It was quiet in the ward. The changing of the nurses had commenced with the beginning of a new shift, and now all lay dormant for a while. Stanley stared at Nancy seriously.

"I'm not hurt, " He muttered. Then he apologized, "As a police, I didn't protect you. I let you down in the line of duty. I'm so sorry."

Stanley was sorry for what had happened to both women, but to see Nancy so especially butchered made him sick with guilt and horror.

Nancy shook her head. She knew what happened. In order to protect her, Stanley fought with dozens of scoundrels and all of them waving knives. It was dangerous. "You and Angela are the reason I'm still alive. I should thank you."

Had Stanley not been there, she would have been slaughtered alive. Stanley rescued her.

"Your... Where is your boyfriend?"

"What?" Nancy never thought Stanley would ask this question.

What boyfriend?

Stanley asked, "Why didn't your boyfriend arrange someone to protect you?"

Nancy's familial relationship, not just with he sister Grace, were all a little strained, except for Gage, who had always shown himself to be reliable and resourceful, so Stanley thought it prudent to only inform him of the events which transpired.

"I have no boyfriend!" Nancy refuted instantly. She was afraid that he would misunderstand her.

How could Stanley think she had a boyfriend? She never had a boyfriend.

Stanley managed to snag himself a girlfriend, however. Grace, whom she hated so much.

Stanley pulled a confused face when he heard her answer. He was about to say something while someone pulled the door and walked in, "Nancy, how are you? What happened to you!"

It was Gage.

He had raced here from D City in such a hurry.

"Brother." Nancy wanted to sit up when she saw Gage, but her face twisted and she touched the wound on her stomach. The pain was excruciating.

Gage was about to stride to his sister to comfort her, but Stanley was faster and reached Nancy first. He made sure she lay straight so her head relaxed into the pillow.

"Stanley, why are you here? I thought you had left last night?"

Stanley concealed all of his emotions. "I'm leaving."

Nancy's face twisted again, not out of pain this time, but out of genuine dread that Stanley was leaving. But she couldn't ask him to stay here, not while Gage was here, so she only said, "Stanley... Thank you."

Stanley nodded, throwing his coat on. "Well, have a good rest." If she wanted to see him, he would come again, just to see her.

"Wait!" Gage stopped Stanley, who had already made it to the door in a hurry.

Stanley turned around.

Gage whispered something into Nancy's and called a nurse to come in. When she arrived, Gage took Stanley outside of the ward.

They started walking towards to doctor's office, and Gage asked, "What happened to my sister?"

Stanley told Gage every detail of what had happened last night. When he finished, he said, "Now, all the bastards are locked up. So now you see. Last night, if Arvin hadn't come to recuse Nancy, to take on those two men, the consequences would have been disastrous."

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