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   Chapter 94 Stanley, Be Careful

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Stanley held his own when it came to defending against criminals, which was not to say that it wasn't a spectacle to watch. Not far away from him, a dagger dripping with blood clanged to the ground.

Nancy leaned up Angela's arms, choking and struggling to open her eyes. She mustered up all her energy to say, "Stanley... be careful!"

Stanley glanced at her. Nancy was under the illusion that Stanley worried about her...

But in the lapses of consciousness, she shrugged and thought, 'That's impossible. I must be losing it.'

"Nancy..." Angela was tearing up pieces of her shirt to cover Nancy's wounds.

However, Nancy stopped her. "No, Angela. Don't look at it..."

Angela was a strong person usually, but at the sight of her friend's lacerated stomach, she fell back, and gradually fainted.

She closed her eyes, wheezing. With nothing to support her, Angela too craned back. Rolling her dizzy head around in the dirt, she tried to keep her mind clear. "Angela... you can't pass out... Nancy... needs you!"

Her kidneys began to ache, her chest moved up and down rapidly, and she found it difficult to breathe. She needed to sit up if she hoped to breathe.

When she was about to give up, someone appeared and jumped into the scrap. She saw a man in a suit, and he was handsome. He seized the knives from the gangsters.

Angela struggled to open the eyes, trying to figure out where she was again. Then she saw the man. What was his name again? When she saw the familiar pearl brooch on his suit, she slipped back into unconsciousness, relieved that it was him.

Nancy had been struggling not to pass out, but without Angela, there was no hope.


VVIP inpatient department of Yao Hospital.

At three in the morning, two men were standing in the ward where the women were lying, not talking, but standing ever vigilant.

Lucy had peeped her head through the door many times to check on their condition. She couldn't believe her eyes. Finally, after confirmation, she was sure that their vice-director was looking care of Angela.

In the next room, an armed policeman was watching

Angela and Arvin stepped in. Angela had only one thing on her mind, and didn't even notice Stanley.

Arvin discerned Stanley's irregular expression and then looked at Nancy in bed. Then, he understood the relationship between them.

"Nancy, Nancy..." Angela caressed Nancy's moon-white face.

"It's all my fault! Nancy, I'm sorry... I didn't protect you..."

She cried. It was all her fault. She had brought this on Nancy.

Angela restricted her view to Nancy's face, out of fear that she would pass out again at the sight of her scar.

Arvin totally understood her recrimination against herself, but wished to comfort her.

He placed a firm hand on her shoulder, gave it a paternal squeeze of consolation, and said, "It has nothing to do with you. It was not your fault."

According to Stanley, Nancy was the target of a gangland conspiracy. Angela's injuries were a result of her getting in the way.

"I'm good at taekwondo, I just can't understand where I went wrong. But now, I can't even protect Nancy! Am I really such a failure?"

"You're strange. Your thoughts are too... critical, " said Arvin. Deep inside, he couldn't understand the motivations of her mind.

Angela rubbed her eyes, "Why would you call me strange?"

"Would it still be your fault if there were 100 gangsters? Would it?" Arvin wiped her tears from her cheeks and rubbed the back of her neck therapeutically.

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