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   Chapter 93 It's Ten Million Dollars

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8020

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Nancy was bowled over the moment she heard Stanley's name. Her heart was already in her throat. She followed Angela's finger and saw a serious-looking man wearing a handsome black uniform exclusive for armed police captains. It was Stanley!

Stanley had an unusually sensitive ears, so he noticed them quickly.

Angela knew Nancy had got a crush on Stanley, so she stood on her tiptoes and waved to him.

Stanley glanced at them, ascertained who Angela was with, and then immediately shifted his glance to something unimportant, both Angela and Nancy being witnesses to this rudeness.

Nancy felt physically ill. She held Angela's waving arm down and pinned it her thigh. "Angela.. What are you doing?"

Just then, Stanley seemed to have a change of heart and hurried suddenly towards them.

"He's coming this way!" Nancy fixed her eyes on Stanley, but didn't realize she would soon be in danger.

Immersed in Stanley's handsome face, she didn't notice a light flash by. Stanley leapt, raising his right leg. A penny-drop sound. He had skillfully kicked a dagger out of a man's hand. The knife was meant for Nancy.

A painful shout was heard. Nancy saw the sharp dagger which had barely missed her. Stanley kicked again, and the assailant lay on the ground helplessly. People around were frightened away when they saw the dagger. The man had gang tattoos plastered on his neck.

Not until then did Angela see the gangster. Nancy was scared to death when she had seen his face. She accidentally dropped the tea to the ground.

Just as Stanley was about to take out his handcuffs, the gangster slithered out of his grasp, and jumped up on his feet. More people showed up, rushing in all directions. It was hard to tell what was going on.

Stanley shouted to them. "Run!"

Angela knew the situation was out of control. She couldn't tell who was who in the commotion. So many people were running that they became indistinguishable. But through the churning crowds, masked men became noticeable. Angela kicked the shards of tea away and tried to drag Nancy up. She was in shock and couldn't run.

The gangsters prevented such escapes. Two masked men blocked their way.

Angela pushed Nancy behind her, confronted by the two men.

One of them swung a chain, while the other brandished a dagger. They rushed at Angela.

She held her breath.

Somehow she managed to defend herself. She wrestled with the man's dagger and managed hold him off. But the man with the chain was about to get close to Nancy.So Angela raised her right arm, and twisted the knife out of the man's hands. Now she had the knife. She exerted all her strength trying to stab the other man's arm, which, however, failed.

Seeing so many people fighting, Nancy finally came to her sense. She looked back and saw Stanley standing away.

As she tried to speak, her wrist was pulled by Angela and they began to sprint.

They were chased.

After running for three blocks, Angela was exhausted and she shouted loud. "Leave us alone! I'm so... exhausted!"

"Go! Keep chasing... It's not a person we chase, it's ten million dollars!" They kept hearing this sound coming from behind them ceaselessly.

Ten million? They rounded a corner, and Nancy slipped. Angela glanced at Nancy and saw her pale face. "Nancy... Are you okay?"

Nancy didn't even have the strength to shake head. she said with a faint voice. "Angela.. You go first... Leave me alone..." Then, Nancy used up the last of her energy to shake off Angela's hand.

Two men closed in. Angela instinctively started to run, but looked back wildly. Nancy was breathing heavily on the ground. Angela ran back and saw the men holding daggers, about to bring their blades down on Nancy.

Angela swallowed hard. She stood between Nancy and the men, shouting, "What do you want!"

"Angela... Run away! They... are coming for me... Angela." Nancy was so exhausted that she couldn't even talk.

The man echoed. "You stupid little girl, get out of ou

r way. This is none of your business!"

Angela stooped down on her hands on the knees. She raised her eyes and stared at them. "You want me to leave my friend?"

"Yes, or else you'll see what we're capable of!" They were gangsters, and they meant business.

Angela looked around. They were in a back alley filled with ventilators, fire-escapes, and dirty puddles. It was desolate, and not even ghosts would wander here. She slapped her forehead. How stupid! She'd run away from civilization. No-one could help her here.

Angela pointed at an old, low-end vending machine set into the wall. "Can I... have a drink first?" She was really thirsty.

The two gangsters couldn't believe their ears, her request was so ridiculous.

"Yes. I just want to have a drink. Aren't you thirsty?" She almost lost her voice.

When Angela was negotiating with the gangsters, she signed to Nancy.

Nancy crept away. She took out her phone and dialed the police.

"Master! I can't hold it anymore! There's always a dream in my heart. I want to learn martial arts in Songshan Shaolin Temple..." The girls both jumped at the ringing mobile.

The gangsters suddenly realized the situation they were in. They pounced on Angela with an evil look. Angela threw her head back, and shouted, "Go and call someone!"

The gangsters blocked her path, and caught her by the throat. They tripped her she came crashing to the floor, her shirt ripped down the middle. Her phone flew out of her pocket and landed a couple of feet from Nancy. Angela got back up, and found herself fighting the gangsters alone. She blocked their attacks and snapped the knives out of they hands.

Nancy regretted that she hadn't learnt any martial arts from Angela. The name Big Wing was shining on Angela's mobile phone. Nancy knew who it was, so she picked up the call. "Mr. Gu. Help!"

"What's wrong?" Arvin had just finished up at his business party, and was driving his car. When he heard Nancy crying, he pulled over with his flashers on.

"We are on... Tonghua Road, near the pedestrian street. Mr. Gu... Ah! Angela!" Hearing Nancy's screams, sweat formed droplets on Arvin's forehead.

Tonghua Road? He throttled up the engine immediately, and sped back in their direction.

One of the gangsters had slammed himself against Angela. He arm was crushed against his weight and the wall. And that's when the gangster drove his knife straight through Angela's arm. The pain was intolerable.

Here came another stab. Suddenly, Angela felt herself pushed to the ground. When she could see clearly, she shouted, "Nancy!"

When the gangsters saw this, they swung and their daggers flew through the air. They landed on Nancy. Angela was losing blood; all she could see was the gangster lying on top of Nancy. When he stood up, she saw a dagger standing upright in her chest. The other immediately tried to stab her a second time...

"Nancy!" Angela screamed with her voice cracking when she saw Nancy was stabbed twice.

It was exactly her screaming that made Stanley find them. He had been hurrying about trying to find them, but the damage had been wreaked, and he was too late.

Stanley was shocked by what he saw. A dagger stood in Nancy's stomach. The gangster yanked it out with a handkerchief, and blood squirted out everywhere...

Stanley flew into a paroxysm of rage. He snapped into action by booting another dagger out of the man's hand. Angela held Nancy in her arms.

Nancy put her hands on the bleeding belly. Blood ran out of every breath. Her face went pale as sheet. Angela totally forgot about her own injury. She was also scared to death with tears dropping down. "Nancy... Nancy..."

She kept screaming at Nancy, and her mind became crowded out. Her only priority was Nancy, whose expression faltered with pain and, what was scarier, calm. No more words. She wasn't capable. She stopped saying her name, too. It seemed impossible to do so, when Angela suddenly felt the chill of being all alone.

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