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   Chapter 91 I Brought Angela Here

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Updated: 2018-08-26 11:46

After Arvin gave Lulu a hard look that could measure on the Mohs' scale, Lulu loped out of the ward at once. She was going to discharge herself.

Angela winked at Arvin in secret. He stepped out of the room. A few nurses and other doctors stared at him, who seemed to stir up a commotion everywhere he went.

Just as he was about to get on the elevator, Arvin seemed to suddenly remember something and called the head nurse's name. "Winnie, my sister needs a nurse to escort her back." He glanced at everybody present, which attracted the attention of several nurses. Their eyes lit up, but they cowered back or pretending to check their work.

At last he pointed to Angela, who was standing in the middle of them. "Angela Si, would you like to escort Lulu back home?"

Lulu was in the elevator. "Arvin, I..."

'I don't need anyone to escort me back home!' Lulu was about to say it, but Arvin's forbidding stare bored into her skull.

She shut her mouth.

'Isn't Lulu well?' wondered Angela. 'Why does she need an escort?'

"Well?" said Winnie. "Angela, hand over your work to Lucy and send Lulu back. Chop chop."

Ten Minutes Later

Angela couldn't figure out Arvin's intentions until she went to his office. They stood facing each other like wooden dolls.

His real plan was to give Angela an alibi so that he could take care of her, here. It wasn't just to have a rest, because how could a man and a woman alone together plan this with sincerity? What they were really having was... A love affair!

It was true. Arvin held Angela in his arms and kissed her as if he were drunk with desire.

After a long French kiss, Angela seized at his tie and asked him breathlessly, "Is this the reason you tricked me into your office?"

Arvin's eyebrow twitched. He didn't deny it.

The recollection of how they had been interrupted kept being conjured up.

Angela pinched his face. "You rogue. Be careful! A post could be uploaded to the hospital website. Deputy director Arvin Gu seduces a nurse in his office to carry on a clandestine love affair!"

"Has a good ring to it, no?" He stared at her with a wic

d gossip would be a fatal blow to you. How could you be so silly?"

"Mom, I know you're doing this for my own good, but stop meddling in my relationship with these balderdash excuses! These two issues have nothing to do with each other!"

Arvin's cold eyes made Teresa a little angry. "I saw what happened... But what if it was someone else? Do you think you're still qualified to run for the director if anyone posted about your outrageous actions?"

Arvin surely knew, but she wished to twist the knife. 'How did he make such an obvious mistake?' Teresa really didn't understand.

Arvin was well aware. After a long silence, he said, "I know that what happened just now was my fault. But mom, please don't interfere in my private affairs anymore in the future!"

His confession calmed Teresa down again. She peeped behind Arvin and said, "Angela, I heard that you like the research and development room at Arvin's. Do you want the privilege of entering the research and development room in the hospital?"

How did Arvin's mother know she liked the research and development room?

Angela stood out from behind Arvin's back, and pulled her hand back from his. She wiggled her fingers.

Arvin's mother was a really sharp. She could embarrass her in subtle ways.

'Can't I set up a research and development office by myself?' wondered Angela. 'She just wants to kick me out of Arvin's apartment anyway.'

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