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   Chapter 90 Tables Have Turned

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6821

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Hogan's eyes burned on Angela's countenance. 'Can this little girl replace Rosa in Arvin's heart?' he wondered.

If she could, he would need to explain this mess to the Yin family.

Hogan had no time to care about Lulu's beggary. Before he left, he warned Lulu to discharge herself properly, follow the formalities, and not cause any trouble.

Lulu was intractable. The whole reason she came here was to cause trouble! And she wasn't done yet.

Later, when Lulu's dad and sister stole away, only Lulu and Angela remained. Nancy walked in to keep Angela company.

"Nancy?" Nancy was a vaguely familiar figure to Lulu. She had made acquaintance with her through Gage but they didn't know much about each other.

Nancy slid her glasses up her nose and saw Lulu clearly. "Oh, hello Lulu. What's the matter with you?"

"I... I just felt a little sick. It doesn't matter." Lulu blinked frequently, and Nancy could tell she was lying.

"You two know each other?" Angela asked, waving her hand to each other.

"Yes, we do!" said Nancy. "Why are you here? I was looking for you and couldn't find you anywhere!"

Hearing the way they addressed each other, Lulu guessed that they were best friends.

Nancy was asked to leave by Alice, another nurse, just as she was about to say something else.

Lulu and Angela were left alone in the ward once again.

"Angela, " said Lulu in a half-pleading tone. "If Nita comes sooner rather than later, could you tell her not to visit Arvin any more?" It is hard to see Lulu as anything but a little girl sometimes. But Lulu's motives were anything but innocent. Since Lulu knew of Angela's development capacity, she wanted to make friends with her.

Angela pretended to think through request carefully, then she said, "Sorry, I don't want to help you."

Lulu could not articulate her intense anger. "Angela! You will regret for what you just said! I'll file an official complaint against you! Ask your director to come here!"

'Complain about me? Okay!' Angela thought. Angela nodded and

Angela immediately know who was coming. She stood on tiptoes and encircled Arvin's neck with her arms, but the power of his kiss was enough to sink back into obscurity.

That's when the door of the ward flew open and in strode Nita's on her coquettish stilettos. "Sorry Lulu, " she said, muddled. "There was an..." She had meant to say the word 'operation'.

But it perished on her lips.

What she saw so utterly dismayed her.

Arvin opened his eyes and spotted Angela.

He smiled and released Angela.

'This girl must do this kind of thing for fun!' assumed Arvin.

Nita covered her mouth while

Arvin regained his usual medical etiquette. He tidied Angela's clothes and walked towards Lulu's bed.

Lulu popped her head up with a caught out expression.


Angela, who was still recollecting the sweet kiss, was terrified by his startling voice and shrank back. When she realized that he wasn't calling her, she sighed with relief.

Gosh! She was always afraid of Arvin's frostiness.

Lulu trembled and assumed Angela had brought Arvin here to spite her.

Nita stared at Angela while the brother and sister were quarreling.

'Arvin is such a serious and uptight man, ' Nita wondered. 'But...he must be so deeply enamored with Angela. He kisses her boldly, where anyone could catch them. Why? What's so special about her?'

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