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   Chapter 88 I'm Also A Hospital Director's Daughter

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7482

Updated: 2018-08-25 14:40

After drinking her milk, Angela gaped at Arvin. "What can I do?"

"My daily meals!" If he worked, she would get to be his housewife and prepare meals for him.

Angela giggled at this, but her face changed rapidly when she realised its implications.

"It's impossible!"

Arvin gave her a tissue. He halted and said, "What about the research room...?"

"Fine, deal!"


Wearing a jogging suit, Angela hummed on her way to the VVIP Inpatient Department.

Xenia was getting changed. She looked at Angela curiously, "Eh? Angela, you are in an extremely good mood today!"

"Right you are!" she said without hesitation.

Though they may not have a viable future, Angela still felt happy when she was with Arvin.

Lucy came over to Xenia. "Angela seems so radiant today. She must be in love!"

Xenia pulled on her uniform and suddenly understood. "Oh! That's it! Angela, " she called. "What does your boyfriend look like? You must take us too see him someday!"

Their teasing caused Angela's face to go red. "It's not like that! You're overthinking! Get changed, quickly!"

... Nancy wasn't in yet. Nothing had been explained to her still. The last time she spoken to her, she let her know she was coming over. That's when Arvin pulled her away. How would she react when she would hear the news?

Angela was on the point of phoning her when Nancy's gentle and familiar voice came trilling through the dressing room. "Oh, Angela!"

"Nancy! My dear Nancy!" Angela ran to her and kissed her on her cheeks.

Lucy shook her head, spotting the opportunity for a joke. "Angela, is Nancy your boyfriend?"

They smiled at each other. "Yes! You're right!"

Lucy rubbed the goose bumps that appeared on her arms. "Come on! There you go again! Hurry up and get changed. It's time to call the roll!"


... The dressing room was filled with laughter.

After the morning meeting, Lucy took Angela to visit the patient in the third ward. But she didn't stay for long, because Nancy called her away. "Angela, Winnie is looking for you!"

Nancy covered for Angela as she made her way to Winnie's office.

When she arrived, Winnie gave her a medical record and told her, "We received a patient this morning. S

e, then I'll leave the hospital right away! No - scratch that - not the hospital. I will leave the city!" Angela meant it. If Arvin despised her, the constant resentment and pressure of this city would evaporate, and she would have nothing to hold her here. The suffering could end.

"Y- y- you..." Lulu was pissed. But she didn't know what to say. The only thing she could do was to point her finger straight at Angela, but even that was trembling.

At last, she tried the last resort, "Have you heard about Rosa?"

Angela was dumbfounded. Thanks to Lulu, she had heard this name twice since last night!

"Do you know her? She was a skilled musician, an expert at the guzheng! She held a world tour at her sixteen years old! Oh, what dreamy music she used to play. She was so glamorous, so tender, virtuous, and good-natured. If she had been in good health, she would have been famous! But I'm not going to talk about Rosa, " said Lulu, pouting.

"But you must have heard about Nita. You're a medical student, you must know how esteemed she is in the medical community! Look at her mighty achievements. She's the director of the gynecology and obstetrics department right here in the Yao Hospital. All this, and she's not even thirty. How about you, Angela? You're twenty three years old now, and you're just a student nurse. What are you going to do? What will you achieve, " she scoffed. "Nothing, that's what. Do you think someone as inexperienced as you deserves Arvin's love?"

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