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   Chapter 87 I Don't Want to Prepare for Postgraduate Exam

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6686

Updated: 2018-08-24 16:56

Angela was elated to hear her name called.

She charmingly wrapped her arms around his neck. "Say my name again."

Arvin had the magic ability to turn her completely to his will by touching her. He held her softly by her waist. "Angela, you little girl!"

"Yes..." His love was like ichor whose droplets she fed on greedily.

Her whisper immediately evoked his wanton desire.

This time, he kissed her savagely...

He turned over her body, and pressed against her.

"Arvin..." She felt his unbending desire, and called his name, her voice trembling.

Her voice deprived him of his reason.

Time seemingly stood still. Neither could tell how long they were unified like this. Angela almost gave up. Hours seemed to pass since Arvin first called her name. All of a sudden, Arvin stood up and went directly to the bathroom.

Angela felt lost.

'Oh, my god...'

Angela touched her hot face, struggled into a pair of underwear, crept off the bed, and ran to the coatroom to change her clothes.

After that, Angela inched to the bathroom door, where she heard the sound of running the water.

'What the hell, ' she thought. 'Arvin is more squeamish than my dad! He's obsessed with cleanliness.'

She opened the door a crack, intent on taking her hygiene products.

She tiptoed in past the shower-curtain. However, she was so careless that a bottle dropped on the ground...

The shower was immediately shut off, which made her feel afraid to say one word! If she was found here by Arvin, she couldn't explain for herself anymore!

Fortunately, the shower commenced again after some time. Angela felt relieved and picked up the cleanser.

However, when she looked up to take the toothbrush, "Oh, MY GOD!"

Angela tossed the cleanser when she saw she was apprehended.

"Ar... Ar... Ar..." Angela paused for a while and looked at Arvin in great shock, "Arvin! You... You... Why aren't you wearing clothes? Ar... Arvin! You're a pervert!"

Arvin looked at her in confusion.

o bring your dad and brother shame?"

Angela didn't reply.

Arvin continued, "Your dad should take care of your mum. Your brother has to support his wife and sons. Nobody cares about you!"

Angela thought about it. 'It seems that he is right!'

Arvin dabbed his lips with a serviette, and told her, "Therefore, you'd better stay here and let me take care of you!"

Angela smiled happily when she heard his words.

"But you're going to run for the director position, " she reminded him. "You must be very busy! Are you sure that I won't make your life hell?"

"No, I'm certain you will." He replied directly.

Angela was speechless. She knew he would say that! So, she curled her lips in with dissatisfaction.

When Arvin finished his breakfast, he threw away the used serviette and said, "You can stay in my lab. And I will ask someone else to keep an eye on you. Don't stare at me! Have your breakfast!"

Angela couldn't say anything. She felt her throat dry up like a desert. She bit one piece of her sandwich. "Is there anything that I can help you with?"

"Like what?"

"Your campaign for the director position, for one" she said.

Arvin said nothing and knocked on the table with his index finger and middle finger. When she finished her sandwich, he said, "Yes! That is something you can do for me..."

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