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   Chapter 85 I Fed You

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Updated: 2018-08-23 15:42

"Taste it for me, tell me if it's salty."

Angela pounded the table. "There is no salt in cake at all! Just eat it!"

Arvin slid the fork on the plate to face her. "Feed me."

"No! Do it yourself!" She wouldn't stand for much more of this babyish behavior.

Arvin smiled. "Hey, I fed you. Be courteous to your host."

Angela said nothing.

She took the fork and brought a sliver of cake to his lip.

Finally, Arvin opened his gob. The cake melted on his tongue.

Getting anywhere with Arvin was in itself an achievement, so she smiled. "Okay, one more bite!"

Arvin shook his finger. "It's your turn!"


"One bite for me and the other for you!"

Angela balanced the fork between her weary fingers. 'Why does he hate the cake so much?'

Angela ate it, and some cream came to rest on her lip.

She eclipsed the cream with the tip of her tongue.

It aroused Arvin's deep desire.

'What a tricky girl! Seducing me all the time.'

Arvin looked at her, and they went through this routine again, sharing bite after bite.

Just when it was Arvin's turn again, he stopped. "Wait..." Arvin clutched her hands suddenly.

"What is it?"

He lifted her jaw, and asked her to be compliant. "Eat the cake!"

'What is up with him?'

Arvin towered above her, lowered his head, and kissed her red lip, getting cream everywhere...

Arvin was a new man, with a smile wider than a river. "We should eat the cake this way."

Out of shyness, Angela took the rest of the cake away. "No cake for you! You big bully!" She loped over to the table and scoffed it all down without pause.

Arvin could only smile with joy.

"Enjoy yourself! I'll take a bath!"

Angela lifted her head from the cream-strewn plate. 'Take a bath?' she wonder

an. Arvin still hadn't come out, so Angela went to the coatroom and changed her pajamas.

When she was comported, the doorbell rang again. Supposing it was Kent, she ran to open the door.

"Kent, did you forget -" But Angela's face dropped like a weight. "Nita? Lulu?" The two women had come to ask forgiveness.

When Nita saw Angela in pajamas, she became like stone.

Lulu clapped her mouth in alarm. She had stumbled on the big secret her brother was hiding.

'There is a woman in my brother's apartment!' Lulu scrutinized her critically. and she is in pajamas! My god...'

Lulu rubbed her eyes in disbelief.

"Where's Arvin?" asked Nita in a low voice. Nita looked normal now as she had time to comport herself.

Angela, faltering, pointed within and answered, "He's taking a bath."

Nita was greatly shocked, so was Lulu.

Angela presented an anomaly to them. They couldn't figure out how she fit into Arvin's.

Nita had no right to query Angela, but Lulu lacked the social experience, and decided to delve.

She pushed past her immediately. Angela's arm got the full brunt of it. "Hey, " screamed Angela, victim once again. "What are you doing?"

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