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   Chapter 84 Make A Wish First

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Angela rubbed the back of her head, "It's just an exaggerated metaphor!"

Arvin took the box out of his pocket and passed it to her. "Help me wear it!"

Now Arvin would look perfect in a business suit.

Angela followed his instructions, took out the breastpin and helped him put it on with care.

"Okay! Great!" The skill with which she put it on indicated that this was not her first time.

Setting aside praise, Arvin asked her quietly, "Did you do this for anyone else?"

"Just my dad... and Sven once." Last time, her sister-in-law was not at home, Sven came to Angela. Sven was so stupid that he didn't know how to wear the breast pin correctly.

When Arvin heard Sven's name, he felt a little unhappy. "Your mother can help your dad do this while your sister-in-law can do it for Sven. Don't do it for them next time!"

Angela was slow to react and told him casually, "It doesn't matter! I don't mind!"

'It's not difficult anyway!' She thought reproachfully.

"I do mind!" Arvin held her waist tightly.

'My god...' she gasped inwardly. Angela watched the dissatisfaction fall like a pall over Arvin's brow and wondered 'Why?'

"Okay, " she stuttered, "I won't do it for them anymore."

Since he had got a satisfactory answer from Angela, Arvin was about to lift her up before -

"Gulu gulu..." An groan from the underworld? A door creaking on its hinges? There was no way of conceivably determining the origin of the noise.

Angela knew what it was. So, she felt very awkward, covered her belly immediately and jumped off Arvin's legs, "Jesus! Tell me you heard nothing! Nothing!"

Arvin thought a bit, 'What a silly girl! It really doesn't matter! She didn't have dinner, did she? She should have told me that before!'

"Come here!" Arvin said. She seemed quite hungry.

Angela scratched the back of her head. "I've forgotten to have dinner tonight!"

Arvin stood up from the chair and asked, "What do you want to have? We'll go somewhere in my car."

Angela thought about it and suddenly, her eyes lit up! "Will you take me anywhere and have anything?"

Arvin nodded in agreement.

About ten minutes later, having gone through the rigmarole of getting the car keys, locking up, and driving a few blocks, they stood in front a chain cake shop.

Arvin was totally aware of what she was going to do. So, he told Angela, "I don't like cake!"

"But I like cake!" Angela said. 'People must have a cake on their birthday, ' she reasoned with herself. 'Otherwise, it can't be called a birthday!'

Although Arvin had a piece of cake at his mother's, he didn't have cake with her, the only person he'd gladly share a slice with.

If Nita could celebrate the birthday with him, then Angela could do the same!

She not only asked Arvin to wear her gift everyday, but also wanted to buy his cake for him. 'That must be great!'

Thinking of this, Angela went to the cake shop regardless of Arvin's protests.

Arvin could see where this was heading. He shook his head and followed her reluctantly.

Angela promised to buy a small one to placate Arvin. She asked the clerk to package a simple Black Forest Gateau, plus some desserts.

When Angela went to the pay desk, Arvin was being circled hawkishly by several salesmen.

They swallowed and looked at Arvin with their eyes lit up like pinball machines.

It upset her, so she paid, and ran back to him. "Let's get out of here! Bunch of vultures."

Unconsciously, both of them had gotten used to the intimate thrill of these actions. And they no longer felt worried about it.

Before going back to the department, Arvin asked her again, "Is there anything that you want to eat?"


No! The cake and desserts are high in calories! I really don't want to eat anything else!"

Arvin said nothing.

After returning home, Angela opened the cake and Arvin went to hang up the suit.

Unbeknownst to Arvin, Angela also got two novelty candles at the shop that read two and eight respectively. She sunk their tees into the spongy center and struck a match.

Angela jumped up. "Big wing! Come here! Everything is ready!"

He couldn't refuse her when he saw the irresistible smile on her face. So, he put away the tie, came towards her and sat on the sofa.

Angela held up the cake and squatted forward, "Doctor Gu, follow my words. Before you blow out the candles, make a wish first!"

Although Arvin had been exposed to the same ritual, he had never made a wish in the past.

He felt differently now, and fixed his eyes on Angela with a wish in his heart.

'I wish...' he internalized, 'Angela stays with me till another birthday comes and goes.'

Angela's face got redder and her heart beat fast. She reminded him in low voice, "Don't look at me! You should put your palms together like you're praying and close your eyes to make a wish!"

"I've already made the wish!" He didn't want to close his eyes because he was afraid Angela wouldn't be here if he did so...

Angela looked at the pride on his face speechlessly, but willed herself to forget the ugly pride.

"Okay! Then you can blow out the candles!" The cake was presented just below his nose.

Under the candlelight, Angela looked so beautiful that Arvin said softly, "Let's blow out the candles together."

"Okay! Let's do it!" His sincerity eradicated his pride, and he found his demeanor totally changed. When she counted to three, they blew out the candles together!

Angela took a knife and passed it to Arvin. "Here you are! Cut the cake!"

However, again Arvin thought, and said, "Let's do it together!"

'But... Why would we do this part together?'

Unexpectedly, Arvin pulled her into his arms with one hand on her waist and the other on her hand, trying to cut the cake...

Arvin tilted his head and happened to press his cheek against Angela's. Her long eyelashes fluttered.

It was without hesitation then that he couldn't help kissing her.

Angela had a hard time suppressing her arousal, but she dismissed him with a glance. "Hey, " she said, "How about we just cut the cake for now?"

Arvin thought, 'what a tease, ' which only strengthened his impetus. "You can help me cut the cake!"

Upon hearing this, Angela pretended to say it casually, "Okay! Fine! Since it's your birthday, I'm not going to blame you."

Angela sliced the first piece of cake, put it on the plate carefully and passed it to Arvin. "Happy birthday! Have a taste!"

Arvin took it over to enjoy on the sofa. He scooped a dollop of cream with his fork and raised it to her lips. "You eat first."

"Actually, you should eat the cake first according to the rules!"

However, Arvin said in a jocose manner, "Taste it for me! I want to know whether it is poisonous or not!"

Angela was speechless. She nearly went berserk.

But not wishing to disappoint him, she opened her mouth and ate it up. "Are you satisfied? Birthday boy!"

Arvin nodded his head with satisfaction. He dug more cream with his fork and did the same thing again. "Another!"

"Ha! It's not poisonous!" she said in a sing-song voice. "You can eat it by yourself!"

"Taste it for me and tell me if it's sweet."

Again, Angela felt like she were in a dream. Just thinking about his arrogant appearance, she forgot how the cake had actually tasted. Again she decided to try it.

"It's not sweet, " she said.

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