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   Chapter 83 Arvin, I Really Hate You

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7794

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"Fine, " Arvin replied. How could he resist laughing? He embraced her tightly, lowered his head and kissed her on her deliriously tantalizing lips.

Before Angela realized what was going on, she was being spread out languorously on the ottoman. Arvin's desire was fomenting, and he was expecting more. Angela suddenly grasped his bold hands, embarrassed and blushing red. "No..." she said. "Enjoy the noodles."

Reminded by Mandy, Angela was already aware of what Arvin wanted to do by observing his reactions. There was something vaingloriously attractive in the way he hulked above her biting his bottom lip.

She knew what Arvin wanted to do exactly, but she dared not... After all, he's not her boyfriend technically.

"Hum." The man answered in a low voice. He held her small hands tightly to alleviate his vigor.

Angela felt her hands hurt, but was not scared. She withheld her peals of irritation from the pain.

After a while, she heard him saying in a hoarse voice, "Angela. Don't fall in love with me..."

Angela's body gradually became stiff. "Why?"

"I'm afraid I couldn't give you the life you expect." But, despite himself, he was committed to trying on that front.

She glanced at his body sideways. Angela asked, "But do you know what I really want?"

She was pretty sure that Teresa was right and Arvin was indeed in love with someone, but it was just... not her.

Arvin didn't say anything this time. He stood up from the sofa and helped Angela up. "Whatever you want, I will try my best to give it to you."

"..." Angela gave him a hard bash on his shoulder. "You are so annoying. Arvin. I really hate you! You bastard!"

Why did he stop her from falling in love with him? Why was he in charge of everything, even her heart? What if she had already been in love with him?

Arvin eyes fell soft at this sight of her. He held her hands tightly with his thumb touching her joints tenderly. "Yes. I am an annoying bastard."

Wasn't he? He knew that the future might be tough, but he just couldn't help holding her in his arms step by step.

Angela shunted his hands away and took a deep breath for clarity. She tried to cover her sadness with her pride. "Hum. Big wing. You are such a narcissist! I've got so many wooers! You are certainly out of my list!"

She thought she had covered it

e closest and most intimate they had ever been.

He said in a husky voice that belied its prurient urge, "Are you sure you are wiping my mouth for me?"

She was sure and nodded definitely, and she shook the tissues in her hand slightly when saying so.

Arvin got closer to her ears. "But why do I feel like you are deliberately... seducing me?" If it was not the case, How would he feel something for her?

Seducing him? Come on. That's not true!

Her face blushed. Angela put one hand down to shoo the notion of seduction away. Then she wiped his mouth hard with the tissues.

Arvin held her wrist again. Without any precaution, Angela instantly sat on his legs after almost falling.

To shield herself from embarrassment, Angela said in an insistent voice, "You... You... You did it on purpose!"

"Yes, " he brayed. "I did!"

It didn't occur to Angela that he would admit his crime so frankly. She didn't know how to react properly.

"Angie." Her name when he said it now sounded like a tender lullaby.

When Angela heard this, she was turned on again. She threw the tissues to the trash can and pulled his neck down to her with her hand. "Big wing. Say my name...!"

Arvin looked at her and smiled automatically. "Angie."

"Oh my gosh, " she laughed. "The way you say my name... It sounds great!" Angela was totally immersed in his beautiful voice and started to speak without thinking!

Arvin smiled and put his hands on her waist, and gave her a doctor's answer: "You are the only one who has this pathology in the world."

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