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   Chapter 82 It's All My Fault

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8550

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She had a boyfriend before, but they broke up. Now she was single.

As for himself, he had a fiancee… After he realized he liked Angela, he made a decision. Like Teresa once said, "It's all about good timing."

The time was set. Before the end of the year.

If Rosa couldn't be found by that time, then he would disunite his past with Rosa and go after Angela. What good did endless hoping do?

He knew that it might've been unfair on Angela, but he couldn't help thinking about her.

Lately, he had been madly missing Angela when he was busy at work. Missing the sound of her voice, saying her name, and her lovely small face...

After a while, he finally opened his eyes and glanced at the dinning table nearby. He saw a pair of chopsticks and the bowl.

He marched toward the table to regard the food. After he saw through its bubbles of condensed water clearly, he smiled.

Immediately, he ran out of his apartment without tasting a bite of the food, got in his car and drove toward Xinhe Garden.

When he finally arrived at Xinhe Garden, it was Nancy who answered the door. She looked at Arvin in such surprise, "Dr. Gu? What are you doing here?"

Arvin couldn't explain why. He just asked, "Where is she?"

She...? Nancy balked, but eventually she got who Arvin meant.

"I called her a while ago. Isn't she at your birthday party?"

Arvin furrowed his brow. This was the last thing he expected. Arvin closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "She told you so?"

"No, I just saw my big brother's Moments on my phone. I wondered why she was not in his group photo, so I called her. I assumed she went after that." Arvin screwed up his eyes, but he could tell Nancy wasn't lying. She wasn't the type who knew how to lie with efficacy.

However, it seemed like something was wrong from the way Arvin's kept his head dropped in thought.

Arvin looked up with a frown. "Could you call her to ask where she is now?"

He tried to call Angela, but she didn't answer.

Nancy was confused why Angela didn't pick up Arvin's call, but she let him know that. She couldn't express it then, but she didn't have much trust for the doctor. That didn't mean she wouldn't help him find Angela. She got to her room to get her cell phone. Then she dialed Angela's number in front of Arvin. Angela answered Nancy's call immediately. "Hi, Nancy."

Angela's voice sounded less mellifluous than it usually did. It felt like she was quite… Depressed.

Worry strained Nancy's face. She asked, "Where have you been, Angela? Didn't you go

gela misunderstand him.

Angela wiped her tears on her face as well. "You don't like me, right?"

Even if she was stupid, she knew that if a man really liked a girl, he would bring her into his circle of friends, and his life...not leave her in the dark...

Arvin, however, didn't bring her to his birthday party... Instead, she kept waiting for him, alone.

Arivn shook his head and smiled at Angela, "Oh, silly Angela, would I allow you to approach me if I didn't like you?"

'Sounds about right, ' Angela thought to herself.

Arvin continued to explain, "My birthday party was held by my mother. I didn't know about it at all until I went off duty. Don't you believe in me?"

Angela's red eyes looked straight into Arvin's deep ones. She unconsciously nodded, "I believe in you."

Arvin raised the corner of his mouth into a smile. "Good."

Angela clearly heard the word 'good' but she didn't think about it deeply. She pretended to be displeased and kept asking, "But you didn't let me go when you knew your mum held a birthday party for you!"

Arvin smiled at Angela's complaint and added, "I just don't like those occasions. It's torture for me. If I brought you to the party, you'd suffer like I did."

Indeed, the embarrassing and time-costly birthday party had only wasted his patience, and made him hate birthday parties all the more.

He stayed at the party only for the sake of his mother. Otherwise, he didn't care a pin for it. He didn't want to stay for one single minute.

Listening through Arvin's explanation, Angela nodded her head and spoke her true feelings with chagrin on her face, "Do not leave me alone. Even if it is torture. Don't leave me alone, okay?"

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