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   Chapter 80 I Don't Like Nita

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At six o'clock, Angela left the hospital and went to the supermarket.

She was going to cook Arvin a birthday bowl of "long-life" noodles, noodles that were supposed to ensure a robust and fulfilling life.

She was an experienced cook, and she had cooked this birthday dish for Chuck and Daisy too.

Although Shengfeng Mansion was located downtown, the insulating soundproofing made it a shelter from the hustle and bustle of the busy street.

She opened the creaky door of Arvin's room to discover it was still immaculately clean inside.

Angela looked at her watch; it was almost 7pm. She put her bag on the sofa and went straight to the kitchen.

Arvin's black Porsche drove out of Yao Hospital, carefully coming to a stop at an intersection. Suddenly, a ringing phone jolted him. Arvin clicked his bluetooth headset to answer. "Mum?"

"Arvin, when are out of work?"

"Just now. I'm literally pulling out of the car park." On his way to Shengfeng Mansion, or so he thought.

"Arvin, come back home right now! It's urgent!" Arvin had never heard Teresa's voice sound so strangulated. He frowned and looked at his watch. Twenty minutes to go till seven o'clock.

"Can't it wait? I've got plans tonight. I can call in some time..."

"No! It's an emergency! Come back right now!"


In the House of Family Gu

Several different high-spec cars packed the parking spaces in front of the Gu family's house. Arvin groaned as he turned the car around. He had to parallel park on the roadside.

Within a few bounding strides, Arvin was at the large door. It was open. He found it was dark inside. Curious, he thought, and crept inside. Just as he was about to turn on the light, a song suddenly played to his ears.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!"

In the middle of the song, Arvin cast his eyes about and discerned a large cake with lighted candles, surrounded by a group of acquaintances...

In the center, Nita wore a white dress, holding a serving knife and paper plate. Her singing was among the loudest.

Along with her were Teresa, Lulu, Stanley, Bob and Hogan.

Instead of laughing, Arvin coughed to clear his throat when the song had ended. 'So, is this the emergency you called me about, mum?'

His mother noticed he was anxious to leave, but insisted he at least blow out the birthday candles. Arvin groaned, trudged over to the cake, and placed his hands flat on the table, his face lit by the candlelight. When the candles were blown out, the lights in the living room were switched back and the room was flooded with light.

Arvin, disdainful and belligerent having drove all this way, received his gifts with a pained expression, and gave them all to the housekeeper. He was in no mood for a party.

He stood up, looking at his watch. But Teresa stopped him. "Arvin, wait, I have a gift for you. Follow me upstairs."

Arvin followed along behind her in silent consternation. Looking at the happy and busy people downstairs, he asked Teresa coldly, "Mum, why did you call me about an emergency? This is no emergency."

But Teresa didn't feel any need to be contrite about it, and as far as she was concerned nothing was the matter. He said to him merrily, "Yes! Nita and I want to give you a surprise! I tell you, the whole parity was designed and arranged by Nita and I! Isn't it perfect?"

He glanced reluctantly at his watch. It was almost eight o'clock!

"Mum, please inform me of this in advance next time! Besides, I don't like surprise parties, and you know that!"

Perplexed by her son's unusually cruel demeanor, she stopped climbing the stairs to whisper, "Okay, party-pooper, if you don't like it we won't do it next time. But you're here now, so why not enjoy it? Why are you getting angry at me?"

He tried to not let his words be contaminated with emotion. He clamped down, and felt the embers of his heart cool. "Did you tell Angela that there will be a birthday party


Teresa stared in amazement, bobbing her head. "What did she say to you?"

Arvin cut her off severely, "Oh, never mind! She didn't say anything! I'm just guessing. But mum, this better not happen next time! And let me tell you again! I don't like Nita!"

After this, Arvin was about the take the stairs down two at a time.

But what he found instead was Nita, blocking the way he'd come. There was no way to tell how long Nita had been standing there, listening. But her wan expression told him more than words ever could.

Arvin said nothing, sidestepped past Nita and left.

Teresa cupped her hands to her mouth and came closer to Nita, who stood there shocked as if her voice had been ripped away. "Nita... I'm sorry. I never thought that Arvin..." Teresa was at a loss of what to say, but the thought flashed through her head: I never thought Arvin would be so direct.

But it wasn't disappointment which silenced Nita. It was rage. The moment Angela's name crossed her ears, her veins began to boil, and the insults and curses that filled her tongue tasted of acid.

Instead of showing Teresa any hint that she'd been listening, Nita asked her, "Auntie, what's Arvin's relationship with that girl, Angela?"

Teresa was stumped. "Relationship? What relationship? I don't know anything about a relationship."

At that moment, the noise of chatter downstairs became quiet. Arvin's voice presided over the crowd. "I'm sorry. I appreciate you all coming. But tonight's birthday party is now over..."

As soon as they could, Nita and Teresa hastened downstairs.

But when they got down, the front door was slamming, and Arvin was nowhere to be found.

Nita chased after him desperately. "Arvin."

Arvin halted, turned around laboriously, and looked at her.

Nita wanted to question whether he liked Angela or not. However, she had no right to do so. After all, she had nothing to do with him.

So, she smiled in an effort to concede grace, "Arvin, happy birthday! Here's my birthday gift for you!"

She took an oblong box out of her bag and gave it to Arvin.

Arvin hesitated. "Thanks!" And he took the box.

"Arvin... why haven't you worn the watch that I bought for you?" Actually, he didn't wear the belt, either.

Arvin glanced at her and told her directly, "Sorry, someone will be upset if I wear it."

Nita didn't expect an answer, nor did she quite understand the one she'd received. When she realized that the 'someone' might be Angela, she felt difficult in breathing, "Is it... Angela?"

'Angela? Angela!' Now, she hated the name so much; it burned rings in her mind!

The last time she asked Susan to do something, but it didn't bring Angela any troubles!

And... she once answered Arvin answer a phone call from someone in his phone saved as 'Little Girl'. Could it also be Angela?

Arvin didn't nod his head nor did he deny it. "I gotta go."

Just then, three men emerged out from the house. "Arvin, are you leaving?" Gage looked at him with dissatisfaction.

"Yes. See you next time!" Arvin glanced at Stanley and Bill.

Bill put his two hands into pockets, looked at Nita who seemed very sad and told Arvin, "Nita went around the whole J City to select the perfect birthday present for you!"

No rich young lady would ever be caught shopping on her own! And she went around a whole city just to buy him a birthday present. Everyone knew how much the lady loved the man!

Arvin looked at the box in his hand and nodded to Nita. "Thank you very much. You needn't do that next time!"

His heartless and emotionless words made Nita, the strong woman of steel, almost cry.

Bill's hands clenched in his pockets. "Arvin, why are you in such a hurry?"

"I have an emergency!" After that, Arvin got on the Porsche without looking back.

"Ah... I will kick his ass if we haven't known each other for a long time! He is too overweening!" Gage shook his head in a regrettable fashion.

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