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   Chapter 78 Tomorrow is Arvin's Birthday

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7175

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Arvin carefully told Angela again, "I know my mother very well. You just need to blame all the things on me, do you understand?"

Angela nodded unconsciously. "Alright."

"Well, by the way, my mother likes quiet girls. You can have a try."

... Angela looked out of the window in confusion. "Try what?"

Arvin was nearly about to spit blood because of Angela's stupidity. "Try to be quiet. Just to see if my mother would like you more."

"Why should I try to make her like me more?" She had no intention to be his mother's good friend.

"... Bye, Angela!" Arvin hung up the phone intentionally.

When Arvin thought about it again, he realized that if Angela would became a quiet and gentle lady... She would be dull.

Arvin took out his phone and quickly dialed Lily's number. "Grandma, " he said.

"What's up, Arvin?"

"Grandma, my mother talked to Angela."

"Don't worry about that. Sorry, but I'm in a hurry now. I will talk to Angela later." Lily was really busy. She hoped her daughter-in-law would not hurt Angela.

"..." Arvin was speechless.

At Les Cafes De La Rive Gauche

Angela was looking at the scenery through the window when Teresa found her. She looked quiet and pretty. Teresa smiled at Angela joyfully. "Hi, Angela."

Angela turned around, got up from her chair and greeted her politely, "Oh, hello Teresa! Please sit here!"

'Quiet! Gentle!' She reminded herself. 'How did Nancy teach me?

To smile without showing teeth, to be educated and reasonable, and to keep my impatient temperament under wraps...

Oh, God! I can't even do any of them!'

Teresa ordered a latte as usual. After the waiter left, she looked at the girl who seemed a little nervous. "Everything's good at hospital?"

"Yeah, great!" Everything was great except for some people that acted very hateful from time to time.

"Are you living with Nancy Dong now?"

"Yes..." Considering she asked this question, Teresa had probably knew her relationship with Arvin. So Angela chose to confess to her, "Well, I didn't live with Nancy these days, because... I was with Arvin."

Teresa was very satisfied with her honesty. Sh

love with someone.

Tomorrow was his birthday. They had invited lots of people, except her...

So why did Arvin ask her to wait for him at his apartment tomorrow night?

A tear dropped in the coffee and soon disappeared.

Then more tears ran down her face...

Back at the hospital, Angela was very depressed. After thinking for a long time, she sent a message to Arvin and found an excuse for not going to his apartment tonight.

When Angela and Nancy were standing at the door of the hospital and was about to take a taxi back home, their attention were attracted by the scene in front of them.

A man in a gray suit was leaning against a black porsche parked on the side of the road and stared straight at the hospital door with his arms crossed.

Angela could hear those women who were standing beside her shouted with excitement, "Holy crap! Who is that handsome man with sunglasses?"

"A handsome guy who has a fancy car, nice suit with superior quality, and an assistant. He would be a perfect husband for me! Mary, should I say hello to him?" a woman said.

The woman named Mary retorted, "Oh, come on! Don't you see his cold manner? Look, all the women who want to be close to him have shivered and ran away when they approached him in less than two meters away!"

"Is he a staff in our hospital? I heard someone called him Dr. Gu. Is he the most handsome vice director of the Yao Hospital, Arvin Gu?"

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